Career Camp: A Coding Bootcamp For Programming Students

Make It Big with Career Camp, A Coding Bootcamp For Programming Students
Make It Big with Career Camp, A Coding Bootcamp For Programming Students


Today we are discussing the journey of Manbodh Ratre, alumni of the National Institute Of Technology, Raipur of batch 2020 who pursued Electronics and Telecommunication there and was a part of Coding Bootcamp in Carrer Camp.

How did you get interested in programming and development?

During the second year of my engineering, one day we went to our computer science lab which was the first time I had seen people practicing coding and learning more about the usage of various programming languages

At that moment, I was so intrigued by the idea of this side of technology that I decided to practice coding and hone my coding abilities. 

Learning to code is a gradual process and reasonably slow and by the time I got promoted to the third year, I had only managed to learn the C programming language. 

That is when I finally joined Coding Ninjas and started with a foundation course in C++ and followed by enrollment in Coding Bootcamp Career Camp.

Since I was always keen to explore the dynamics of Electronic and Software skills, it further leads me to learn Web development from Coding Ninjas.

With the help of this course, I was able to make a Social Media Clone Web Application which I later deployed on the server. And I must say that it was an enthralling experience for me throughout. 

How did you come across the Career Camp Programme?

The C++ foundation course by Coding Ninjas is wonderful and seems to give the right about of exposure to the student. After completing this course, I enrolled in Career Camp Programme – a coding bootcamp because I was highly satisfied with the way they taught me, addressed my queries and covered all the important aspect of the language and frameworks. 

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How has been your experience with Career Camp, a coding bootcamp by Coding Ninjas?

Career Camp is the best coding bootcamp that I have come across as it provides hand to hand support as a programme developer and the reason for opting for this coding bootcamp was that Coding Ninjas’ content quality and their teaching methodologies. 

Any factor you liked about Career Camp?

There are several reasons for liking this coding bootcamp. Firstly, its course modules are really good. Secondly, all the faculties are highly resourceful when it comes to addressing any feedback. Lastly, they have a promising TA support system and an effective placement team that can compel any student to get started with them. 

Manbodh Ratre was able to secure a job with Enkash, a fintech innovations credit card payment platform after pursuing several courses with Coding Ninjas & Career Camp. 

Tell us about your interview procedure in detail?

My interview at Enkash had four rounds. 

  • Round one was about a basic introduction about my college and my projects that are a part of my portfolio that lasted for about 10 minutes.  
  • The second round was the technical round in which they asked me some questions from OOP’s as mentioned below:
    • Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Abstraction, Encapsulation 
    • Function Overloading
    • Function Overriding
    • Difference between Array and Linked List 

At the end of the second rounds of Q&A, they gave me a task to create CRUD APIs. To do the same, in which I used JWT concepts for authorisation.

  • The third round was to explain the task which was assigned in the previous round followed by the final HR round.

How was your experience with Coding Ninjas?

My experience at Coding Ninjas has been great and I am immensely thankful to them for turning a novice into a polished techie.  

Here is the link to Ratre’s Git profile to take a look at the projects that he has worked on in the past which includes iPod App, Social Media Clone, and Ping Pong Game to name a few. 

Details for Career Camp by Coding Ninjas 

The registration for the June 2021 batch of Career Camp, an online coding Bootcamp is open and a student can register for the entrance test on the website. Meanwhile below are some features of Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp.

Coding Classes & Live Webinars by Expert Faculty:

Our faculty is from the best institutes worldwide such as IIT Delhi, Stanford, and more. They also have work experience in tech giants like Amazon, FacebookAdobe which makes them exceptional.

Pay When You Land A Job:

Students are given a period of 10 days to pay the lump sum (complete amount) after getting a job offer. If a student chooses to pay through instalments they can pay as per the plan devised by our finance partner with zero interest.

No Security Deposit/No Registration Fee:

There is no registration fee required to be paid by the students when they appear for the entrance test.

Zero Upfront Cost:

In the case of our Hack Plan, Students have an option to either pay a lump sum or in instalments for upto three years. They will have to sign the deferred payment agreement for the Hack plan. Once they are placed they will be expected to pay 15% of their CTC for the next three years. 

12 Mock Interviews with Industry Experts:

1:1 Mock interviews with industry stalwarts to groom you for your dream job. There will be 12 such sessions focusing on both tech & interpersonal skills.

1:1 Domain Expert Sessions:

Get industry insights & tips from our 1:1 domain expert sessions. There will be 15 such sessions helping you gain depth of knowledge in topics of your interest.

Work On Live Projects & Participate in Hackathons:

Our expert faculty will guide you in building live projects giving you additional talking points in your interviews. Participate in our exclusive hackathons & coding contests to test your skills against your peers.

Dedicated Placement Support:

Internship & placement opportunities are tailormade for your profile. A dedicated placement team for resume building, soft skills grooming to ensure you get your dream job.

Live Doubt Resolution via Audio/Video Call:

Solve your doubts instantly on live chat, audio/video call with a dedicated TA. The TA’s are the top-performing alumni dedicated to supporting and clear doubts at any point in time.

21 Months’ Access To All Course Videos & Questions Asked In Interviews:

Gain access to all course-specific videos curated by our expert faculty and solve questions on various programming topics frequently asked in the interviews of reputed product-based companies.

If you are keen to build a bright future ahead, enrol in India’s largest coding bootcamp-Career Camp by Coding Ninjas.