All about GCP Certifications: Google Cloud Platform

All about GCP Certifications: Google Cloud Platform
All about GCP Certifications: Google Cloud Platform


With the tremendous increase in computational data, this era is now turned Cloud Based. The three top cloud service providers of 2K21 are Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Google Cloud Platform (GCP) has gone a long way from just being a niche player to a tough competitor to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure

In the year 2020, the research firm Gartner ranked Google for the third consecutive time in the Leaders quadrant in its Magic Quadrant for Cloud Infrastructure and Platform Services. While publishing the research report, Gartner recommended CGP for its several domains including analytics, machine learning, and cloud-native applications. GCP has observed rapid growth and has earned some tech-savvy clients, including SnapChat, Spotify, Best Buy, Coca-Cola, and so on.

The Google Cloud Platform includes a number of tutorials, a virtual set up lab that comes with a large number of hands-on assessments and quizzes for giving a proper laboratory environment to learners. When you feel that your knowledge has been saturated and now you can hold on to your practice, and write the GCP certification exam.

What is the GCP Certification?

GCP Professional Certifications are Google Cloud Platform role-based certifications and are used for proving your advanced design and implementation skills. This certification program intends to analyze your practical, hands-on knowledge related to your Cloud-based role. 

At present, Google offers eight professional certifications for Cloud enthusiasts:

  • Google Associate Cloud Engineer 
  • Google Cloud Architect – Professional Certification 
  • Google Data Engineer Exam – Professional Certification
  • Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer 
  • Google Professional Cloud Developer 
  • Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer
  • Google Professional Cloud DevOps Engineer

Important attributes of GCP certifications

The GC Associate and Professional certification have a set of common basic attributes:

  • Each certification requires that you pass a single computer-based exam
  • There are no prerequisites, either in terms of industry experience or required attendance of a training course
  • The registration fee is approximately $125−$200 per attempt
  • You are allowed to take the exams from your home or office via Webassessor
  • The exam consists only of multiple-choice questions (no output-based labs)
  • The usual exam duration is 120 minutes.
  • The certifications are valid for two years. Read the FAQ to know more about Google’s recertification terms and conditions.

Why is the GCP Certification Important?

As a software enthusiast, you must keep on adding more to your skillset by learning new concepts. Knowing the concepts is not adequate for getting a job or internship, you must have a certain degree of hands-on knowledge, you can check your ability by appearing for the GCP Certification exam and analyzing your score.

Importance of the GCP Certification Exam

  • It helps you attain adequate knowledge about cloud concepts that is above a threshold laid by GCP experts.
  • It depicts your cloud designing and programming skills so that you can earn internships and job opportunities.
  • Even if you are a developer, these skills can add to your knowledge and you can go for a level four GCP certification to demonstrate your development skills.
  • Nowadays, the demand for cloud architects and engineers is increasing tremendously, if you clear any of the GCP certifications, you will build a promising career for yourself.

How to Get a GCP Certification?

Google Cloud Platform certification is a quick proof that ensures the technical firms that the candidate applying for a cloud-specific job role possesses all the relevant skills and is highly able in the required field. 

Follow  the below-mentioned steps for acquiring a Google Cloud Platform certification :

  • Step 1: Acquiring hands-on knowledge about the various cloud computing processes and Google Cloud Platform basics.
  • Step 2: Build skills for designing cloud architect using Google Cloud Platform.
  • Step 3: Clear the Cloud Engineer Examination for Certification.
  • Step 4: Learn the application of  Google Cloud Platform for designing and computational objectives.
  • Step 5: Clearing the Cloud Architect Examination and acquiring the certificate.

What are the different types of GCP Certifications?

1. Level 1: Associate Google Cloud Certified

The Associate Google Cloud Certification is an Engineer level certification that can be taken by students and professionals who possess a minimum or no knowledge about Cloud Computing. This certification program offers an opportunity to improve the understanding and skills required for managing Google based Cloud Computing process.

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This certification is the base level certification, so post this, one can go for any other professional certification. This certification analyses whether the examinee possesses the necessary skills for handling the command-line interface and is able to deploy, monitor, control, manage solutions and cloud-based services.

Cost of Examination: US $ 125
Time Period: 6 months

2. Level 2: Professional Google Cloud Certified

The second level of GCP is attaining the Professional Cloud Certification that assists in building and analysing the advanced cloud architectural design. 


  • This certification programme can be taken after an industry experience of three years or more.
  • This certification programme requires at least one year of experience in designing and managing solutions using the Google Cloud Platform.

Currently, there are six professional GCP certifications:

  • Professional Cloud Architect 
  • Professional Data Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Developer
  • Professional Cloud Network Engineer
  • Professional Cloud Security Engineer
  • Professional Collaboration Engineer

Cost of Examination: US $ 200
Time Period: Varies between 2 to 3 Years

3. Level 3: G Suite Google Cloud Certified

The G Suite Google Cloud Certification is designed to evaluate the potential of the learners in dealing with core tools and services of Google in the cloud computing process. The necessary prerequisite of this certification programme is to possess the skills to collaborate with team members with the help of cloud-based tools, provided by Google, such as G-Mail, Google Docs, Google Sheets, and other online platforms for making uninterrupted communication.

Cost of Examination: US $ 200
Time Period: Varies between 2 to 3 Years

4. Level 4: Additional Certification, Google Cloud Certified. (Apigee, Associate Android Developer, Mobile Web Specialist)

The Additional Google Cloud certificates are domain-specific programmes that enhance the learner’s proficiency in specialised problem-solving and managing cloud computing-based services. 

These include the several certificates:

  1. Apigee certification: This certification programme is designed to enhance the knowledge and proficiency of the learners in using the various Google tools, processes, and practices for computational objectives.
  1. Google Associate Android Developer: This certification programme is designed for the already upgraded G Suite professionals, so that they acquire more knowledge and programming skills for controlling Android devices.
  1. Google Mobile Web Specialist: This certification programme is specifically designed for web developers so that they learn to deploy responsive and flexible web applications that work coherently with the cloud computing process.

Cost of Examination: US $ 200
Time Period: Varies between 2 to 3 Years

The Best Approach to Crack GCP Certification

For cracking any GCP certificate, you must be very clear with your approach. A promising include the following points:

  • Have a clear command of the cloud computing fundamental concepts.
  • You must attain adequate knowledge and skills in cloud concepts using real-life applications.
  • You must be prepared so that you can develop an architecture for GCP for effective utilization of resources and providing accurate results.
  • The application of concepts is more important than knowing the concept.
  • Solve numerous questions and attend timed tests to check your ability.
  • Carefully read the terms and conditions of roles and policies.
  • Do not give up after your first attempt, many a time there is just a narrow bridge and you can easily clear the exam.
  • Stay updated with the latest technological upgrades in your domain and know-how.
  • An important point to be noted that the certification for GCP is valid only for two years only. Hence, you will have to reapply after these two years with additional knowledge and updates issued in this time period.

Recommendations for Attaining GCP Certification

We highly recommend learners select one of the best online platforms for gaining GCP certification. Some entrepreneurs such as Intellipaat, Google, and more have ranked as the most popular picks of the year 2021 by the students as these provide an interactive experience required for qualifying GCP Certification exams.

You should carefully evaluate the prices, course period, mentors, remarks and reviews of the ex-learners prior to making your choice so that you can pick the one that meets your requirements and expectations to the maximum extent.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is GCP certification?

GCP Professional Certifications are Google Cloud Platform role-based certification and are used for proving your advanced design and implementation skills. This certification program intends to analyse your practical, hands-on knowledge related to your Cloud-based role. The popular and acknowledged Google Cloud Associate and Professional Certifications are Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer and Google Cloud Professional Cloud Architect, Professional Data Engineer, and Professional Cloud Developer.

Which GCP certification is best?

Out of the eight GCP certifications available, the top five are:
1. Cloud Architect – Professional Certification Preparation for Google
2. Google Data Engineer Exam – Professional Certification Preparation
3. Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer Exam Preparation
4. Google Professional Cloud Security Engineer Exam Preparation
5. Google Professional Machine Learning Engineer

How difficult is GCP certification?

The difficulty level Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect Exam lies somewhere between the AWS SA Associate and AWS SA Pro Certs. It is not very restricted as the AWS SA Pro is strictly timed, but the questions are equally difficult. It is definitely possible to clear the GCPCA Certification without developer level knowledge, but you do require a broad knowledge of IT concepts such as Networking, OS and Linux Kernel. You need a command on CI/CD Processes and YAML template files.

Is GCP certification free?

No, the GCP certification is not free. Although, Google is offering 300 credits to access the Qwiklabs.
The cost of popular Google Cloud Professional Certifications are:
Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Architect – $200 USD.
Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Security Engineer – $200 USD.
Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Developer – $200 USD.
Google Cloud Certified, Professional Cloud Network Engineer – $200 USD.

How do I pass GCP certification?

Always keep in mind, displace data first, then applications. Google Qwiklabs provides a lab environment and lab exercises for enthusiasts to prepare for the GCP exam. Nowadays, Google is giving 300 Qwiklabs credit for free. Even though there are no questions from the labs directly, hands-on practice will help you in eliminating errors and assist you in applying actual GCP concepts in hands-on projects, both personal and client-based. In the long-run, this will help you in passing the GCP certification.

How long does it take to get GCP certified?

It merely takes 10 Days to Become a Google Cloud Certified Professional Data Engineer. The time period depends on the developers pace and learning ability. If you are dedicated to the GCP certification, you can earn around three certificates within a month.

In case I fail, when can I reappear for the GCP certification exam?

If you don’t pass in your first attempt, you’re allowed to take the exam again after 14 days. If you fail on the second attempt, then you have to wait 60 days before the next attempt.

Key Takeaways

Google is the ultimate goal for every software developer. Google Cloud Professional Certification provides you with an opportunity to work with Google and understand the working paradigm of Cloud sources. The time invested by the developer and their efforts is duly acknowledged by giving the credits and an acknowledgement certificate for it. It is a very remarkable achievement for any developer who has cleared the GCP certification as it is accredited by Google and is acknowledged worldwide.

The students get a professional working organisation along with well-written tutorials that teach them every minute detail of Cloud programming. Post this, students have earned hands-on experience in Cloud design and development. In future, there is a very high probability of students with GCP certification getting shortlisted by top-notch companies for internships and job opportunities.

By Vanshika Singolia