Fourth Edition Of 100% Coding Scholarship Is Live

Fourth Edition Of 100% Coding Scholarship Test By Coding Ninjas
Fourth Edition Of 100% Coding Scholarship Test By Coding Ninjas


With immense success during the previous three Scholarship Tests, Coding Ninjas has decided to host the Coding Scholarship Test again this month. There have been a massive number of requests from students who missed out on the opportunity earlier this year.

Students will be provided 30 MCQs, which are aptitude based and the total marks will decide the rank of one achiever, thus, determining the percentage of scholarship that can be provided. This is an incredible chance to get economical access to the incredible courses provided by Coding Ninjas.

The Coding Scholarship Test

The Scholarship Test is a great opportunity to get at least a minimum scholarship of 10% for batches scheduled for 22nd & 23rd August, 2021. Ninjas who complete their courses are gifted with industry-recognised course completion certificates for the courses of choice.

All students who wish to get enrolled in the Non-premium, Premium and Career Tracks’ batches are encouraged to participate in the scholarship test. The registration charge for this scholarship test is just INR 99. 

For students who have already registered for the said batches, they too are given the chance of winning the Scholarship amount back as cashback after the results of the Scholarship Test are declared. Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test 2021 will be held from 9 PM on 22nd & 23rd August, 2021.

The Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test 2021 is quite scorable, with questions being aptitude based and not requiring students to pack hours of preparation. To fill up the scholarship online form, apply here

Scholarship Criteria

The 30 question test allows students to get a coding scholarship based on their rank. The better the student performs, the higher the scholarship amount. Let us check the different ranking criteria for the various percentages of scholarship.

Regardless of the score, the rest of all the participating students are provided with a 10% scholarship. Here are some terms and conditions which apply to the 2021 Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test.

  • Scholarship fees are non-refundable, non-transferable and non-adjustable.
  • The registration will be valid for September 2021 batches only.
  • Cheating and illegal actions during the test will lead to the student being disqualified.
  • Coding Ninjas has the final right to decide when providing scholarships to eligible students.
  • Students who have pre-registered are eligible to get the scholarship amounts as cashback if they are enrolled for the September 2021 batch after the test results are declared.

Courses Covered In The Scholarship 

Students are provided with the opportunity to acquire desirable scholarships such as an Android Developer Scholarship and cashback on multiple courses ranging from Python, C++, Full Stack and Web Development to Data Science. Let us look at the various courses on which the scholarships are applicable.

Here is the link for the Telegram group to stay updated about the latest scholarship test information and to connect with the mentors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Coding Ninjas scholarship test?

This coding scholarship test is an opportunity for students to get a massive discount on their favourite Coding Ninjas courses.

What is the method to get a Coding Ninjas online course for free?

The best way to get a Coding Ninjas online course for free is to apply for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test and score well enough to be ranked among the top three students. Through this method, one can get a 100% scholarship on their favourite course.

Is Coding Ninjas good for beginners?

Yes! Coding Ninjas is great for beginners. Coding Ninjas is known for covering courses extensively from the beginning and Coding Ninjas places a lot of importance on the basics or the foundations of the topic.

How is the placement cell of Coding Ninjas?

The placement cell of Coding Ninjas is known for hosting very valuable and important companies such as Amazon, Bajaj, Amex, etc. and many great start-ups.

How much scholarship amount do you get in the Coding Ninjas scholarship test?

Students can get up to 100% scholarships from this scholarship test. All participants are at least provided 10% scholarships regardless of their rank.

What is the eligibility criterion for Coding Ninjas Admission and Scholarship Test August 2021?

Students who wish to join the September 2021 batches are eligible to apply for the Coding Ninjas Scholarship Test 2021.

What are the charges for the registration process of the Coding Scholarship Test?

The registration charge is only INR 99, inclusive of taxes and everything else.

Are all the courses applicable?

Yes, all the courses mentioned are applicable. The scholarship can be utilised for any non-premium or premium course which is provided by Coding Ninjas.

Will the scholarship test be hard?

The scholarship test will not be relentless and only be based on an aptitude-based syllabus. The test will boast 30 MCQ format questions that can be answered by many talented students.

Key Takeaways

This is an incredible opportunity for all ninjas out there who wish to get a massive discount on their favourite Coding Ninjas courses. Coding Ninjas offers plenty of resourceful and extensive courses, which prepare students to become job-ready or to simply become better developers.

This scholarship Test is also for the students who want to take up Data Science courses or wish to learn a programming language such as Python in detail. Here is the online scholarship application.