GCP Vs AWS: A Fair Comparison

GCP Vs AWS: A Fair Comparison
GCP Vs AWS: A Fair Comparison


With the help of cloud computing, you can work on all your business’s internal details on the Internet instead of a desktop. Every application that you need is available on the Internet. You don’t need a laptop with a lot of storage because everything can be stored on the Internet. The automation provided by cloud computing services helps to save a lot of money.

Switching to the cloud has led to a significant decrease in waste and pollution from hard drives, paper, and ink. You can access any application or programs within a few minutes with the help of cloud computing services.

Hence, cloud server hosting is one of the most flexible solutions in today’s world. Cloud computing services need better knowledge of core programming languages. The effective outcomes are delivered by scholars who are well skilled with coding and programming.

Let’s understand Google Cloud and Amazon Web services, and the difference between GCP vs AWS

What is GCP (Google Cloud Platform)?

Google Cloud Platform is a cloud computing service launched by Google in 2011. This GCP computing helps to grow and flourish business by offering cloud storage. Secure and highly flexible services will be provided by the benefits of the infrastructure of Google. Google Cloud Platform provides quick access and influential data analysis. The GCP comprises hosting services, application development, and storage that work on the hardware of Google. Users from anywhere can attain Google Cloud computing services.

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) also provides certifications for the level of technical skills achieved, which are associate certificates, Professional certificates, G suite Certificates.

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Elements of GCP

  • Compute Engine
  • App Engine
  • Could functions
  • Container Engine
  • Registry

What is AWS (Amazon Web Services)?

AWS (Amazon Web Services) is a platform that offers reliable, on-demand computing services, which are cost-effective cloud computing solutions with features like scalability and easy-to-use. AWS is supplementary to Amazon.com, enabling users to utilise Amazon Web Services to build applications that allow hopeful features to businesses like development, management tools, and services of analytics, content delivery, computing, and even more.

AWS (Amazon Web Services) provides the deepest cloud services with a wide range of databases for different types of applications, and Amazon Web Services has an infrastructure with the most flexible cloud computing requirements.

Elements of AWS

  • Serverless cloud functions
  • All types of Databases
  • Amazon storage
  • Security
  • Mobile hub

How to select between GCP vs AWS?

The decision to select the required cloud service can be based on the benefits and the services provided by individual organisations. Here are some advantages and disadvantages of AWS and GCP to give you an insight into which one to pick between GCP vs AWS.

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Benefits of AWS in the comparison between GCP vs AWS:

  • Amazon Web Services provides a trouble-free consumption procedure for an app.
  • When you possess a team that can organise and handle the infrastructure, you can go with AWS (Amazon Web Services).
  • When you have very little time to spend on the development of the latest version of your web application.
  • AWS cloud computing is a supreme choice when your scheme needs high power to compute.
  • Helps in the enhancement of application progressive team productivity.
  • A collection of computerised functionalities together with the configuration, arrangement, setup.
  • AWS is a cost-effective service that enables you to repay only for what you utilise without any lasting commitments.
  • Programming models, operating systems, databases, and structural design familiar to all the organisations are used in AWS.
  • With limitless capacity, quick access is provided.

Disadvantages of AWS

Here are some drawbacks of AWS in the comparison of GCP vs AWS cloud computing:

  • The AWS (Amazon web service) operation process is neither easy nor short. It can easily consume 15 to 20 minutes for a basic-version website.
  • Unpredictable exploitation without any error notice.
  • AWS (Amazon Web Services) is not preferred for starters.
  • Need to install your application manually.
  • Initiation of more app instances is a very complicated process in Amazon Web Service. 

Benefits of GCP

  • GCP recommends Quick Access to innovation that provides higher productivity.
  • Trouble-free infrastructure with the best pricing.
  • It offers serverless backgrounds that allow users to unite cloud computing services, focusing primarily on microservice planning.
  • Provides prevailing analytics of data.
  • Long-term offers that are cost-effective.
  • Internet of Things, and Machine learning products.

Disadvantages of Google Cloud

Drawbacks of using Google Cloud Platform (GCP):

  • No free services provided; everything in the platform is based on price.
  • Elements in GCP are less compared to AWS.


Here is a clear cut comparison between Google Cloud Platform and Amazon Web Services with general difference parameters.

FactorGoogle Cloud PlatformAmazon Web Services
Launched year20112006
CostPer-minutePer hour basis
ContainersGoogle container engineAmazon EC2 container service
Serverless computeGoogle cloud functionsAWS lambda
Maximum processors in VM96128
Virtual serverGoogle compute engineElastic cloud compute
Kubernetes managementKubernetes engineElastic kubernetes service
PriceFair pricings than competitive servicesLittle higher cost in terms of computing service
Managed data warehouseBig QueryRed shift
Archive storageCold lineGlacier
Object storageCloud storageS3
VM disk storageHDD and SSDAmazon EBS
Bulk data transferNear line, cold lineAWS snowball;  AWS snowmobile
Volume sizesRanges from 1GB to 64TBRanges from 500GB to 16TB
Networking FrameworkTiered networking frameworkNo tiered network framing
Data Transmission formatFully encrypted formatIn a general format
Available zones20 different regions21 different zones
Companies usingBug sang, PointsHound etc. analysingAppDirect, Icarros Etc…
StacksInstance group templateCloud formation template
Platform-as-a-serviceApp engineElastic beanstalk
Global content deliveryCloudFrontCloud CDN
Compute serviceGoogle compute engine(GCE)Elastic compute cloud(EC2)
Docker managementContainer engineECS

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How to select a relevant Cloud?

AWS and GCP have no great differences and disadvantages. Still, if you need to decide one among GCP vs AWS, you have to consider the standards and certifications of the company providing computing service. In addition, data security, policies and company exit plans also affect the best service selection between GCP vs AWS. “Free” is far more effective than “almost free”, so choose the best services which can enable you to have a hassle-free working status.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is GCP better than AWS?

AWS stands out better than GCP regarding the number of services provided, but GCP provides integration and often works better than AWS.

Is GCP easier than AWS?

It is not simple to deal with either GCP or AWS, but GCP is a bit easier to secure and manage than AWS.

Is GCP cheaper than AWS?

Compared to AWS prices for the large data storing and analysing companies, GCP provides 20% fewer fares.

Will GCP overtake AWS?

The services, storage and resources of GCP are a bit more ahead compared to AWS. But in the ability to grow cloud markets, AWS always stands ahead of GCP.

Does Google use GCP?

Google Cloud Platform is the service provided by Google and Google uses this GCP internally for mails, YouTube, and file storage.

Is AWS bigger than Amazon?

AWS is one of Amazon’s subordinate services, and now this Amazon Web Service is the largest part of the whole Amazon income that contributes 52% of its operating income.

What are the three cloud computing models of AWS?

Infrastructure as a Service, Platform as a Service, and Software as a Service are three cloud computing models of AWS.

In how many worldwide zones is AWS available?

AWS is available in 66 zones worldwide.

In how many worldwide zones is GCP available?

GCP is available in 61 zones worldwide.

Key Takeaways

Cloud computing is gaining a lot of popularity. It is extremely useful for people who want to get rid of software bugs and server errors. Every business uses some software or buys packages to download or install some software to manage the database. GCP and AWS both are great plans of action to focus on scholars, but choosing the accurate cloud services depends on the organisation’s needs and budget facts.