Preparation Guide for Walmart Labs Off-campus Drive 2021

Preparation Guide for Walmart Labs Off-campus Drive 2021
Preparation Guide for Walmart Labs Off-campus Drive 2021


Walmart Labs is Walmart’s technology arm that is reinventing retail for its 260 million daily consumers. Walmart’s teams of designers, engineers and product leaders are working towards a smarter future in which online and in-store shopping is integrated, consistent, and customer-focused.

Every year hundreds and thousands of applicants wait for the off-campus drive by Walmart Labs. Are you one of them? The right preparation is sure to guarantee success in getting selected. 

Here is a preparation guide to help you with everything you need. 

About Walmart Labs

Walmart Labs India has created cross-disciplinary teams working in cutting-edge engineering, product development, and data sciences since its foundation in Bengaluru in 2008.

The engineers from Indian have contributed to the development of the tech stack for the US supply chain, as well as building tech solutions for Mexico’s e-commerce platform. 

The India labs team played a key role in the development of Optima, a system that employs algorithms to provide optimised in-store pick walks for food orders. The system greatly decreased the overall time and distance traversed by store personnel to pick up orders from the shop floor.

In addition, the team has created a number of IoT solutions. For example, a temperature change at a shop in the United States can generate an alert in Bengaluru, allowing teams to respond.

Eligibility Criteria for Walmart Labs Jobs 2021

The eligibility criteria for Walmart Labs Jobs 2021 is that the candidate must be a 2020 or 2021 graduate and should have an educational qualification of BE/B.Tech/ME/M.Tech in Computer Science, Information Technology, Electronics and Communication with 60% or 6.5 GPA and above without any pending backlogs.

Test Pattern

You will be given a total of 90 minutes for the written exam. You will be asked to answer 10 aptitude questions and three coding questions. The paper’s overall level is mediocre. Only those who pass the written test will proceed to the next round.

Roadmap for Cracking the Off-campus Drive

Cracking the Walmart Labs off campus drive might seem a difficult walk at first. However, if you plan things out well and focus on the basics, you can highly increase your chances of getting in. Here is how your preparation should be like:

  • Work on your aptitude and thinking skills.
  • Get your code ready.

What should you do when your written round has been cleared?

  • Make your resume.
  • Improve your public speaking abilities

Prepare some interview questions, such as: 

  • Tell me anything about yourself?
  • What do you know about our business?
  • Could you please clarify your project?
  • Your skills and interests.
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Skills Required

You need to have strong problem-solving, analytic, and decision-making abilities, as well as good communication and interpersonal skills. You should be detail-oriented and capable of interpreting data and trends, diagnosing problems, and developing effective action plans to overcome challenges.

You need to be self-motivated and determined, with an entrepreneurial spirit and a desire to work in a fast-paced, results-oriented atmosphere with a wide range of responsibilities.

What to Include in Your Cover Letter?

The body of a cover letter is the most significant part, after your contact information and the salutation to the person to whom you are delivering the letter. It should contain a few brief words explaining why you are interested in and qualified for the position.

Paragraphs should be compelling in order to persuade the individual reading the letter that you are qualified for the post. Make clear linkages between your qualifications and the job requirements.

Tips for preparation

You will almost certainly be required to write code on paper during the interview. The interviewer is most likely searching for the capacity to think correctly rather than the greatest response. 

Explain why you believe some choices are not realistic. Make sure the interviewer is aware that you are considering optimisations such as space and time complexity, function runtime considerations, and so on.

In DBMS, for example, storage architecture is determined by whether your client has more write operations than read operations or the other way around. Before tackling the issue, clarify these things. 

Walmart Interview Questions

Given below are some frequently asked Walmart Labs interview questions.

Technical Interview

  • What do you mean by database management system (DBMS)?
  • What are pointers? 
  • Employees at an office are allocated an arrival and leave time. Determine the minimum number of systems required such that no staff is required to work.
  • Describe any two distinctions between C and C++.
  • What are stacks and queues?
  • A Binary tree problem will be given to you, and you will be asked to identify whether the given Binary tree is BST or not.
  • Find the number of ways a,b,c,d (all>1) may occur such that a+b+c+d=S given a number “S.”

HR Round

  • Tell me about yourself.
  • Why do you want to work for Walmart Labs?
  • Do you consider yourself to be successful?
  • Would you be willing to relocate for us?
  • What are your salary expectations?
  • What are your biggest strengths and weaknesses?
  • What inspires you? 
  • What does an ideal organisation look like for you?

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I prepare for a Walmart Labs interview?

To prepare for a Walmart lab interview, you should be prepared with the basics of JAVA. You need to have a good command of BackTracking, Greedy algorithms, and Dynamic Programming. Walmart lab interview stresses more on the solution than optimization.

How do I prepare for an internship at Walmart?

Here is how you should prepare for an internship at Walmart:

1. Know the role
2. Do your research
3. Visit a store
4. Understand the interview structure
5. Prepare questions
6. Dress for success

What is the interview process at Walmart?

Walmart conducts behavioural interviews to understand your thinking process and how you could fit in on their team. The interview is situational and contains questions to remind you of a time when you were in a similar scenario.

How do you crack a coding test?

To crack a coding test, follow the steps given below:

1. Practice the code on paper
2. Take mock interviews
3. Keep time in mind
4. Know your weak spots
5. Know the common pitfalls
6. Write efficient code
7. Test your code

How do you crack the toughest coding interview?

You require the following to crack the toughest of coding interviews:

1. Practice
2. Work on your software design skills
3. Learn the basics
4. Time yourself
5. Test the edge cases
6. Rehearse coding interviews
7. Be honest

Where can I practice coding?

You can practice coding with Coding Ninjas programming courses.

How do you get put into a lab at Walmart?

To get into Walmart Labs, a candidate has to go through the following recruitment process:

1. Online Round
2. Four Technical Rounds
3. Managerial Round
4. HR Round

Key Takeaways

To ace your Walmart Labs off campus drive interview, prepare data structures thoroughly. One of the frequently asked topics is Dynamic Programming. It is advised that you should know about system design. Clarify your understanding of Java, Class Design, and LLD. If you are stuck on a problem, the interviewer will give you hints, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.