Navneet Anand Secures Internship Opportunity With Amazon

Navneet Anand secures internship opportunity with Amazon
Navneet Anand secures internship opportunity with Amazon

He has recently secured an internship opportunity with Amazon. Anand is a Computer Science student at VIT Chennai (Batch 2017-21) & pursuing Data Structures & Algorithms with Java course at Coding Ninjas.

Let’s take a look at how Anand got into programming and landed a job at Amazon.

How did you get interested in programming and development?

Computers have always fascinated me, ever since I was a child. I wanted to be a computer engineer, even though at that time, I didn’t know what exactly it meant. I just loved spending time on the computer.

When I got into college, I wanted to be a good programmer and contribute to the computer society. Therefore, I spent time learning the technologies used in the industry alongside regular college subjects. Today when I look back at all the hard work and the time that I had spent learning new things, it feels good.

Today I can proudly say that I am a developer as I understand the machine I used to stare at or used to get amazed with, as a child. I can make software that others can use. This was one of my dreams that is finally fulfilled!

How was your experience studying at Coding Ninjas?

I joined Coding Ninjas as a Campus Ambassador. On the personal front, I used to code in Java for which industry guidance had a huge dearth. Therefore, I also purchased the Data Structures & Algorithms with Java course for myself too. The way the course is structured here is unique and simple, yet insightful. It has helped me understand everything steps by step and in a holistic fashion. And the cherry on top was to get it at a discounted price due to my referral points. 

Tell us about your interview procedure at Amazon. CTC- 24 LPA (after joining full time)

Amazon procedure had four rounds:

  • Round 1 was a coding cum technical round with 7 sections.
  • Round 2 was held via video conference, in which I had to code on a live coding platform.

The first question was, given a random string, check whether a palindrome can be created from it or not. The second question was to write all the test cases for Amazon Pay.

Then I was asked to explain the logic behind my previous solutions. After that there was discussion about my internship projects.

Round 3 was also via video conferencing. In this, I had to write a function that will take input to say, ‘X’ from the user and create ‘X’ number of folders, all with a pre-encrypted HTML file. Then, I was asked some questions related to testing.

Round 4 featured general questions from my CV and about my personal interests. Soon after being shortlisted, I was offered to intern with Amazon with a stipend of Rs. 20,000 per month and a package of 24LPA (after I successfully finish the internship with them).  Today, when I have got a lucrative internship and placement offer, all I can suggest is that at the end of the day, it’s all about logic. All the leading tech companies focus more on approach than syntax.

Any other internships/projects you would like to talk about?

I did one internship with Marvel Magnum. The project was to create an admin portal for user data collection from where we could send bulk mails and add functionality for the admin to reset the database. Another internship was with Muniwar Technologies, where we had to build a chatbot using Natural Language Processing (NLP).

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By Vidhi Aggarwal