Top 10 Web Development Projects & their execution

Top 10 Web Development Projects & their execution
Top 10 Web Development Projects & their execution

Web Development is a skill you cannot learn by just studying the syntax. The real way to learn it is to implement it. No matter how small your project is, you learn something or other every time you put your skills to work.

Keep in mind, you will never be completely ready to start building projects. If you feel that you need to go through the complete playlist of all web technologies to create something on your own, you’re wrong. Tutorials give you the needed kickstart, but to call yourself a successful web developer you need to overcome the fear of ‘going wrong’ and the dependency on someone else for your development.

Given below are 10 web development project ideas which are segregated based on their difficulty level. However, you can add additional functionalities to your project if you wish to give yourself a challenge. Read the prerequisites carefully, if you know all of them, great! If not, try to read and go through the basics of the technology and start implementing the idea piece by piece and look for help online along the way in case you get stuck anywhere.

Easy Level Web Development Project ideas

1.Personal Portfolio

If you are presenting yourself as a developer or a designer and you do not have a technical portfolio of your own, can you really show your credibility? This project is a must-have for every aspiring web developer. It is a display of your creativity, knowledge and expertise.

In a personal portfolio, it is advised to add the following things – about you, your work samples, your past experiences, a link to download your resume and your social media handles. Often people overdo their portfolio and convert it into their personal website which does away with the actual purpose of a portfolio. Keep in mind that you do not make this mistake.

The prerequisites for this project are highly variable. A developer having the knowledge of basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript and a developer having highly advanced web development skills can also build this project. Let me reveal a secret, no one starts building their portfolio once they learn everything. People improvise. And that is what you should do as well. Start out easy, then keep on improvising and updating it as you learn new things.

2. Survey Form

A survey form is a service that enables companies to get feedback on their existing products. Not only companies but students can also use survey forms to conduct research, get ideas by collecting the problems faced by people and build technological solutions for it, collect information of participants while organising events etc.

Building a survey form will enable you to learn about different validation techniques that you can use to ensure the input given by the users is in accordance with what you require. For example, the contact number field should be a ten-digit number, the email field should have valid syntax and domain etc. In addition to this, you will also learn how to send form data to a server and handle it.

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To create the visual aspect and form validation, you need to be aware of HTML, CSS and JavaScript. To handle the form, you can use Flask (­Python), Express (Node.js), Laravel (PHP) or Ruby on Rails (Ruby). A survey form can be of two types, one wherein all questions are displayed at once and another where one or some questions are displayed at once. Play around with both the types to get a better grip over creating forms.

3. Landing Page

A landing page is the result of a user’s action on a company’s/product’s/brand’s advertisement and/or SEO results. It is the beautiful wrapper on the gift of your product. Landing pages are purposely made attractive to keep the user interested in exploring more about your services. Building a landing page will not only add to your web development skills but also aid in enhancing your web design instinct. To read more about how to correctly design a landing page, check this blog out here.

To build a landing page you can start with basic HTML, CSS and JavaScript. Add clean animations using JavaScript and utilise CSS Flexbox and Grid properties to beautify your page. Get inspired from others’ work, a landing page is the best way to showcase your creativity and prove that you stay up-to-date with the latest trends and are ever ready to take up new challenges.  

Medium Level Web Development Project ideas

1. Blog Page

A blog is a medium to display your technical knowledge or knowledge in any field you are good at. It enables you to share your insights and thoughts on pieces of technology, provide tutorials to beginners and enhance your technical writing skills. A blog can either be static or dynamic. To update a static blog, you need to make changes in the code itself for it to reflect on your webpage. However, a dynamic blog provides you with an option to update the website without altering the code.

To create a dynamic blog, you need to be well versed with HTML, CSS, PHP and JavaScript. The dynamism to your blog will be added with the help of PHP. Make sure your blog has a minimalistic look. Additionally, you can add a dark-light mode toggle switch so that the users can read/post as per their convenience and theme patterns. A self-made blog page can serve as the window to your mind filled with technical knowledge. You can add a link to your blog page in your portfolio as well which can give you an extra edge over other web developers.

2. Banking Game

A banking game is a fun and engaging way to get a stronghold over the concepts of JavaScript. It will essentially be a real-life simulation of the transactions that occur in a bank – deposit, withdrawal, balance checking, taking loans, viewing your account details. You can also add in a login/signup feature on your page to ensure that a person can only access his/her account.

To create this game, you need to use HTML, CSS, JavaScript for creating how the webpage will be presented to the users and PHP for creating the database. You can also use Node.js and MongoDB for creating the login/signup functionality. If you do not wish to create a webpage and still want to strengthen your JS concepts, you can build a discord bot which can be added to a server and acts as a virtual currency distributor. To create a discord bot, you need to use discord.js which is a module of node.js that can interact with the Discord API.

3. Slot Machine Game

A slot machine game is a game of chance wherein upon clicking a button, random objects will be shown in three slots. A user wins when he/she gets the same object in all three slots. It is a fun game and will test your concepts of CSS and JavaScript. You can be as creative as you want and can use fruits, vegetables, cartoon characters, names of your favorite show etc. as the objects for your slot machine. This will also test your abilities to make a game responsive so that users having any device can enjoy it to the fullest.

You need to be well versed with HTML, CSS and JavaScript to build this game. For designing the game, you can either use pure CSS or Bootstrap.

Advanced Level Web Development Project ideas

1. Pinterest Clone

Pinterest is a website which allows users to share images for almost every topic – travel, books, productivity, finance, design, development etc. The users can also save the images they like the most on their personal “boards”. Based on a user’s preferences, Pinterest displays images.

To build this clone, you should use ReactJS, GraphQL and NodeJS. Add your own elements to make it look more personalised and user friendly. If you are interested in and know the basics of machine learning, try to incorporate a system which can recommend new posts on the basis of interaction of a user with certain posts and their topic preferences.

2. Shopping Website

A shopping website is a project that will test all the concepts you know about web development. Pick a product of your choice, say sneakers. Create a landing page, categories for men, women and kids, different pages for different products, ability to purchase, add to cart and add to wish list, a login/register page and recommendation of new products on the basis of purchase history of the user and the items in the wish list.

To build this website, you need to use ReactJS and NodeJS. Similar technique can be applied for building any e-commerce project hence the amount of ideas for this project is endless.

3. Twitter Clone

Twitter is a social media platform which allows users to share their view points in a few words. Twitter offers various functionalities such as tweeting, reacting to others’ tweets, reposting others’ tweets, sending and receiving messages and explore on the basis of trending topics and user preferences.

To build a twitter clone, you can use ReactJS. Try to build it as close as possible to the original website and make it dynamic.

4. Real Time Chat Application

One of the most fascinating aspects of technology is that you can connect to anybody anywhere. A real time chat application will be the most fun project you ever worked on. It could easily become a personal platform for only you and your friends to connect or it can also be a tool that you can incorporate in your other projects as a support service.

A real-time chat application can be built with, Node.js and ReactJS. You can also add auto-responses to some messages, add reactions to messages and introduce an emoji keyboard and sticker support. This application will also test your designing skills as designing a chat window can be pretty interesting when you play around with colours, sizes and shape variations.

A very crucial suggestion which I would like to share is, whenever you are building a project, make sure you are deploying it and it is life. Deployment of your project ensures that everyone and anyone can use your project and see it without having any technical knowledge to run your code and crack technical interviews. There are numerous services which can host your website for free, two of them which are extremely easy to use are – GitHub Pages and Netlify.

Looks like your dose of project ideas has been fulfilled, why not check out the Web Development course page by Coding Ninjas?

By Pooja Gera