Most Common Interview Mistakes to Avoid In Dream Company

Most Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid In Dream Company
Most Common Job Interview Mistakes to Avoid In Dream Company


The one thing we are absolutely concerned about and have complete control of – is our career. Often students who although are very smart, bright and intelligent miss the opportunities because they don’t prepare themselves for the aspects of a technical interview other than the coding round.

An interview is an assessment of your personality in general, an assessment of whether you will prove to be an asset to the company or not. Although you might feel that the duration of the interview is extremely less to provide a holistic judgement of yourself, the recruiters are specifically trained for the same.

An interview is designed in such a manner that they’ll understand everything there is to know about you. So how do you actually prepare for the D-day or rather, what should you completely avoid that will lower your chances of being selected or making Common Interview Mistakes? 

We have created a Preparation Guide For TCS CNO Recruitment 2021

Read on. 

Mistake Number 1 – Vague Answers 

The interviewers are not looking for a correct answer. They are looking for the approach that you take to solve a particular problem. Often students have this issue – “we know the answer, but we don’t know how to explain it.” And this is something you need to take care of, right now. 

Your intelligence and expertise are justified by how well you are able to explain what’s going on under the hood. If there is a question that you can answer in either a yes or a no format, make sure you answer it with a reason. If there is a question that demands you to solve a coding question, make sure you are taking the interviewer through your entire thought process. 

Your answers need to tell a story – what the current situation is, what are you thinking to do, and finally what will be the outcomes. Make sure you are portraying yourself as an expert who is thorough with his concepts.  

Mistake Number 2 – Dress to Not Impress 

Looking good makes you appear more confident in an interview. Dressing sharp is a skill that one can learn over years. If you have dressed inappropriately, it might make an impression on the interviewer that you were not very inclined towards taking this job and might portray your casual attitude and negligence towards the company

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Make sure you are wearing ironed clothes, your hairs are not falling apart and absolutely no distracting jewellery should be worn during an on-site or even in a virtual interview. You have the remote control of your personality and make sure it is clearly depicted with your attire. 

Mistake Number 3 – Unpreparedness 

If you are Googling “package of xx company” right before the day of the interview, chances are you’re probably not going to land the job. This happens because when we are deviating from the current goal (which is clearing the job interview at the moment), we don’t realise the time and effort we are wasting which could have been utilised into doing something way more productive and actually analysing one’s pros and cons for the interview at hand. 

Before the interview, make sure you have revised all your concepts and take a good night’s sleep to be at your best the following day. 

Mistake Number 4 – Answering “Why do you want to work in our company?” Incorrectly  

This question is the most common question asked in almost every job interview and still, students and candidates fail to answer it to the best of their abilities. When you are interviewing for a company, you are essentially going to be associated with their ideologies, norms and customs for a certain period of time.

The companies need to understand your motivation towards picking the particular job role and their company instead of other job opportunities available outside. 

You need to do your research about the company and answer honestly and tactfully about your motivations towards joining the company. Make sure the interviewers see your honesty and dedication and consider you to be a potential candidate which will prove to be an asset to the company rather than someone who would jump on another opportunity as soon as they find it to be a little better. Remember the phrase – “you are here to stay” and answer accordingly. 

Mistake Number 5 – Not Answering “Do you have any questions for us?” 

This question is asked after every interview and if it is asked, the interviewer is expecting you to ask something from them. Not answering this question might indicate your disinterest in the job and the company. You can ask questions about the work culture of the company, about the kind of projects you will be working on, about your responsibilities and further steps.

Make sure you are not asking about the salary, vacations and other stuff which is not inclined towards your inquisitiveness to know about the company. This question is a test of your eagerness towards moving from a job interview to an actual job in the company. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What mistakes can an interviewer make during an interview?

An interviewer can make Common Interview Mistakes during an interview when he does not know what he is looking for when he makes biased decisions when he is only looking for negatives and not considering the candidate’s time and efforts important.

What are examples of weaknesses for an interview?

The weaknesses for an interview include being nervous, being underprepared and not showing your dedication and eagerness towards working in an interview.

What are some common errors or mistakes that managers make during interviews?

The Common Interview Mistakes that managers make during interviews include them taking over the interview by talking too much, making the candidate nervous, making the interview very short, not considering the pros but only considering the cons etc.

What are the most common interview mistakes?

The most common interview mistakes are vague answers, dressing improperly, unpreparedness, not showing eagerness and dedication to work in the company.

What are interview mistakes?

Interview mistakes are mistakes that a candidate makes while interviewing for a particular job role. These include Common Interview Mistakes in answering the questions, not answering some questions, having wrong and improper body language, not being able to handle salary negotiations etc.

Key Takeaways

Clearing a job interview is a skill. In the heavy competition that exists out there, you need to be at the top of your game and make sure the interviewer sees the champion and leader inside you. It is you who has the power to move mountains and it is you who will be able to conquer everything you desire.

Make sure you have prepared enough that no matter what question the interviewer throws at you, you’ll be able to answer it with calmness, grace and expertise. 

Happy Learning!

By Pooja Gera