7 Best Web Development Project Ideas 2021

7 Best Web Development Project Ideas 2021
7 Best Web Development Project Ideas 2021


With a boom in web-based services, the demand for web developers is skyrocketing. In today’s world where everything like shopping, food ordering, and medical consultation is being done online, the need for developers to maintain these services running 24X7 is increasing continuously.

Web development is one of the most promising and rewarding fields right now.

Web development is a field that requires practical knowledge rather than a theoretical one. While learning web development, building projects is very important. But while building them, it is crucial to choose the project wisely so that you can master the tech stack you are working on and add value to your resume.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best project ideas for web development based on the analysis of our experts at Coding Ninjas.

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How to Evaluate a Good Project?

Before we start discussing the project ideas, it is very important to know how we are creating this list? What are the factors that were taken into consideration while compiling this list? And how you can evaluate your projects.

Some of the characteristics of a good project that will make you stand out of the crowd and draw your recruiter’s attention are as follows.

  • Uniqueness: The uniqueness of a project is very important. Working on a unique project always sets you apart from the crowd and helps you get noticed by your recruiter.
  • Difficulty and Tech Stack required: Always select a project that is a bit above your comfort level. Avoid choosing a project that is too easy for you because doing an easy task would never contribute to your learning. Make sure you don’t select a project that is too hard or beyond the scope of your current knowledge. Always try to choose a project with the best-suited difficulty level, which requires the tech stack you are learning. 
  • The most important thing to evaluate a project is, will you get users if you deploy your project? Making a project that adds value to other’s life or having a demand in the public domain is always valued higher. Putting a project with a user base in your resume will set you apart from the crowd.

While creating any project, always make sure that you go to the end and deploy that project. A project which has an actual link to it is always valuable. Try to market your project and get your friends and family to use it. If you have a solid user base, you will get feedback and will get to know the areas you need to improve.

Below is a list of the top seven web development project ideas that would help you to excel in web development and set you apart from the crowd. Instead of discussing concrete project ideas, we will discuss an overview of the project, so there is room for you to select a project and give it your own touch.

Front End Project: Game

Google Chrome T-Rex Game

Everybody loves to play games. Building a game at the initial stage of development is excellent as you will be learning and building something cool as your initial project. Creating a game will test out your understanding of the frontend technologies as building a game requires basic HTML, CSS, and javascript.

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You can build games like simons game, snake game, etc. It is easy to get users for a game as people love to try out new games. You can add your own customiSation to an existing game or can build a new game. You can also build a Google Chrome T-Rex dinosaur game using javascript.

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Front End Project: Use Other’s Back End

There are a limited number of options for projects if you do not know database and back-end technologies. But you can use some existing database created by other people or companies, generally called Application programming interface (API). APIs can provide you with required data without getting into the technicalities of implementing it.

If you love watching movies, you can make a movie recommendation system by using IMdB’s API. If you love cricket, you can build a website that gives you the latest cricket score or player stats. There are endless possibilities to build a website using API.

You can also get users as people love watching movies and playing cricket and may find your project useful. You can find a great collection of APIs at rapidapi.com 

Collection of APIs at rapidapi.com

Front End Project: Media Player

Do you like listening to music on Spotify or Gaana? Why not build your own media player for listening to music! Making a media player is very easy and doesn’t require any kind of database. You can customize the media player according to your needs.

You can incorporate animations according to your choice and also add a great UI. You will easily find users for your media player, which will help you deploy your media player and take it to the next level.

Basic music player using JavaScript

Full Stack Project: E-commerce

Making an E-commerce website is very challenging and will help you to master all the concepts of web development. While making, you will get to know how the concepts of cart and checkout work. You also need to deal with logistics and order management to make a fully functioning website.

You can also help any friend or relative with a business to design a website for them, which will help them grow in their business. You will be working on a real and live project that will add value to your portfolio.

Full Stack Project: Cloning

If you are not good at designing a website, you can look for any website of your choice and replicate it with all its functionality. Replicating or cloning a website ensures that you are building an industry-standard website with currently in-demand features.

Cloning a website will help you to level up your development skills to the industry level. Cloning a website can be a good idea because you can solely focus on development rather than thinking of content and features for your website.

Full Stack Project: Necessities

Doing a project on something that you and your friends need can be very awesome. For example, you can make a notes sharing platform for your college in which a person can contribute notes and download them. You can also create an online library in which people can contribute free resources and books. The most significant advantage of making such a website is that you will get a heavy user base from the start as it is a necessity and adding a project with an active and large user base is always beneficial.

Full Stack Project: Societal Benefits

You can do a project to counter the problems that are present in your locality or society. In the current time of the pandemic, you can make a website that helps people locate resources or make a platform where people can help each other.

You can also make a website that allows people to locate the vaccination centres. These websites will help a significant part of society. These websites will get great traffic, and you will get a considerable user base while helping the community and people around you.

These are the top seven web development ideas that you can work upon. But you can always come up with your own ideas and evaluate them according to the criteria that we provided you at the starting of the article.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best web development projects?

The best web development projects are those that help you learn the technicalities of the tech stack you are working on. One of the best projects is developing websites that help for a social cause.

Is Web development still in demand 2021?

Yes, web development is still in demand as its demand is increasing exponentially.

How do I start a web development project?

Before starting any project always make sure that you have knowledge of the technologies you will be working with. Always start from basics like learning HTML, CSS JavaScript, and then move to backend technologies like Node and Database.

Where can I get web development projects?

In this article we have given you a curated list of top web development projects that will be awesome to build and will be a great learning experience for you.

How do I get more projects?

You can get more projects by freelancing or you try to build projects upon societal problems.

How much does a freelance web developer make?

In India, a freelance web developer can make something around 20000 to 250000 rupees per month.

Key Takeaways

In this article, we discussed why you need to build projects and also discussed the characteristics that a good project should have.

We also compiled a list of top Web development project ideas to work upon.

By Pranchal Agrahari