COVID-19 Fundraiser: Live Masterclass on Recursion by Ankush Singla

COVID-19 Fundraiser: Live Masterclass on Recursion by Ankush Singla
COVID-19 Fundraiser: Live Masterclass on Recursion by Ankush Singla


Recursion is a widely used term used to describe the ability to solve complicated problems by breaking them into simpler ones. Such problems can be solved by iteration, but this has to be specified and indexed at the time of programming. 

Recursive problems can be solved by using functions that call themselves from within their code. Let’s understand recursion better and how the fundraiser masterclass will help you. 

How is recursion useful?

Recursion can be related to many varieties of problems, and recursion is one of the most prominent ideas of computer science. For example, recursion in C helps in reducing unnecessary calling of function. A person can solve problems more easily through recursion, whereas its iterative solution is very big and complex. Recursion can’t be applied to all types of dilemmas. However, it is helpful in the case of tasks that can be interpreted in terms of related subtasks.

Recursion in C takes the structure of a function that calls itself. A helpful way to think of recursion in C is to visualise them as the processes being conducted, where one of the instructions is to reiterate the process.

Importance of recursion in FAANG companies

Recursion is used in FAANG companies because many recursive problems have a distinct elegance level. It can assess the individual’s knowledge of algorithmic concepts, data structure, proficiency to estimate the complexity of space and time, and logical thinking such things.

In FAANG companies, recursion fundamentally allows you to program many intriguing problems related to programming.

Recursion is often implemented using a stack that pushes function calls and starts to pop up once the base condition is reached. It is also utilised in professional software development but at a much shorter level concealed beneath layers of abstractions.

How has Covid-19 affected India?

India reported its first confirmed case of the Covid-19 infection on 30 January 2020 in Kerala State. That infected person had travelled from Wuhan, China. Since then, the outbreak of Covid-19 has been severe in India, and Covid cases in India are increasing day by day.

Covid-19 India is continuing to destroy the economy as well the lives of people. The impact of covid-19 on human life has also indicated unfortunate mental health consequences and symptoms on individuals. It has also become a public health issue and has resulted in creating psychological versatility in individuals.

The disease has led to a global pandemic that has increased the Covid cases in India and has also influenced the healthcare department treating the patients who are suffering from diseases other than corona. The result of Coronavirus is tremendous and has destroyed the prevailing jobs of many employees in India, and this has driven more uncertainty of employment in the nation.

Live Masterclass on Recursion

As India continues to fight with the second wave of Covid-19, Coding Ninjas, India’s highly rated Ed-tech institute, has come up with the fundraising idea. Coding Ninjas has come up with this exclusive initiative to allow its attendees to create a bright future for themselves.

Moreover, through this “Live Fundraising Masterclass,” which will be held on the topic “Recursion for Humanity,” attendees can learn and attain knowledge related to it.

The live event will be hosted by Ankush Singla, the co-founder and instructor at Coding Ninjas. The date on which the event is to be held is 5th June 2021, and it will be a three-hour session starting at 1 PM and ending at 4 PM.

As an attendee, you can donate between Rs 100-1000, and further, this amount would be donated to the COVID-19 relief fund. Another benefit of attending this live fundraiser is that whatever amount you donate will get doubled and added to your Ninja wallet as Ninja coins so that you can purchase any Coding Ninjas course in the future.

If you get interested in our platform, you can also join our community on Telegram and stay up-to-date.

Why should you attend the event?

This live fundraiser event is an opportunity for individuals like us to take a stand and pave a path for our nation towards a brighter future. All you have to do is attend the live fundraiser event, donate an amount between Rs 100-1000, and avail of its benefits. There are a few benefits that an attendee of our live masterclass would get through it-

  • This will be an opportunity for them to do something towards their society while fighting against the deadly disease.
  • The attendees will also learn important interview questions related to recursion, recursive meaning, recursive function, recursion in python from Ankush Singla, an alumnus of IIT Delhi & Stanford.
  • They can get the price of the amount that they will contribute at the live fundraiser event as Ninja coins in their respective Ninja wallet.
  • Any contribution made by you will get 2X/doubled as Ninja Coins in your Ninja Wallet.
  • These Ninja coins will be valid till 12 June 2021, and they can use them in the future for buying any course of their choice from Coding Ninjas.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is recursion so important?

Recursion is considered important because of its nature of being a powerful problem-solving strategy. It can easily break down your big problem into even a smaller one.

What is an example of recursion in language?

An example of the sum of numbers using recursion in C language is-
int sum(int n);
int main() {
Int n, r;
Printf(“Enter a integer: “);
Scanf(“%d”, &n);
Result = sum(n);
Printf(“sum = %d”, r);
Return 0;

Int sum(int n) {
If (n != 0)
// sum() function calls itself
Return n + sum(n-1);
Return n;

How should I register myself for this event?

You can do online registration for this event by signing up with your name and number through the event’s page.

What is the purpose of this event?

As we all know, India is fighting against the second wave of Covid-19 while preparing for its third wave; through this event, we want to contribute a little bit to our nation. The purpose of this live fundraising event is to raise donations, which will further be donated to the COVID-19 relief fund. So your little contribution can make someone’s day and bring some happiness to their faces.

Who all can participate in this event?

Any keen person who wants to gain knowledge and learn about recursion, recursive meaning, recursive function, recursion in python, and wants to donate a bit of their part for people or their family members suffering from it Covid-19 can participate in the event and make their move.

Key Takeaways

Recursion is important because it often allows an amazing and easy algorithmic explanation to specific problems that would otherwise be nearly not obtained with an iterative algorithm. Recursive problems are natural problems, and recursion is a decent way to solve them. In addition, recursion lessens complexity by reducing the time required to jot down and debug code and adds more clarity to it.

Join the event by signing up with your name and number through the event’s page.

As an attendee of this exclusive live fundraiser event, you would not only get a chance to contribute to the Covid crisis our nation is facing, but you can also enhance your problem-solving skills.

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