Top 6 Web Development Languages To Use In 2021

Top 6 Web Development Languages To Use In 2021
Top 6 Web Development Languages To Use In 2021

Do you wonder how websites are created? Do you wonder how does your website interacts with you in exactly the way you want it to? It’s all a part of web development languages featuring backend and frontend segments.

Then pat yourself because you have the right mindset when it comes to web development. Often when we are indulging in a new adventure, we wonder where should we begin. Imagine you are going to explore the vast forests of Amazon; would you prefer just randomly choosing a spot to begin from or would you prefer a roadmap that will take you through the best places in Amazon and make you witness the prettiest birds and the most majestic animals.

You definitely will choose a roadmap, won’t you?

Similarly, in the world of programming, developers after choosing their field of interest have a problem in picking where to begin. Web developers in specific are overwhelmed by different existing programming languages where one is better than the other in some or the other way.

If you are thinking to learn them all, stop right there.

This blog takes you through the journey of six beautiful web development languages which are used to create websites far and near. Different use cases and levels of difficulty are discussed with which you will easily be able to assess which one is perfect for you. In addition to this, this blog also offers you different resources and books for you to kickstart your quest to conquer the language and be crowned as a king or a queen of development.

Programming Language #1: Javascript

If web development was a kingdom, the developer would be the king and JavaScript would be the chief advisor to the king. When a person calls himself a web developer, it is only fair to assume that the person is well versed with the intricacies of JavaScript.

JavaScript can be used as a frontend as well as a backend language. All modern browsers are best friends with JavaScript, which means they offer support and are compatible with the latest versions of JavaScript.

HTML gives the skeleton; CSS designs and JavaScript gives brain and functionalities to the web application. There is a huge boom in the number of developers who have adopted JavaScript since the previous decade because of the large number of frameworks and libraries being built on this strong language.

JavaScript is indeed a MUST.

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To begin with JavaScript, you can refer to blogs and articles available online and if you wish to go with books, Eloquent JavaScript is a premier one. If you are someone who works better in a mentor-led environment, then I would highly recommend you take a course from Coding Ninjas and kickstart your journey as an amazing web developer.

Programming Language #2: Python

Python is a versatile high-level language with the easiest syntax and readability. Beginners can learn Python quickly and most efficiently. Python seems more like a fun game instead of having to learn a heavy programming language.

Python can be used as a language for backend web development. Django is a popular framework written in Python which has been used to write the backend code of many popular web applications such as Spotify. Django has been gaining popularity recently because it is feature rich and Python developers can now also try their hands-on backend web development.

In addition to this, Python has applications in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data science which gives the developers a chance to inculcate new technologies in their web applications such as chatbots, heat maps, real-time data visualizations, OpenCV, and much more.

To learn Python, the best way is to visit the official documentation website which is a bible for all libraries and functions and syntax associated with Python. If you prefer a mentor-led course, you can always check out courses by Coding Ninjas.

Programming Language #3: Go

Surprisingly, there has been a switch in the developers’ tradition from using the widely accepted tech-stack to using Go as the primary language. While you must have noticed that Go is used in place of C++ and Java it is also taking over as the language for the web.

Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Now the reason why this is happening is because Go has a huge and strong standard library just sitting there for web developers to use. This is a huge step to do away with the open-source packages that are available for node which do not have a quality check on them and may even contain malware.

Go is used for server-side development which can be considered as a drawback by some but hey, a coin has two sides and while Go can beautifully manage the backend development, it is okay if it does not offer front end functionalities (yet).

To learn Go you can follow a similar approach like you will follow with other programming languages – watch tutorials, practice a little and apply it in your projects. 

Programming Language #4: Ruby

Ruby is an amazing language to be used in web development. It offers ruby on rails which is essentially having a MVC structure. While Ruby might sound a little outdated but the websites which have been using Ruby as their primary codebase, they will not be shifting into some other language any soon and hence Ruby developers will stay in demand.

Moreover, development is about solving problems and ensuring everything stays up-to-date and has the highest levels of perfection. Maybe you as a ruby developer can bring a revolution and improvise the language.

Anything can happen.

To learn Ruby, The Odin Project or Solo Learn are amazing sources indeed.

Programming Language #5: Typescript

Typescript or typed language for JavaScript is a programming language developed by Microsoft as an extension of traditional JavaScript. Developers who code in JavaScript can easily make a switch to typescript which allows them to work with frameworks such as AngularJS which is essentially written in JavaScript.

While JavaScript is good for large and complex applications, typescript is more enhanced and even better in some cases. Typescript has a feature that lets you add existing JavaScript files to your working file much like as in C++ you include header files to make it easier for the developer and reduces the need of rewriting the code on a regular basis.

The best way to learn typescript is to refer to its official documentation which also answers the question of how can programmers make a shift from JavaScript to typescript.

Programming Language #Six: Java

Java which is primarily considered to be a programming language for Android applications is also used in web application development. While we may assume web development is about making the website look pretty and collect the user data, a lot of things going on in the backend which you as a beginner developer might not comprehend yet.

There are complex applications that require the use of data structures and algorithms. These applications are dynamic in nature. J2SE is the edition of Java that is used to develop web applications for the desktop environment.

To learn Java for the web, you can start with learning the basics of Java from a mentor-led course such as that of Coding Ninjas and continue with exploration about its applications in web technologies on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are used for Web development?

JavaScript, Elm, TypeScript, Python, Go, Ruby Scala, Java are some of the languages which are used for web development.

Which language is best for web development?

JavaScript is indeed the best language for web development. It is highly scalable, diverse and can be used for both frontend and backend web development.

What are the three core languages used in web development?

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are the three core languages used for Web Development.

Is HTML a coding language?

HTML is used to define the structure of the webpage and not worry about what functionality the website has to offer. This is why HTML is not a programming language.

Is Python high-level language?

Yes, Python is a high-level language.

Is PHP a coding language?

Yes, PHP is a functional programming language.

Happy Learning!

By Pooja Gera