Best Python Projects: Beginner to Advanced

Python Projects every beginner should try
Python Projects every beginner should try

Getting your hands-on real-world problems is the best way to test your coding skills. Python is now all the rage and has become one of the most popular programming languages. 

Python is the latest programming language that works well for any environment and is best suited for beginners. If you are theoretically learning Python and want to test your coding skills, some amazing project ideas for Python newbies are listed. Psst, it has a lot of games. 

If you have been working in Python for a while and are afraid to begin your knowledge test, you need not worry anymore. We have got some ideas for beginners to help build your confidence and improve your Python skills. We will climb the stairs one by one. 


  1. Number Guessing Game:

It is a simple game in which the computer chooses a number for you and you need to get it right to make points. You can build a beautiful GUI interface and use the “randn” function to make the computer choose the number every time. What’s your guess this time?

2. Tip Calculator

Another application of mathematical calculation under the hood. You will be required to enter the amount for which the tip would be calculated. An awesome application to make it easier for you every time you give a tip in future.

3. BMI Calculator

BMI is the Body Mass Index. It is the ratio of one’s weight with height squared. You can build one such calculator for yourself using python. All you would need is to take a person’s weight and height. You can now go around and tell people about their health status if they are overweight, underweight or healthy!

4. Age Calculator

That telling the exact age in years, months, hours, mins and sec won’t be difficult with your next python mini-project. All you would need is to give your date of birth and Voila. Try making this project. It will make your time-related concept strong and make your programming skills better.

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5. Password Generator

Ever wondered how chrome suggests you the unique combinations of strong passwords every time. Maybe this is the project to learn that. Make your own password generator using python and its libraries.

6. Secret Codes

Generally, military information is passed through secret codes to keep them confidential. Some businesses also use cypher codes to hide their messages from the public.

If you are a beginner in Python programming, these cryptography and secret codes may sound advanced, but they are not. Secret cyphers work when a message is passed to a receiver. For instance, the code will be “312”, after programming your code and decoding them, you will get an output that says “cab”. Shhh… don’t tell the secret code loud!

The codes provided will be difficult to crack by pen-paper so instead, you can code each letter with words and use different logics to crack them. It will save you a lot of time and you will love coding the program.

7. Credit Card Validator

It is an interesting problem and a basic project. You will need to create functions to take input and check whether it is a valid credit card number or not. It will require multiple functions which will check different conditions such as word length, allowed characters and so on. You can use Tkinter to build the GUI.

8. Currency Converter

Currency conversion is a simple project. You will often need to change the currency of one currency to another currency. For example, INR (Indian Rupee) to USD (United States Dollar) and similarly to all other currencies. You can build all in one currency converter that can convert in any desired currency. You can make it even more dynamic by taking currency rates dynamically rather than internal calculations.

Go ahead, make your own Currency Converter.

9. Birthday Reminder

Ever happened to forget the birthday of your best friend? Not anymore, You can build a birthday reminder application for yourself. This birthday reminder application will store all the important dates of your loved ones and remind you just on time.

10. Stone, Paper, Scissors

Aren’t all these projects bringing back your childhood memories? Next up in our list is a game that every single person would have played in their childhood. It is a very simple game when you are playing in person.

Creating this online is also simple and fun to play. In this game, you give the user three choices, that is, either Stone, Paper or Scissor. After the input is given, the programmed player should randomly choose any of the symbols.

Stone>Scissor; Scissor >Paper; Paper>Stone, this is the general rule of the game to win. You’ll provide code for the rule, choose the winner based on this and keep track of the points after each round. After a set of rounds are completed, the player with the highest points is declared as the winner. These types of games are loved by many, and creating such games will improve and motivate you to do better. So why are you waiting?


  1. Web Scraper

Nowadays, data is very important. Everyone is looking for data, and web scraping is something you need to scrape the data. Make a web crawler using python libraries like Scrapy, Cheerio, and BeautifulSoup4. You can learn more about it here. You can get data for your next application and store them in a database or create a dataset efficiently.

2. Calculator

The calculator is a standard project that every programmer builds. It tests fundamental knowledge of any programming language and logic. Make one calculator to make your concepts concrete and prove your good understanding of language. You can build logic for the same. You can make beautiful desktop applications using Tkinter.

3. Sudoku Solver

Sudoku is loved by everyone. It is a bit tricky, and so is the logic to build it. You must try to make this project. It will help you understand applying multiple conditions at once and get your sudoku solved in seconds.

4. Card Matching Game

In this project, there will be some inverted images and you need to play until all images get matched. You can also add the functionality of the move to make it more advanced. Play until you run out of moves.

5. Countdown Clock

The countdown clock will start counting after clicking the start button or setting the timer. Users can stop the timer or restart the timer.

6. Quiz Application

Quiz Application requires a lot of understanding of python, it should have a set of multiple-choice questions, and users should be able to answer the questions and get the result at the end.

7. Calories Tracker

Calories tracker will track the calories you intake. It will take calories in the input you are taking, and when the calories threshold reaches, it should alarm you to stop taking more calories now, you have reached the limit. Isn’t it interesting, and something awesome.

8. Expense Tracker – Your money will never disappear again

A simple expense tracker is the perfect Python project. Track your expenses each time you spend them so that you can plan your future expenses and live a better life.

Pandas tools can be used for the project and Matplotlib is a good option for this idea too. Analysing your expenses and reporting them frequently can help maintain a decent life plan. Tracking money is important for everyone, be it an entrepreneur, a charity account, or an individual’s money.

There are some existing software applications for tracking your expense but customising an application for your convenience brings satisfaction to all the developers. As you create this, make sure to include analytical methods to reduce calculation whenever you use the money. To create the application’s interface, PySimpleGUI is also helpful.

9. Contact book – Bringing back old books of contacts to mobile phones

You will surely know about the old notepads for saving contact numbers. Now, we all have handy mobile phones that we carry in our contact book wherever we go is difficult.

The database that is used in this project to save the contact details is SQLite. If you are a Python developer but a newbie, start with this project to improve your working skills. With this project, you’ll be able to save phone numbers, address, delete contacts, rename them, create folders for favourite contacts.

These are all some of the elements included in a contact book application. They can be completely customisable to your needs. Though you are theoretically strong in Python coding, creating these simple projects will boost your confidence and help you develop your python skills step by step.

10. Location Finder

Location Finder will find the location of the phone when the location of the phone is turned on. It should be able to track the phone when it’s location is on using a mobile number.

11. Todo Application

Todo Application will have an add and remove option, to add tasks in the list, and delete them when the tasks finish. User can add as many tasks he wants. You can take it a step ahead by adding database that will make the data persist.

12. Tic-Tac-Toe

Coming to your childhood favourite pen and paper game that can be made available in mobile phones and PCs through this project. It is a two-player game with a 3*3 grid. So, the game goes as follows: the first player will put an “X” in one of the 3*3 squares, and the next player will stamp “O” in any other square inside the grid.

This is repeated until all the boxes are filled. The winner is decided based on three consecutive vertical/ diagonal/ horizontal “X” or “O”. Pygame library aids developers to create computer graphics and sound and you can use this library to develop this Tic-Tac-Toe game.

13. Document Scanner

The scanner should scan documents, it can have different image filtering options, image cropping, resising options. It depends upon your ability how many features you can add to the document scanner.


  1. Compiler

A compiler is a computer program that converts high-level language to low-level language. You can build your own compiler, and add whatever features you want in your compiler.  

2. Face Recognition

Face recognition is the classic python project. It is a must-try project in python. After building this project, you can take it into account for projects such as the attendance system and entry management system.

3. QRCode and Barcode Detection

It is an OpenCV project. The application should detect the QRCode and barcode. You can learn it from here.

4. Payment Application

Online payments are a trending topic nowadays. The application should take down the security measurements of payments and have a wallet feature to store some limited amount in it, for emergencies. In case, the banks are not taking payment requests. Try building your payment application. You will have to dive deep to explore how things work.

5. Voice Detector

The voice detector should detect the voice of humans, birds, animals, etc. It is not a simple project, it uses speech detection algorithms that you need to research. Every project you make needs research before you start building projects.

6. Chat Application

Chat Applications such as Whatsapp and messenger might seem fascinating but ever wondered how you can make them yourself. Python has many libraries to build applications. You can learn about socket programming with this project. You will also learn about python modules such as urllib, request and wget.

Go ahead and make your own chat application.

7. Speech to Text

Ever wondered how Alexa and Siri respond to you? They are programmed to convert speech to text and respond accordingly. It is really exciting and magical to make such applications yourself. You can use the python speech to text library to make your own version of Alexa and Siri. How can we forget JARVIS? You can also go ahead with text to speech conversion to make your computer respond to you as Jarvis does.

8. Music Player

Want to create apps like WYNK and GAANA? Yes, you can. You can create your own music player with Tkinter for building desktop GUI interface. You can refer to this video to get guidance to build your own desktop music player with all the functionalities such as playlist, autoplay and pause.

9. Image Downloader

Image Downloader may seem simple but is not. Users should be able to upload the image and download it. Try it for yourself.

10. Translator

Language Translator translates one language to another like English to Hindi, French to English, and many more. The user should add a text in any language and select a language in which he wants the result. The translator will translate into the demanded language.

11. Angle Finder

Ever wondered how you can tell about things with an image of them. This is the project to dive in that direction. You will have to define two lines using mouse clicks and then find the angle between these lines using simple mathematics. It will help you learn more about the python image library OpenCV. You can learn it from here.

Getting hired as a Python developer isn’t easy. The listed Python projects will add values to your resume and improve your skills. Studying Python programming language theoretically doesn’t mean you know the language well. Pragmatic skills are the only thing that will get you to great heights. We hope that the above-listed projects will prompt you to open your system, dip your hands in the code, get hired.

To explore more about Python, check out our blog section.