Collaboration With Legendary Competitive Programmer “William Lin”

Coding Ninjas collaborates with legendary Competitive Programmer William Lin
Coding Ninjas collaborates with legendary Competitive Programmer William Lin

World-renowned leading Competitive programmer, William Lin shares his journey of competitive programming with Ankush Singla, Co-Founder & Instructor at Coding Ninjas.

In case you are wondering who this genius is then let us apprise you that he is an 18-year-old, international grandmaster on Codeforces.

He stands at 89th position worldwide on CodeForces and holds a Global rank of 8 on CodeChef along with a Silver medalist in IOI 2019.

While interacting with our Co-Founder, Ankush Singla, Lin has answered some of the key questions that can be a great way for young coders and the ones honing their skills to learn from, which includes the following:

  • The journey of getting started with Competitive Programming
  • Efforts and hard work a student needs to put in to do well in competitive programming
  • Competitive programming vs web development
  • Google Vs Startup Vs PhD
  • Why did he join the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)?
  • Preparation of application for MIT

This young prodigy is a legendary sensation in the Competitive Coding industry and can be a great source to acquire information to practice new techniques and references in competitive programming.

To access more about William Lin, you can visit his official YouTube channel, and to enroll in our Competitive Programming course, you can visit the website.


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