Best JavaScript Editor: Options For You To Choose From

Best JavaScript Editor: Options for you to choose from
Best JavaScript Editor: Options for you to choose from

There are several reasons to choose online JavaScript editors as having a proper editor can be a lifesaver to a developer in their coding journey.


JavaScript text editor is a program that you can use to write your JavaScript file, so anytime when you are working with JavaScript you can either write JavaScript inside of an HTML file where you can use these special script tags and you can write JavaScript.

You can also create your separate JavaScript files and write the JavaScript in there.

However, any text editor that would be used for things like HTML or CSS can also be used for JavaScript. So, if you are someone who has done HTML of CSS in the past and you already have a text editor that you would like to use then you can actually go ahead and use that for JavaScript as well.

If you are new to web development and you are just kind of looking to learn JavaScript, you will learn more in this article about the different options for editors that you can use.

Stay till the end to find yourself a suitable text editor for your web development.

Visual Studio

The first pick is Visual studio as the research conducted by the state of JS indicates that visual studio is the most widely used text editor and powerful ide that is very resource-intensive, and mainly used for series software development C, C++, .Net, and C#.

Features Of Visual Studio

It has exceptional features like concurrent editing, organising and scaffolding.

  • .Live unit

As a developer, it’s very useful to know if your unit tests are passing or failing. Doing live unit testing gives you the result.

  • .Built-in developer analytic tools

This builds on top of code limbs. However, this hooks it into a pin flag so you get live data from your production site. So, this includes how this piece of code is performing in terms of is it running slow or fast.


An atom is built by GitHub. It is simplistic yet mighty, free open-source, and has the best GitHub integration. Atom has easy editing and project browsing in one single window. Atom is said to be good at its intended purpose, running complicated projects that can utilize all its features.

However, Atom has its own downside too,  as it is resource-hungry and can be slow even on powerful machines.

Features Of Atom

  • Git-Aware

Atom is git-aware which means when a new file it’s coloured green in the sidebar when the file has been edited it’s orange. Right at the bottom, you get a quick report of what git branch you are on and how many new or deleted lines.

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  • Webstorm

Webstorm is one of the best held up and improved offerings on the market at the moment. It has functional integration with GitHub. It is a JavaScript and TightScript IDE at heart. It has many great features for instance on-go-editing, refactoring, excellent navigation and code completion.

  • Komodo Edit

Komodo edit is a simplified open-source version of the paid Komodo ide, it lacks some of the features of its paid version.

However, it still retains multiple selections features comando navigation, Pastebin, Project manager, and multilingual syntax highlighting. Overall a bit light on the features, nonetheless it’s an excessive tool kit from multilingual development.

However, its simplicity and ease of use come free of charge making it very appealing. It is a good option to start learning its bigger brother or for casual code.

  • Sublime Text

Sublime is a free, powerful, and economically convenient multilingual text editor. It’s multi-cursor, and multi-select features are loved by many programmers as it allows for editing code in multiple places at once. But then it is considered to be hard to get by others, it’s a matter of perspective in general.

It is also relatively light and fast where it is lacking is in work environment features. A verdict is a great tool for freelancers of a smaller work environment which makes it a little less appealing to bigger companies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do we need a JavaScript editor?

Online JavaScript editors provide variation in colours to identify indentation, syntax, and brace matching features. This external highlighting makes the code look easier for debugging.

What is flow in JavaScript?

JavaScript flow is a feature to check the errors while developing a code. It is a static type error checker to improve the quality of code used by developers.

Is notepad++ good for JavaScript?

Notepad++ is an online open code editor used in many programming languages. JavaScript also uses notepad++ for syntax highlighting and related features. To compile a single file, notepad++ works fine but complicated codes need an IDE.

What is the best free JavaScript editor?

To find the best one, check for the performance, debugging, flexibility and support. Every JavaScript editor will overtake the other one with its own pros. Deciding the best is based on your requirements.

What editor should I use for JavaScript?

Comparing the pros and cons of all JavaScript editors, the editor you need to use is based on your needs. Visual studio code and Sublime text are the two top listed JavaScript editors.

Is Visual studio good for JavaScript?

The visual studio holds a few advantages that include task management, memory consumption is less but it has abysmal control on the source. Generally, Visual studio tops the list of editors when it comes to JavaScript.

Can you write JavaScript in brackets?

Brackets are one of the best JavaScript editors. Brackets are developed by Adobe and it is supported by various Operating systems. Brackets have a live preview feature which is the main asset.


Listing out the pros and cons in JavaScript Editors separately is easy. The deal comes when you need to choose the best one. Text editor’s selection is entirely based on your requirements. It depends on person to person as theirs needs to vary.

If you are a fan of pizzas, you would definitely go for a pizza over a burger and vice versa. So choosing Visual Studio code over brackets or atom over eclipse is totally your choice. Learn about all the editors and go for the one right now!