CodeStudio: A Coding Platform To Prepare & Practice

CodeStudio: A coding platform to prepare & practice
CodeStudio: A coding platform to prepare & practice

CodeStudio is a platform where you can read about interview experiences of top product-based companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, and more.

Every young programmer goes through a dilemma of the resources being scattered online. Now imagine this, you find a platform where you can practice questions and not just any questions, carefully curated questions that companies ask during their interviews.

It is a platform where you can regularly track your progress, a platform that sorts the questions based on topics to check your readiness, a platform where you get a filtered set of videos, articles, and events to aid in your journey to get closer to your job – sounds like a dream come true?

CodeStudio is a platform created by Coding Ninjas especially keeping in mind the young programmers and the challenges they face while preparing for their interviews. With a humongous teaching and industrial experience, the team at Coding Ninjas came up with CodeStudio as a solution for budding developers and help save their time and energy in looking up online for different aspects for an interview by providing everything on one platform. 

Progress Tracker

CodeStudio has a dedicated progress tracker which checks how many problems you were able to solve and how many problems did you attempt. With currently having 1413 problems on the platform, the collection is being regularly updated to provide the students with the best set of questions. 

Interview Experiences In CodeStudio

CodeStudio has a vast collection of interview experiences for companies like Amazon, Samsung, Microsoft, Goldman Sachs, etc. Keep reading to get your jaw dropped by the thought process and the features of the interview experiences section.

You can filter interview experiences on the basis of – company, role, location, experience, company type, and interview location. Along with the details of the interviewee, you also can clearly see if they were selected and rejected based on which you can strategize by learning from their mistakes and noting down the good they did.

This feature is missing on other platforms while they mention it somewhere inside the article if they were selected or not but when the selection/rejection fact is clearly visible before you start reading the interview, you change your mindset.

For example, if you will be reading the interview of someone who got selected, you will be noting down what you have to do and when you will be reading the interview of someone who got rejected, you will be noting down what you do not have to do. 

Here is an example of an interview of Ms. Deepali Dadhich who interviewed for Internshala for the position of a developer associate. Notice that there are preparation tips and the topics she covered mainly.

There is a section for the application process and some tips by the interviewee for making your application stand out. After this, there is a detailed section of the entire interview process segregated into different rounds.

CodeStudio offers an extremely interesting feature. You can not only look at the interviewee’s approach to the asked question but also try the question on your own in their online editor. 

How cool is that!

Practice Interview Problems

When you are looking up past interview problems for a certain company on other platforms, you might find the question but do you find an online judge who tests your solutions based on test cases? No. Does it tell you how much time you should take on an average to solve the question? No. Does it provide you with an optimal solution? No.

CodeStudio does it all. 

The problems can be sorted on the basis of topics, company, difficulty, and your status with the problem (to-do/ attempted/ solved). 

Here is an example of a problem – Two Candles which was asked by Intuit during their interview. The average time to solve the question is 10 minutes, the success rate is 90% and the difficulty level is easy.

You can read the question and start solving it in the console after which you can check if your solution is correct or not. You can also read the editorial if you ever feel stuck and look at the solution. 

Major Product-Based Interview Problem List

CodeStudio has newly launched a new feature on their platform which is called the “top-problem list” which contains lists of top questions based on topics and companies. 

Here is an example of top Microsoft coding interview questions. Coming to why this is such a crucial tool is because students can target one company and practice rigorously for the same. 

Other Features Offered By CodeStudio

CodeStudio also offers a carefully curated list of popular videos by Coding Ninjas and recent articles on Coding Ninjas’ blog which will definitely assist you in cracking the interview you are tirelessly working for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does CodeStudio offer placements?

No, CodeStudio is a platform which provides you with the necessary aid to clear your placement interviews.

What are the features of CodeStudio?

CodeStudio offers three main features – previous interview experiences, practice previous interview problems and top questions asked based on company and based on topic. In addition to this, CodeStudio also offers a list of articles you should read and videos you should watch by Coding Ninjas.

How many problems are there in CodeStudio?

Currently there are over 1400 problems and the list is being updated regularly.

What is the difficulty level of questions in CodeStudio?

The difficulty level of questions in CodeStudio is variable. There are questions ranging from easy to difficult levels and hence gives the students a chance to test all kinds of waters.


If you truly want to land your dream job, you have to understand that it won’t come easy to you. You have to think and execute your actions very carefully so that your time is not invested in the wrong places.

CodeStudio is no less than a boon for you. It has been created keeping in mind the modern needs of a developer and would require you to just devote your time and energy here rather than surfing the internet and vaguely looking for things. 

It is a one stop solution for all your coding needs.

By Pooja Gera