Get Free Trials For Interview Preparation with Coding Ninjas

Get Free Trial For Interview Preparation with Coding Ninjas
Get Free Trial For Interview Preparation with Coding Ninjas


One of the most crucial steps to achieve your dream job is through interviews. The interview is the one level that presents your employee with the first impression about you. It not only displays your skills but also various aspects of your personality.

Do you want to attend it with confidence and best preparation?

Are you ready to make sure that your dream job is yours?.

Then step right in and get free trials for Interview Preparation with CodingNinjas.You would get access to MCQs, tests, coding problems, and much more. Coding Ninjas is dedicated to providing high-quality classroom experience and experts that can guide you to your dream career.

Importance of Interview Preparation

The interview is a very important level for both recruiter and the candidate. It is at this level in which the recruiter checks the eligibility of the candidate, apart from their educational qualification.

The interview might be the first interaction between the recruiter and the candidate and is hence a chance for the candidate to create their first impression and increase their chance of getting employed.

An important step toward success in an interview is practice. The more effort you put into preparation, the more confidence you gain for your big day, and hence would guarantee your placement.

Get free trials for Interview Preparation to put forth the foundation of your preparation for your most crucial interviews.

There are two types of people for which the course is designed: The freshers and the working professionals. Freshers are new to the whole concept of interviews and they require a lot of preparation to boost their confidence and to be familiar with the interview pattern.

The working professionals may have previous experience with interviews but may be unfamiliar with the most recent interview pattern and process which might be different from how it was when they were attending interviews. They might also be unfamiliar with new concepts and questions and also would have to brush up on their past knowledge.

Time constraint may be an issue and it is not possible to practice all questions that might be asked. Get free trials for Interview Preparation from Coding Ninjas to get access to the most important questions that would prevent you from wasting time practicing not very important questions.

What will you learn in the Interview Preparation Course in Coding Ninjas?

The course focuses on four topics, and they are:

Time and Space Complexity (9 hours lecture):


Order complexity analysis, Theoretical complexity analysis, Time complexity analysis of searching and recursive algorithms, Theoretical space complexity, Space complexity analysis of merge sort

Arrays (7.5 hours lecture ):


  • Introduction to arrays: Introduction to arrays, How arrays are stored in memory, Passing arrays to functions
  • Searching and sorting: Understanding Binary Search, Selection sort, Bubble sort, Insertion sort, Merging two sorted arrays

Strings and 2D Array (7 hours lecture):


  • Strings: Introduction to strings, storage of strings and their inbuilt functions
  • 2D Arrays: 2D arrays, Storage of 2D arrays, Example problems using 2D Arrays

Advanced-Data Structures (8 hours lecture):


  • Hashmaps: Introduction to Hashmaps, Inbuilt Hashmap, Hash functions, Collision handling, Insert and Delete operation implementation in hashmap, Load factor, Rehashing.

Apart from the lectures given above, you will also have MCQs, tests, and coding problems. A total of 50 MCQs will be covered in the duration of the course. MCQ questions will help working professionals to revise their past knowledge.

There will be one test at the end of the course that would improve your skills and help you understand your progress. This test also helps you to recognise and concentrate on the key topics. There will be a total of 22 Coding Problems to test how efficient you are indifferent concepts.

These problems will be given as a part of lectures immediately after the completion of each concept to ensure that you recognise your level of understanding of the concepts. Coding Problems would also help you to think about the applications of each concept and would enhance your understanding and skills. 

Coding Problems will be given in these topics:


Four coding problems will be given based on Array.

The problems will cover topics such as Array Sum, Linear Search, Arrange numbers in an array, swap alternate.

String and 2D Array:

8 coding problems will be given based on String and 2D Array.

The problems will cover topics such as Count words, check palindrome, print all substrings, reverse string word wise, row-wise sum, largest row or column, wave print, spiral print.


10 coding problems will be given based on hashmap.

The problems will cover topics such as Maximum frequency number, print intersection, pair sum to 0, longest consecutive sequence, pairs with difference K, zero sum sub-array, vertical order, make strings anagram, longest subset, nearest repetition.

Practising coding problems is very beneficial for freshers since they do not have much experience and this would enhance their application-level skills. MCQs and Coding Problems will give professionals and insight into what are the most important topics for an interview and hence would prevent them from spending time revising topics that are not very important.

If you have doubts during the course, dedicated members of CodingNinja are ready to solve your questions in no time. There is a network of 2000+ TAs from pan India, solving over 1500 doubts each day via audio and videos and screen sharing features.

Prerequisites For The Course

This course can be taken up by CS students, engineering students as well as students from other branches and non-engineering students. Students from BA, MA, B.Com, M.Com, BSc, MSc, BCA, MCA, school students, college dropouts, and working professionals can also take up this course. There are no absolute prerequisites for this course apart from

  • Knowledge of basic mathematics: Having basic knowledge in mathematics can enhance your skills in critical thinking and logical reasoning. This would hence help you in problem-solving.
  • Having a good idea of programming fundamentals and the implementation of data structures can be very helpful.

Knowing data structure helps you to handle data effectively and code in programming language easily and hence helps you in problem-solving. Data structure questions are the most commonly asked questions in interviews.

Trial Course Vs Free Course

Access to videos, assignments & problems
Doubt Support
ConceptsBasic and IntermediateAdvance
CertificatesFree trial completion certificateCourse completion and excellence certificate
Peer Learningx
Placement Assistancex✔*

Application and Projects

After completion of the course, a certificate will be provided if you pass with a minimum grade of 80%. This certificate is valid to be added to the resume. Get free trials for Interview Preparation to help you get access to the best mentors and help you build your skill in a high quality classroom environment.

Through a paid course you can get access to all the videos, problems and courses. You will be able to access all these contents anytime you want. Classes are pre-recorded and can be watched at your own convenient time.

If you liked your experience after the completion of your free trial then you can pay for the entire course and get access to our other facilities. If you didn’t enjoy the course very much then you can get your money back within seven days upon discontinuing a course.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for an interview course?

There are no absolute prerequisites for this course. Having basic knowledge in mathematics and good knowledge in programming fundamentals and data structure is enough to enrol in the course.

How do I start preparing for interviews from scratch?

Confidence is key when you attend an interview. Having a good resume and communication skills is very important. Brush up your past knowledge which is related to the job you are applying for and practise problem-solving questions.

How can I learn interview skills?

The best way to improve your interview skills is through having a mentor to guide you. You should be thorough with your past knowledge of the subjects related to the interview. Practise and perfect your mathematical and problem solving skills.

How can I introduce myself in an interview?

Be confident and have good body language. Follow interview etiquette and start by greeting. Practise self introduction before coming for the interview. Maintain a good resume.

Key Takeaway

The interview is a crucial part of getting a dream job no matter what sector you are trying to join. And so having good interview skills is very important to get your dream job.

Having good confidence is important to create the best impression on your recruiter, and confidence is earned through practice and expert mentors. Taking up this course will brush up your previous knowledge and boost up your confidence.

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By Ranjul Arumadi