Gift Yourself A Coding Bootcamp With Coding Ninjas

Gift Yourself A Coding Bootcamp With Coding Ninjas
Gift Yourself A Coding Bootcamp With Coding Ninjas


Today we are discussing an intriguing story of a learner who started to code in his sixth grade. Transforming from a curious coding student to becoming a Software Engineer at CoinDCX with guidance from Career Camp, an online coding Bootcamp by Coding Ninjas

How did you start coding?

I have been programming since class 6 when we first had LOGO and COBOL in our curriculum. The power to communicate with the computer was something that I’ve found fascinating since then.

Right from coding patterns with number and stars to developing and hosting a website, it has been an exceptional journey. From learning about Data structures and algorithms to those long frustrating debugging sessions, it all feels worth it as my products are being used by millions of people.

How did you come across Coding Ninjas and its Career Camp?

The most interesting part undoubtedly was when I learnt about competitive coding in my third year of college and discovered this awesome community to hone in one’s problem-solving skill.

Competitive coding at times felt daunting and it was during one of these times that I found Coding Ninjas’ Competitive coding course. It was a brilliantly curated course with amazing teachers and helpful Teaching Assistants.

I was frequent on their website to solve their daily challenge and look for discounted courses and one of these times I spotted the Career Camp, an online coding bootcamp

I didn’t think twice and gave the entrance exam and luckily got accepted for the programme.

What did you like about this coding bootcamp?

It was during this programme that I achieved a rounded up resume which is important for the placement at any product-based company. Another fact that I liked about the programme was that they not only focused on the student’s learning; but also provided personalised and undivided attention during the placement rounds.

Technical Interview Rounds

  • Online Exam that included MCQs and Coding questions.
  • First Technical Round: Focused on data structures and algorithms with a few questions on web development.
  • Second Technical Round: Live coding question which required to create a server that consumes data from an API and later processes it.
  • Third Technical Round: Real-world problem-solving questions along with some cultural fit questions.

“Soon after clearing all the technical interview rounds, I was offered a full-time position as a Software Engineer at CoinDCX at a CTC of 11LPA,” informed Pal.


Pal used to revise several topics in Data Structures and Algorithms topics during the weekend while working on the projects during the weekdays. 

Below is the list of projects that he has worked on.

  • A social media website loaded with all the essential features that characterize it. The domain has been purchased by Pal himself and is hosted in AWS. 
  •  An end-to-end application with complete authentication forgot password, notifications, etc features for tenants to sign up and list their properties for renters.
  • This is a movie dashboard, which was my first React.JS project hosted in Firebase.

Features of Online Coding Bootcamp

The registration for the June 2021 batch of Career Camp, an online coding Bootcamp is open and a student can register for the entrance test on the website. Meanwhile below are some features of Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp, India’s most loved online coding Bootcamp.

Coding Classes & Live Webinars by Expert Faculty:
Our faculty is from the best institutes around the world such as IIT Delhi, Stanford, and more. They also have work experience in tech giants like AmazonFacebookAdobe which makes them exceptional.

Pay When You Land A Job:
Students are given a period of 10 days to pay the lump sum (complete amount) after getting a job offer. If a student chooses to pay through instalments they can pay as per the plan devised by our finance partner with zero interest.

No Security Deposit/No Registration Fee:
There is no registration fee required to be paid by the students when they appear for the entrance test.

Zero Upfront Cost:
In the case of our Hack Plan, Students have an option to either pay a lump sum or in instalments for upto three years. They will have to sign the deferred payment agreement for the Hack plan. Once they are placed they will be expected to pay 15% of their CTC for the next three years

12 Mock Interviews with Industry Experts:
1:1 Mock interviews with industry stalwarts to groom you for your dream job. There will be 12 such sessions focusing on both tech & interpersonal skills.

1:1 Domain Expert Sessions:
Get industry insights & tips from our 1:1 domain expert sessions. There will be 15 such sessions helping you gain depth of knowledge in topics of your interest.

Work On Live Projects & Participate in Hackathons:
Our expert faculty will guide you in building live projects giving you additional talking points in your interviews. Participate in our exclusive hackathons & coding contests to test your skills against your peers.

Dedicated Placement Support:
Internship & placement opportunities are tailormade for your profile. A dedicated placement team for resume building, soft skills grooming to ensure you get your dream job.

Live Doubt Resolution via Audio/Video Call:
Solve your doubts instantly on live chat, audio/video call with a dedicated TA. The TA’s are the top-performing alumni dedicated to supporting and clear doubts at any point in time.

21 Months’ Access To All Course Videos & Questions Asked In Interviews:
Gain access to all course-specific videos curated by our expert faculty and solve questions on various programming topics frequently asked in the interviews of reputed product-based companies.


“Career Camp has given me the most productive six months of my life and as Ankush sir once said, it was the best gift I could have given to my career,” he concluded.

In the future, I wish to learn and contribute to my job to the fullest of my abilities. In addition, I intend to continue my passion for constant upskilling and innovation wish to keep up-skilling and never shy away from learning new technology.