Difference Between C & C++ Programming Languages

Difference Between C & C++ Programming Languages
Difference Between C & C++ Programming Languages

Introduction To C 

One of the oldest languages that gained popularity gradually but today, it has become one of the widely used languages. Yes, we’re talking about the mother of all languages, “C“.

It is a structured programming language that has a combined feature of low-level and high-level programming language. It supports primitive data types like int, float, signed, unsigned as well as data types like array, structure etc. It has a robust library that is rich in function. 

Introduction To C++ 

It is a programming language that is approximately used by 4.4 million developers and is a unique programming language as it can be used as a procedural language as well as an object-oriented language.

Initially, it was known as C with classes and was renamed afterwards. It supports all the primitive data types like int, float, double, char, bool and also non-primitive data types such as String, Arrays and Classes.

Difference between C & C++

C is a general-purpose, structured procedural oriented programming language developed by Dennis M. Ritchie at Bell Laboratories.Developed by Bjarne Stroustrup of Bell Laboratories. It Inherited the features of C along with object-oriented programming and other capabilities.
Programming MethodologyC follows procedural oriented programming methodology and a It follows object-oriented as well as procedural oriented programming.
Header fileThe standard header file used in C code is <stdio.h>The standard header file used in its code is “iostream”
ExtensionThe extension for C program file is .c The extension for C program file is .cpp
Keywords32 keywords are present in this Language53 keywords are present in this language
OOPsIt does not support polymorphism, encapsulation, abstraction and inheritance .It supports polymorphism, encapsulation, abstractions and inheritance
I/O scanf() and printf() functions are used in it for I/O operations.cin and cout  objects are used in it for I/O operations.
DMADynamic memory allocation (DMA) is handled through functions such as ‘malloc’,’ calloc’ and ‘free’.In C++, operators called ‘new’ and ‘delete’ are used for DMA.
SecurityIn C, data is not as secure because it does not support the concept of objects and encapsulation..It offers concepts of data binding and data hiding which in turn makes it more secure.
Function overloadingC do not support function overloading.It allows programmers to perform function overloading.
PointersIt supports pointers.It supports both pointers and references.
Exception HandlingC does not support exception handling directly.It supports exception handling and has keywords like try, catches and throws to perform it.

Applications of C language 

  • UNIX, a true multi-user, multitasking operation, is developed using this robust language. Later on, many software systems and parts of them are developed using it.  
  • One of the most popular photo editors, Adobe Photoshop, was created using the C language functionalities. 
  • As we know, it is the superset of the language C++. Languages like Python, Ruby, and PHP have their primary implementations written in C.

Applications of C++

  • If we talk about famous operating systems like Microsoft Windows, Linux or Mac OSX, all of them are developed using it.
  • Several Machine learning libraries like TensorFlow use this language for developing a large number of parts because of its speed.
  • The first choice of game developers is C++because of Its speed and its ability to place things where they need to be in the memory.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is C++ being better than C?

As C++ is the subset of the C language, it develops high-level programming code with ease and efficiency. The code written in C++ is more structured as it binds the data into classes and objects. No need to be afraid of C++ because of its complexity. As it has more features and with more features comes complexity.
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What is the difference between C and C++ syntax?

C is the procedural oriented programming language so it uses a structured way of writing programmes whereas C++ also uses the base syntax of C with extended concepts of object-oriented programming.

E.g., Programmes:
int main() {
printf(“Hello, World!”);
return 0;

int main() {
std::cout << “Hello World!”;
return 0;

Is C++ more powerful than C?

If I compare them on the basis of speed then C++ is more powerful but when one has to develop systems software, embedded software C stands first. For better security choose C++ and like that the list goes on.

Which is easier C or C++?

Honestly, it depends on the understanding of the language a programmer has. Both languages have their pros and cons. If you like the traditional way of writing the code then choose C however if you like to have more features on the plate with the base syntax of C then go for C++.

Why are C and C + + still used?

In the era of high-level languages why choose 40-45 years old languages?? Because Old is gold and so C and C++ is .Modern Languages teach you how to reduce the number of lines in your code by providing in-built functions, however, C/C++ develops your logic and builds up your brain to solve more complex problems. The more you think, the sharper your programming skills get.

Should I learn C or C++ first?

Being the mother of all languages, one should first learn C as it sets the base of the programming and also helps the coder to build logics and train them to think like a programmer which is needed to learn C++ as it has more features and concepts.

Key Takeaways

At last, just don’t read about the difference between C and C++, understand both of them, get hands-on practice, do code and then decide which one you want to stick to according to your understanding and need. 

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By Aakriti Jain