How to Learn JQuery in 2021? Step-by-Step Guide

How to Learn JQuery in 2021? Step-by-Step Guide
How to Learn JQuery in 2021? Step-by-Step Guide


JQuery is a feature-rich and lightweight JavaScript library built on the concept of “write less, do more.” Its basic APIs make tasks like HTML document manipulation, event management, and applying animation effects to a web page more manageable. It operates through all major browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Internet Explorer, etc. 

When you learn JQuery, you can quickly and easily construct an Ajax-based programme. JQuery is used by big corporations like Google, Microsoft, and IBM in their apps. With JQuery, you will save a lot of time and effort. As open-source software, JQuery is run and managed by a collaborative community of developers.

What is JQuery? 

JQuery is a versatile and efficient JavaScript library developed in 2006 by John Resig. JQuery’s principle is “write less, do more,” which is very fitting given that the majority of its features revolve around simplifying each line of code. The following is a collection of JQuery’s most important features: 

  • Simplified JavaScript: It enables accelerated web creation by simplifying DOM manipulation and event handling. 
  • Handling of events: JQuery enables capturing a vast range of activities, such as a user clicking on a page, without clogging up the HTML code. 
  • Weighs little: JQuery is a tiny, lightweight library that is approximately 19KB in size. 
  • Animatronic: It includes a slew of built-in animation effects that you can use to enhance the interactivity of your web application.

Why use JQuery? 

At the moment, a large number of developers have jumped on the JQuery bandwagon, and why shouldn’t they? JQuery identifies cross-browser incompatibilities, interoperability problems, and standardisation issues. It establishes an abstraction layer that handles all workarounds. Let’s have a look at some of the reasons JQuery is so common at the enterprise level. 

  • Advocates for simplicity: Anyone new to the JavaScript environment would find it very intuitive and easy to learn JQuery. It has a straightforward syntax and adheres to free coding principles, enabling you to build beautiful websites. 
  • Displayed despite disabling JS: Numerous rendering issues can occur if Adobe Flash is not enabled on any browser. As a result, developers must invest much time coding for browsers that lack flash plugins. However, with JQuery, they are no longer required to do so. 
  • Produces animated applications: As with Flash, JQuery combines HTML, CSS, JS, and AJAX to create stunning results. As a result, you won’t need to employ a different Flash creator. 
  • Pages load rapidly: As a page loads slowly, it affects the success and rating of your website in search engines. The most effective approach to reducing load time is to use coding practices that involve the fewest possible lines of code and achieve the desired outcome. JQuery allows you to load tags only when they are needed, which improves performance. 
  • Search engine optimised: Numerous plugins are required to assist you in optimising the JQuery excerpts for search engines. You should embed any of the components using basic unordered lists, an excellent and safe technique for increasing your SEO score.

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Requirements to learn JQuery

To learn JQuery, you should gain a firm grasp of the following concepts.

  • You should be familiar with and have experience with CSS and HTML fundamentals. 
  • You should have experience building a basic website and are familiar with CSS selectors such as groups, ids, and pseudo-elements. 
  • Additionally, you should have a fundamental knowledge of and experience of programming. Additionally, it is possible to begin working with JQuery without prior knowledge of JavaScript. Nonetheless, you must be acquainted with basic concepts such as objects, variables, and data forms. 
  • Additionally, you should be familiar with DOM manipulation, as JQuery is primarily used to modify HTML DOM objects.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it easy to learn JQuery?

A JavaScript library is jQuery. jQuery makes JavaScript development a lot easier. It is indeed easy to learn JQuery.

Is it worth learning JQuery in 2021?

Since browser support for Javascript is more stable than ever, JQuery was no longer required in 2019. But, it is strongly recommended to study JQuery to get a glimpse of how JavaScript can help you do whatever you want for your web page in only a few characters and help you overcome your fears regarding the JavaScript environment.

How many days will it take to learn JQuery?

Developers are strained against time to study programming languages. JQuery is a simple library that you can learn JQuery in a matter of hours.

Is JQuery dead?

Over the last two years, JQuery has seen a substantial drop in popularity. With the emergence of front-end JavaScript frameworks such as Vue, Angular and React, JQuery’s convoluted syntax and often-overwrought execution have fallen behind this modern era of web technologies. JQuery might be old, but it is far from dead.

Is JQuery front-end or backend?

One of the first front-end systems is JQuery. Despite its release date, what sets it apart is its continued importance in the current tech world. JQuery not only provides flexibility and ease of usage but also eliminates the need for lengthy JavaScript code.

Should I start with JS or JQuery?

A JavaScript education will allow you to comprehend the basics and know when to use JQuery and when to use JavaScript.

Is React similar to JQuery?

Both JQuery and React are extremely common JavaScript frameworks that yield similar results while using vastly different techniques. Although JQuery is a utility library that enables developers to create web applications using JavaScript easily, React is a library that allows HTML to be embedded within JavaScript.

Is JQuery an application programming interface (API)?

JQuery is a streamlined, feature-rich, and quick JavaScript library. It simplifies HTML document traversal and manipulation, event management, animation, and Ajax by providing an easy-to-use API compatible with a wide variety of browsers.

Is JQuery considered to be a programming language?

jQuery is a cross-platform JavaScript library, not a programming language. There are numerous other JavaScript libraries open, such as MooTools, Knockout, and even Angular, but jQuery is the most common.

Key Takeaways

All good things come in a small package, and jQuery is no exception. jQuery is a small JavaScript library that enhances the user interface on the web. It is a widely used JavaScript library. There are a plethora of reasons to include JQuery in your upcoming web development project. 

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To begin with, it is free and simple to use; it minimises wait time by pushing material directly to the client; and it is smaller than flash, resulting in smoother playbacks. Additionally, it is cross-platform, removing convergence concerns, and has a short learning curve. 

It’s not challenging to learn JQuery, as you’ll soon find. It’s a very versatile library that has abundant features on offer to make your coding experience better.