Preparation Guide for Accenture Off Campus 2021 Drive for Freshers

Preparation Guide for Accenture Off-Campus 2021 Drive for Freshers
Preparation Guide for Accenture Off-Campus 2021 Drive for Freshers


Before moving on to the Accenture Off Campus Drive, let us learn more about the company. Accenture is a leading MNC and a Fortune Global 500 company in the IT sector which is known for its expertise in consulting and development of software. With expertise in multiple domains stretching from web development to machine learning, consulting business strategies, etc.

The company has a huge talent pool of more than 500000 employees and also employs around 10000 candidates every year. It organises an off-campus hiring drive to hire talented candidates across various domains for work roles. Although the off-campus drive provides two exciting roles – ASE (Associate Software Engineer) and SE (Software Engineer).

Eligibility Criteria for Accenture Off Campus Drive

  • The candidate should not have any active backlog.
  • The candidate should have more than 65% in academics with more than 6.5 CGPA in graduation.
  • The Candidate should be a 2021 pass-out with B.E/B.Tech/MCA degree.
  • People from Bhutan and Nepal nationals can work in India without a need for obtaining a work visa. All other foreign nationals will require a working visa or an Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) or Person of Indian Origin (PIO) card to work in India that has to be provided before applying for the drive.

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Compensation and Benefits

Associate Software Engineer has a package of 4.5LPA whereas the package of Software Engineer is 6.5 LPA. Based on the performance of the students in the subsequent rounds of interviews the students will be selected for ASE and SE roles.

Exam Pattern for Accenture Off Campus Drive

A pre-placement talk is organised by Accenture for giving information about the company along with the compensations and roles before the test is conducted. This is followed by an online Cognitive Ability test and further technical rounds of interviews concluding with an HR interview. The assessment link is sent to individual candidates after qualifying for each round.

  • Cognitive Ability Test: This involves a basic aptitude test over the areas of English communication, Analytical reasoning, quantitative aptitude, etc., and contains 50 questions that have to be solved in 50 minutes.
  • Technical Interview: This consists of your domain skills like pseudo-code, fundamentals of computer science involving, Database Management systems, Computer Networks, cloud architecture, etc. It involves 40 questions to be done in 40 minutes.
  • Coding Round: This involves testing your coding skills in any language of your preference – C, C++, .Net, Java, Python, etc. and consists of two Questions to be done in 45 minutes.
  • Followed by a communication assessment test of 20 minutes and a medium difficulty level.

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Preparation Strategy for Accenture Off Campus Drive

The aptitude section involves:

  • Basic Maths
  • Percentage problems
  • Profit and Loss
  • Relative speed problems
  • Time and work problems
  • Permutation Combination problems
  • Reasoning Analogies Blood Relations
  • Circular Table Arrangements
  • Puzzles
  • Ordering and Ranking
  • Mirror Images
  • Missing Numbers
  • Synonyms
  • Antonyms

The coding section requires solid knowledge of coding in at least one programming language and involves topics like Greedy Algorithms, Binary Search, Dynamic Programming, Divide and Conquer, Hash tables, maps, stacks, queues, Heaps, Trees, BST, Graph algorithms like DFS, BFS, Dijkstra.


There are various free resources for practising online. You can also refer to the R.S. Agarwal Aptitude book if you are someone who likes to study from the books. The better way is to have a structured preparation strategy and planning for acing the Accenture Off-Campus Drive which can be found at Coding Ninjas courses. These courses are taught by industry experts and will help you gain a stronghold of the concepts asked in interviews.

For the coding section, you can always refer to Coding Ninjas courses which not only boost your preparation but also enhance your fundamental understanding of concepts that are asked in the interview.

The HR interviews are easier than other interviews and hence some polishing in communication skills can do wonders in the final round.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How to apply for Accenture Off Campus 2021?

Just follow the link to their application site and you can register for the drive after providing some information.

What is the Accenture Selection Process?

The Accenture selection process is divided into an online assessment round followed by technical interviews and concluding with an HR round.

Who can apply for Accenture Off Campus?

Anyone who qualifies the eligibility criteria can apply for the process.

How long is the Accenture hiring process?

Generally, it takes around a month for the complete process but can extend to two sometimes.

Is the Accenture interview tough?

The interview is moderate level and can be aced with proper preparation and strong fundamentals.

Which is better TCS or Accenture?

Both have their drawbacks and strength although I would recommend Accenture for better exposure, package, and work style management.

Key Takeaways

Accenture is one of the leading Fortune 500 companies around the world with revenue and profits better than most of the MNCs. It is also known for its diverse and engaging work culture. Joining Accenture would help you to boost your career growth and knowledge base.

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You will be around talented peers and colleagues with a lucrative bonus for hard work. Recently it has also announced that it has increased hiring candidates across various roles and hence this is an opportunity to give it your best shot.

Hope this article helps you get more information about the Accenture Off Campus Drive and help you ace through it.

By Aniruddha Guin