Learn Python With Coding Ninjas Free Trial

Learn Python With Coding Ninjas Free Trial
Learn Python With Coding Ninjas Free Trial


If you are a techie or someone interested in technology, then it becomes necessary to keep yourself updated with the latest market trends and technologies. However, one always gets confused with, What to learn? How to learn? Is it worth spending money? And due to many platforms and channels coming up, a new challenge arises: From where to learn?  But now you need not bother much as we are here with a single-step solution.

Coding Ninjas has introduced 10 expert-led free courses in the latest technologies. So, whether you are a college student or a working professional, doesn’t matter. These free courses are for anyone who wishes to learn a new skill and level up their learning. 

You can click on the link given below and check out all the Free courses offered by Coding Ninjas!

Out of these free courses, Python Foundation with Data Structures is gaining a lot of popularity among young learners. It has already garnered a huge enrollment from 34526 users! The course offers a complete learning and problem-solving path in Python Basics, Data Structures, and Algorithms. The course is specially designed to take you from 

Zero to Hero in coding with Python programming language.

Why learn Python?

Python programming language has become synonymous with ‘all-rounder’ and ‘hot potato’. The popularity that Python enjoys among the developers is truly unmatchable for any other programming language. Let us know what’s the reason behind this huge demand for Python.

It was developed by Guido Van Rossem in the late 1980s, but it was introduced to the masses in the early 1990s. Till now around 10 versions of the language have been released, with the recent being Python 3.9.0. What makes Python a top-choice among coders are its features.

  • It is a High-level, Object-oriented, and Structured programming language.
  • It is Interpreted and offers Extensive pre-defined library support.
  • Python offers GUI support and other extensible features.
  • It is Portable and Integrated.
  • It has easy Syntax and Semantics which makes it easy to code and debug.
  • It offers fast execution and high productivity.
  • Availability of third-party support eases development.

And above all, there is a vast scope of development possible with Python. One can step into Application Development, Web Development, Game Development, building Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Machine Learning models, and much more.

Hence, this is why python has become a favourite of developers. Many coders prefer Python for practising competitive programming, as they find the implementation of data structures and algorithms and their debugging easy with it.

Most of the young learners, who have just started exploring coding paradigms, prefer to start their journey with Python. Coming to the professionals and developers, owing to the massive areas of development, Python is their top priority. 

It becomes necessary to learn a language that has covered a majority area of development. The present and future lie with python so one cannot just stay away from it. As, if in the future you get a chance to work on a major project and you feel uncomfortable just with the fact that Python is used in it, then you might end up losing a big opportunity.

So, seeing such a high number of reasons to love python, Coding Ninjas has prepared a one-in-a-kind course for all Python enthusiasts.

Python Free Trial Course Highlights

Now coming to the question you are having in mind since the start, i.e 

What will you get to learn in this course?

So let me tell you, this is a Beginner to Professional type of course, where you will be starting as a beginner or a complete Novice who does not know any nuances of programming. And once you complete the course you will be confident enough to crack the coding problems in no time. 

The course is designed in a step-by-step manner, where we have the concepts categorized into different modules, and modules are further arranged in different sections. Let us look at sections offered in the Free Python Foundation + Data Structures course at a glance.

Introduction to Python:

In this section, you will get to learn about basic concepts like-: flowchart, variables, data types, pattern printing, input/output statements, loops, conditionals, and some basic coding questions to practice.

Intermediate & Advanced:

Here, you will get to learn about recursions and practice some good coding questions on recursions.

Once you complete the learning modules, you will get to learn how to build projects in python. This course has been designed by mentors who have previously worked with tech giants like Amazon, Facebook, etc.

However, you are provided with options to choose your desired python course:

  • Python Foundation
  • Python Data Structures & Algorithms
  • Python Foundation + Data Structures & Algorithms (most opted)
  • Python Foundation +  Data Structures & Algorithms + Aptitude Preparation

Prerequisites for Python Tutorial

If you have an ongoing question in mind, whether you need to have any knowledge of other coding languages or any platform, algorithm, etc then that’s completely not the case. This course is for anyone who has no prior coding experience, is new to programming, doesn’t have a basic idea of what programming is and how it works. But you should have an up to, a, their basic understanding of mathematics and that’s enough to build logic and calculate results.

Characteristics of Python Programming

For almost three decades, Python has been giving tough competition to the other development languages in being the most versatile and most widely used programming language.

According to research conducted in 2020, Python has been titled the most heavily used technology in the IT industry. It has surpassed Java and bagged the 2nd position in the TIOBE Index. In the Stack Overflow’s 2020 survey, around 30% of developers have voted for Python as their most preferred programming language, thus making it the most wanted programming language for the fourth time in a row.

Tough Competition to Allies

Now the question arises, that is the popularity of Python going to be the same in the coming years or we might see a downfall?

Well, due to its extensive development features, Python is imposing a tough competition to the other programming languages in the various developmental domains. 

Let us have a look:

  • In Web Development: Java, Ruby, Javascript
  • In Application Development: Java, Flutter, Kotlin
  • In Data Analytics: R & SAS
  • In Machine Learning-: R & C
  • In Writing Scripts-: Ruby & Pearl

Job Opportunities & Demands

You now know that the future lies with Python and seeing its current popularity and requirement in the IT industry there are a lot of opportunities in Python. So a person knowing Python can easily earn 5,00,000lpa to 8,00,000lpa. The average salary of a Software Developer (in Python) in India is 5,80,000lpa with around 1,00,000 increment every year.

Now let us see some job roles and packages they offer for a person knowing Python.

  • Software Developer: 5,80,000 LPA
  • Senior Software Developer: 20,00,000 LPA
  • Data Analyst: 4,16,00 LPA
  • Machine Learning Engineer: 6,70,000 LPA
  • Data Scientist: 7,00,000 LPA
  • Web Developer: 8,00,000 LPA
  • Others: atleast 2,00,000 LPA

Some top-notch companies that offer a job in Python are Facebook, Google, Amazon, Adobe, Microsoft, Netflix, TCS, Infosys, Wipro, Cognizant, Accenture. But it becomes important to analyse the requirements that a job role demands.

You should have a good knowledge of python frameworks and libraries and data operations. You will be assigned tasks and operations related to your job roles and it’s a good practice if you are well prepared with it. So let us know about some of the tasks that a python developer might perform-:

  • Developing websites and applications
  • Solve data analytics related issues
  • Adjust algorithms and enhance their performance
  • Provide security and data protection solutions
  • Build AI, ML models

Projects & Applications in Python

There are numerous applications and projects in the market which have been made using Python. Let us look at some of them-:

  • Websites: Netflix, Instagram, Google, Uber, Dropbox
  • Business Applications: Odoo, Tryton
  • Gaming Applications: Battlefield 2, Bridge Commander
  • Command-Line Applications: Mercurial
  • Audio/Video Applications: YouTube
  • Artificial Intelligence: Google Assistant
  • Machine Learning models: Weather Prediction model, Stock Price prediction model, etc.

Just like you saw the various applications of Python, in our course also we have kept a project. You will get to learn how to make a 2048 game in Python. The objective of this game is to select all the number tiles such that the result should be 2048. Don’t you think so it will be fun building this after knowing the python concepts?

Languages & Syllabus

All the course content is delivered in the English language. The course is easily accessible and is self-paced. There is a course pause feature in which you can pause the course for a maximum of seven days in case you are not able to give time to it. Now let us see how you will enrol for this Free Python Course by Coding Ninjas.

So follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Click on the link
  • Step 2: Go to Python Foundation with Data Structures
  • Step 3: Click on Get Started
  • Step 4: Sign In with your Google Account and you are good to go!

So now after coming to know the steps to enrol yourself in the Free Python Coding Ninjas course, let us see what the course offers to us. Apart from the free course, we have the paid course as well. The rest of the modules of Python Foundation + Data Structures are covered in the paid course. 

 Hence, there are two methods to avail of the course, you can either enrol for a free trial or buy the paid course. Now you must be thinking what is the difference between both the modes, what you will be getting.

Let us have a look at these:

                       Free Course                      Paid Course
Introduction to Python-:
In this section, you will get to learn about basic concepts like-: flowchart, variables, data types, pattern printing, input/output statements, loops, conditionals, and some basic coding questions to practice.

Intermediate & Advanced-:
Here, you will get to learn about recursions and practice some good coding questions on recursions.
Introduction to Python-:
In this section, you will get to learn about basic concepts like-: flowchart, variables, data types, pattern printing, input/output statements, loops, conditionals+searching & sorting, arrays and lists, strings, functions, 2D lists, tuple,  dictionary, sets, and coding questions to practice.

Intermediate & Advanced-:
Here, you will get to learn about recursions and practice some good coding questions on recursions.

Data Structures & Algorithms-:
This section contains OOPS concepts, linked lists, time & space complexity, Stacks, Queues, Binary Trees, BST, Generic Trees, Dictionary/Maps, Graphs, Priority Queues, DP, Backtracking, Huffman Coding.

2048 Project

If you have opted for the free course, the modules of the paid section will be visible to you but they will be inaccessible. However, if you wish then anytime you can convert your free course to a paid one by contacting our counselors.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I learn python on my own?

Yes, of course! With Coding Ninjas’ free Python Trial course, you can learn python at your own pace and on your own.

Can I learn python in two months?

The time you take to learn python depends upon your pace and how much you are able to grasp and understand. With Coding Ninjas’ free Python Trial course, you can definitely learn python in a span of 2 months.

How can I learn Python online for free?

You can check out Coding Ninjas free Python Trial course by clicking on the link.

How much does the Python course cost?

It is a free trial course, however, if you want to move ahead and learn more topics in-depth, you can consider a paid one.

Is Python free to download?

Yes, Python is free to download. There are two versions available i.e paid and free, you can check out the free one.

Key Takeaways

Now that you know what are the things you will be learning in this course, let us discuss some aspects which make the Free Python course by Coding Ninjas different from others.

So apart from the course content, there is a list mentioned below of the benefits that you will get on pursuing a course with Coding Ninjas-:

  • Course Pause: Due to this Corona uncertainty, we have introduced a 60 days Course Pause feature. Through this, you can pause and extend your course for upto 60 days and easily continue with your college and semester exams, even if the college reopens in between the course. Valid from April’20 Batches onwards.
  • Proven Content: Our placement record corroborates the quality of our course content
  • Seasoned Faculty: Alumnus of Stanford, IITs, IIITs and other top-notch universities
  • Live Doubt Support: Live mentor support, solving over 1500+ doubts a day
  • Classroom Experience: A chatroom on Slack, Batch Wall, Leaderboard to interact with the faculty and batchmates
  • Strong Foundation in Programming Fundamentals and Problem-solving
  • Master Data Structures, Algorithms and its Implementation

So now I hope I have answered all your questions regarding Python, which you had at the beginning. Now you know What to learn in python, how to learn, is it worth spending money and where to learn it.

Happy Learning!

By Shivi Srivastava