Chilika Lake App for the Government of Odisha

Chilika Lake App for the Government of Odisha
Chilika Lake App for the Government of Odisha

Niranjan Patra is a student of Gandhi Institute For Technology, Bhubaneshwar. In this article, he talks about his latest Chilika Lake App and its features.

He had taken the course of Full-Stack Web Development using Node.js from Coding Ninjas during September 2019 and is also serving as a Campus Ninja since April 2019. Currently, he is refining his skills and working with TATA Consultancy Services.

Patra has worked on a prestigious project for the Chilika Development Authority affiliated to the Government Of Odisha. The article walks you through a detailed process of building this application, its features and more. The Application has been designed and tested by the engineers and will be inaugurated soon by the Honorable Chief Minister of Odisha.

Why did you choose this project topic and what was your inspiration behind it?

I started my Development Career since I was in the first year of Engineering, I only knew PHP, code igniter etc at that point of time. But after I completed my Full-Stack Development journey with Coding Ninjas, I was excited to learn more so I decided to try out my skills on a project.

During the last few days of my third year in college, I was offered to be a part of this project from The Chilika Development Authority of Odisha. They needed an Application for Chilika and for the first time a Government Project was allotted to engineering students.

Our college asked us to make a prototype Application and I did not want to miss the opportunity. Therefore, I started putting my skills into action after which me and a junior from the college were asked to be a part of this project.

Now as we know Chilika Lake is the largest Water Body in India and it is present in Odisha. There is a lot of things to explore in the lake. Therefore, creating an application to enhance the journey of tourists and visitors at this region was an achievement in itself.

Tell us in detail about your project and its features.

My project name is Chilika and it is application which will provide detailed information about Chilika Lake. It is available for both Android and iOS. The app is made considering it will be used by the following people.

  • Tourists: Tourists can log in to the app and check their nearest entry points, they can also check the weather of seven days in Chilika before travelling, they can check the beautiful scenery in the Gallery in the App. The tourists will get access to view all the Heritage points inside Chilika and around the lake. They can track the places where they can get a boat and exact spots for bird watching and Dolphins. The application also features the rules and regulations, risks and grievances facility for the tourists.
  • Fisherman: The fisherman’s living nearby can know the places where they are allowed to catch fish, what net size they should they use and can also file a complaint if they find a Gherry (a place where illegal nets are used). The app will enable the fishermen to preview the variety of fishes and aquatic life present in Chilika and which aquatic life are friendly and which are harmful.
  • Researchers: Chilika is a place which has a lot of science in it and it attracts many researchers every year. Earlier the researchers had to be dependent on the Chilika Wetland Research Centre for the data. However, the application will now enable the researchers to check the laboratory facilities in WRTC, real-time data at any point in Chilika lake on the basis of their current location, the salinity of water, depth of water, Nitrate in water, Chlorine and much more.

Once the project is made live to the audience by the Government Of Odisha, it will be available on Google Play Store and Apple Store respectively.  

  • The application has been made using Angular and Ionic 4.
  • The UI of the app is made using HTML and CSS.

We are using influxDB for the real-time data and MongoDB for the rest of the data (primarily used for databases). Some parts of the UI are made using Ionic 4 components. We have used onesignal for app notifications. Altogether the app is developed using Angular, Ionic 4, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Node.js.

Are you still trying to optimise this project? If so, explain how? Yes, new features are being implemented in this project like Boat Booking, Lost and Found, Local Language etc; by the new team mentored by me, as I have passed out.

What are the advantages of this project? This App will help all the people in India and even outside India to get insights of Chilika Lake and help them get all the necessary information about the lake.

Are you currently working on any new project? If yes, then please elaborate. Yes, I have worked on many other apps which are live. During the lockdown period, I made an e-Commerce app where people can order different items and get them delivered to them without coming out.

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