20 Projects With JavaScript Code Examples

20 Projects You Can Do With JavaScript
20 Projects You Can Do With JavaScript


JavaScript tells the browser how to set all the text and graphics on a web page. First of all, it is essential to understand JavaScript code examples and how you can build projects in JavaScript. Therefore, this article will discuss the top 20 JavaScript code examples that you can build as a beginner.

Can I Use JavaScript in Blogger?

Yes, you can use JavaScript to create your blog. It is one of the simplest applications that you can build with the help of JavaScript. However, before you move on to the advanced details of JavaScript, you should make sure that you learn the basics properly, and the best way to do so could be by building JavaScript code examples.

How do I Install JavaScript on Blogger?

Go through the steps given below to add JavaScript to a Blogger blog:

  • Log in to a blogger account, and then you will get a list of a few blogs.
  • Select your blog, click on the template and click on the edit HTML.
  • Press Ctrl + F to search. Here you will find the head tag.
  • Place your script and add any JavaScript.
  • Drop the script inside the comment click on the safe tablet button.
  • You will see that your template has been saved successfully without any error.
  • You can add this code anywhere inside the body tag.
  • The body tag is the best position to add JavaScript.

How do I Code a Blog Website?

You can easily code a blog website in JavaScript. It is because almost all web browsers support JavaScript. Therefore, nearly every website on the web uses the functionality of JS.

An overview of coding a blog website:

  • HTML will provide a basic structure of your website.
  • CSS is used to manage the presentation and appearance of the website.
  • JavaScript will control the behaviour and functioning of different elements of a website.

What can I Code with JavaScript?

Given below is a list of the top 20 JavaScript code examples that you can build as a beginner in JavaScript:

1. Digital Clock

The clock would look similar to the clock you have in your own house. It would teach you how to use simple variables that have similar conditions. You can make it look good using CSS and HTML.

2. JavaScript Musical Instrument

When you press any specific key, a specific sound would be produced. Every single key will lead to a different sound. You have to click on a key, and you will hear a sound from your laptop or phone.

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3. JavaScript Calculator

It is a good option for students who want to learn the basics of JavaScript. It will teach you how to create simple buttons by using HTML and CSS. It would be a great experience for you to learn how onclick events in JavaScript works.

4. Colour Game

It will teach you how to get an RGB value at random. After this, you will be getting some options of various colours. You need to take the colour that is the closest for equivalent to the RGB value. You can also implement difficulty levels such as easy, intermediate, and hard to make your JavaScript code example more interesting.

5. Compound Interest Calculator

You might have seen many financial websites containing calculators to help you decide the amount you should invest in generating a specific amount of interest. You can design this calculator with CSS and HTML. Front-end development is an integral part of building JavaScript code examples.

In this project, you can allow a user to input some numbers, and then you will give back some function that would calculate the total amount generated. As a beginner, you can try sending some alert messages to the user.

6. Snake Game

A snake game will help you learn the basics of JavaScript and HTML effectively. It is a classic game of the late 70s. This game aims to move snakes in different directions to eat as many apples as possible.

7. Tic-Tac-Toe Game

A tic-tac-toe game is played between two players. Player A starts the game and then passes the turn to player B, and both make consecutive turns to play the game. It would help if you had a firm understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to design this game. The game can be built with simple logic implementation and validation checks.

8. Hangman Game

It is one of the most popular games among children. You can easily develop a Hangman game using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You need to use the functions and components of JS to design the hangman game.

9. Weather App

Weather app is handy and easy to make for a beginner in JavaScript. A user needs to enter a location, and the application displays the weather changes of that area. You can use an API to get the weather information of that area.

10. Music Player

This project uses event listeners and functions to play your music. Every event listener will have a different functioning. You will also learn how to add and play various music files. You can use CSS to improve the appearance of the project.

11. Form Validation

Form Validation is beneficial for every website. Every website needs a client-side validation to get the details of its customers. All the input fields are checked with the help of JavaScript.

12. E-Commerce Website

After you gain confidence in JavaScript code examples by building small projects, you can build a full-fledged e-commerce website. It is an amazing project for your resume. You can show the features of digital shopping in this project.

13. Photo Display Page

In this JavaScript code example, you need to display the details of the whole set of images whenever a user hovers on the images. You can use basic HTML and CSS along with JS for this project. In this project, you will learn how to use mouse hover events.

14. JavaScript Map

JavaScript can perform dynamic changes with the help of its components and functions. You can use JavaScript libraries in this JavaScript code example to implement the functioning of Map navigation.

15. JavaScript To-Do List

JavaScript is versatile in coding interactive to-do lists that allow users to add, remove, and alter various tasks. You can use Html, CSS, and JavaScript to design this to-do list.

16. Drawing in JavaScript

JavaScript can also be used to draw various shapes and designs. You can bring animation to HTML and CSS elements with the help of JavaScript. It is an essential part of web development.

17. Quiz in JavaScript

You can also design a JavaScript quiz in JavaScript. This quiz can include multiple-choice questions with four options. You can send an alert message if the user enters a wrong answer. At the end of this JavaScript code example, you can display the score of the user.

18. Random Number Generator

JavaScript includes a random method that returns a random number within the given limits. You can use this functionality in many other full-fledged projects.

19. Background Colour Change Project

The background colour change project is short and easy to complete. It would help if you designed a button that changes the background colour when a user clicks on it.

20. Quote of the Day Project

This project creates a random quote on the screen when a user clicks on the button. You will have to use JavaScript objects and selectors to design this JavaScript code example.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to learn JavaScript?

JS is used for client-side and server-side programming to create dynamic web content. Therefore, it becomes important for every web developer to learn JavaScript.

What is CSS used for?

CSS is used for designing purposes. A web developer can use CSS to improve the appearance of his or her project.

How was JavaScript created?

JavaScript was created by a Netscape programmer named Brandan Eich in just ten days.

Key Takeaways

Websites and many projects can be built using coding languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. JS is used for client-side and server-side programming to create dynamic web content. The programming language has a great impact on the user experience of the dynamic functionality of a website. It is a lightweight language and has object-oriented capabilities. In addition, JS is easy to learn as it is an open-source and cross-platform language.

The JavaScript code examples mentioned above will help you to learn the basic functioning of JavaScript perfectly. It would help if you built as many people as possible while learning about JavaScript. With consistent practice and hard work, you will become a great JavaScript Developer.

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