Preparation Guide for Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2021

Preparation Guide for Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2021
Preparation Guide for Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2021


The Elite National Talent Hunt hosted by Wipro is among the best opportunities for freshers to join one of the big IT companies as engineers. Wipro’s Elite National Talent Hunt serves as a gateway into Wipro’s offices and for gaining exposure in one of the biggest IT companies in India.

The Elite National Talent Hunt is a placement drive arranged by Wipro to allow freshers to join the well-known conglomerate as project engineers. This article will cover the eligibility information and other details surrounding the much-acclaimed Elite National Talent Hunt hosted by one of India’s most loved IT services companies while providing some neat tips and preparation advice regarding this much-awaited event.

A Small Introduction to Wipro

Wipro Limited or better known simply by everyone in India as just ‘Wipro’ is an MNC or a conglomerate founded and headquartered in India. The company specialises in the fields of IT, Business Process Outsourcing and Consulting. Wipro’s headquarters is located in Bangalore in Karnataka, India.

It has over 170,000 employees working with it globally across 42 countries. Wipro has a massive number of offices, each serving as a great place to work with state-of-the-art amenities and technology. The number of office locations operated by Wipro is 144 as of late 2020.

Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt Details

Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt is a great opportunity for freshers to gain exposure working in a Multinational Company with such a colourful history and prestigious list of clients or projects. Here are some details about the 2021 Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt that will come in handy when wondering if you wish to apply for the role of a Project Engineer at Wipro.

Syllabus: Job Role: Project Engineer
Qualification for the Project Engineer Role: B.E, B.Tech and integrated M.Tech graduates from 2021
Experience Required: Freshers
Job Field: Information Technology
Expected Salary: Rs. 3.5 lakh per annum
Location: Across India (Gurgaon, Chennai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata etc.)
How and Where to Apply: Online Application and Placement Drives


Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2021 has a few eligibility criteria that one must fulfil in order to qualify to apply for the positions available at Wipro. Here is a list of the qualifying requirements demanded by the conglomerate. 

  • B.Tech, B.E. and five years Integrated M.Tech with 65% marks or 65% of the Grade Point Average
  • Computer Science, Information Technology and Circuit graduates
  • 2021 graduates
  • 60% marks and above during 10th board examinations
  • 60% marks and above during 12th board examinations
  • No bad track records in academics
  • No study gap of more than three years and any gap should be justified with proper documentation. Study gaps are only allowed between secondary examinations and graduation
  • All supplementary examinations, backlogs and arrears must be cleared before applying
  • Applicant must be an Indian citizen or should possess OCI or PIO cards in case of being a foreign resident. Interested candidates from Nepal and Bhutan need to submit their citizenship certificates 

Resources to Prepare for Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt 2021

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Application Procedure

Here is the procedure for applying at the Elite National Talent Hunt: 

  • Visit Wipro’s website and search for Elite National Talent Hunt and find the option of registering yourself.
  • The applicants will get a confirmation and an acknowledgement message with their usernames and passwords.
  • Sit for the assessments.
  • Sit for the interviews.
  • If selected, Wipro will contact the prospect and inform the candidate about the recruitment results.

Exam Pattern

There are three assessments and two interviews a candidate must go through and qualify in order to be selected for Elite National Talent Hunt. This is the examination pattern which the ENLTH follows.

  • Online Assessments
  • Technical Interview
  • Human Resources Interview

The online assessments consist of three sections which must be completed within 128 minutes. Here are the three sections:

1. Aptitude Test: This involves Logical and Quantitative Ability while testing English Verbal skills.

  • Duration: 48 minutes

2. Written Communication Test: This involves an essay writing test that determines writing and business communication skills.

  • Duration: 20 minutes

3. Online Programming Test: This involves the candidates selecting any programming language out of C, C++, Python or Java and tests the candidates with two coding programs or problems.

  • Duration: 60 minutes

After clearing these three assessments, the candidates are allowed to sit for the next round of interviews. The prospect has to go through a technical interview followed by an interview from HR.

Preparation Guide

Here are some tips and tricks to crack the Elite National Talent Hunt with ease: 

  • Practise verbal abilities and basic grammar skills.
  • Practise essay writing. One must practise writing as there will be a time constraint and the candidate will be expected to write 200 – 400 words.
  • Revise synonyms, antonyms and other error-based or complete the sentence/paragraph based questions.
  • Practise arithmetic calculations and mathematical concepts as there will be only 60 minutes given for the quantitive aptitude test. Candidates should focus on practising Algebra, Geometry, various topics such as speed, time, distance, profit & loss and percentage. Candidates must focus on permutation and combination as they are heavily prioritised.
  • One must practise time management in order to finish all the questions in the assessments within the designated time frame.
  • Learn to dedicate only a decided amount of time to a particular question in order to work around the time restraints.
  • Practise sample papers and test kits.
  • Practising a programming language extensively, one can choose between coding languages such as Java, C++ or Python. It is advised to focus on object-oriented programming with C++ or C.
  • Data science concepts such as data structures and computing concepts should be clear and revised.
  • Practise answering MCQs in the least amount of time through answering sample MCQs.
  • Practise answering more than 90% of each section to remain consistent in each section as there are minimum marks required in each section.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt (NLTH)?

Wipro Elite National Hunt is a popular placement drive arranged by Wipro and a great opportunity for freshers to join Wipro as project engineers. All eligible freshers can apply for this and get a chance to be hired in Wipro.

How many freshers will Wipro hire in 2021?

The big 4 companies including Wipro alongside HCL, TCS and Infosys together are predicted to hire over 91,000 freshers during 2021. Wipro expects to hire about 20,000 freshers this year. Source 1. Source 2.

What is the pattern for Wipro Elite NLTH?

The pattern for Wipro’s Elite National Talent Hunt consists of 3 types of assessments and then 2 types of interviews following a positive result from the assessments.

Are Wipro Elite results out?

The results are out every few months onwards, the results of the latest one is out.

How to crack Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt?

Interested candidates should have a good foundation in mathematics and programming. Prospects should also practise logical and quantitative abilities. One must also go through practise interviews and sample questions in order to do well during the real assessments or interviews.

How to fill up the form for Wipro National Elite Talent Hunt 2021?

One must go to the official website, find the Elite National Talent Hunt registration and fill up the details as instructed to register for the Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt.

How to prepare for Wipro Elite National Talent Hunt?

Freshers should revise subjects from their respective fields and choose a programming language of their liking to improve their coding abilities. Candidates should also practise their soft skills and communication abilities.

How is Wipro’s work environment?

Wipro’s work environment is best-in-class with state-of-the-art facilities and amenities. The office environment is very supportive and candidates can expect a clean, organised and effective work environment.

Is Wipro a good company to work at?

Yes, Wipro is a great company to work at. Both current and ex-employees speak well about the Conglomerate. The company provides incredible opportunities to both freshers and tenured associates and executives.

Key Takeaways

Eligible candidates who graduated in 2021 should definitely consider joining Wipro through the Elite National Talent Hunt. It is a great opportunity for fresh graduates to join a respectable company like Wipro with decades of market existence and experience.

The value of Wipro will only go up and reach new heights; it is highly advisable for freshers to look into the Elite National Talent Hunt. This will lead to new career paths and bigger perspectives in the future for skilled individuals.

One should take care when preparing for this competitive event as many talented freshers will be applying and interested candidates must prepare well before the assessments in order to secure a place in this huge corporation.