The WireUs Challenge Project to turn you into a pro developer

TheWireUs Challenge Project to turn you into a pro developer
TheWireUs Challenge Project to turn you into a pro developer

The WireUs Challenge is an extrapolation of 100 days of code/project to learn and enhance your design and development skills.

Pooja Gerais currently in the third semester of her graduation and is pursuing Bachelors in Technology in the field of Information Technology from Indira Gandhi Delhi Technical University. She is enrolled in the Ninja Competitive Programming Career Track. “It is by far the best course I have taken, my concepts have strengthened and I feel more confident about my skills now,” she said.

Why did you choose this project topic and what was your inspiration behind it?
Growing up, I was always browsing through the internet, to learn a new skill, to be better than I was a day before. This curiosity to learn to lead me to turn into a self-taught front end web developer. I didn’t have a mentor back then and I realised there must be numerous students like me who if given the right direction, can do wonders and achieve the impossible.

To provide everyone with a kick start and at the same time give them a chance to get guidance from people who are already working in a particular field, I came up with TheWireUs challenge project.

The WireUs Challenge is an extrapolation of 100 days of code. It is a 100-day design and development challenge with an aim to enhance the quality of educational methodologies and at the same time provide the students and learners with a chance to put a new skill with confidence on their resumes.

It is being conducted for 12 different domains:

They have received more than 450 registrations and have partnered with 10 societies and clubs. The challenge has expanded to 33 cities and four different countries namely, India, USA, Indonesia and Egypt.


Gera started with this project on 1st August 2020 and gathered a team of 57 developers and designers to create 1200 challenges for different domains. One team was working on the website in which they created the UI using Figma and then transformed it into an amazing website using just HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap. The website is being hosted using GitHub Pages. 

  • The CSS Tricks team has created challenges that are based on basic CSS functionalities, Bootstrap, Bulma and Tailwind. 
  • The CSS Drawing team has created beautiful drawings using basic CSS properties like borders, z-index, transform etc. 
  • The UI Designing team has created easy to do challenges that will increase one’s design aptitude. The challenges comprise of replicating the designs our team made in addition to understanding the concepts of UI Design. 
  • The JavaScript team has created challenges based on different functionalities and features one can incorporate in their websites. The challenges also comprise of mini JavaScript projects that assist in the strengthening one’s concepts and increases the developer’s confidence with using JavaScript. 
  • Data Structures and Algorithms are a very essential part of being a developer. JavaScript being a powerful language also offers a chance for the developers to learn DSA without learning any new language. The JavaScript DSA team has created 100 challenges on Data Structures that the developers have to solve using JavaScript. 
  • The React team has built 100 challenges which consist of basic concepts, projects and building of components to get a stronghold on this amazing front-end library. 
  • The Python team has created 100 challenges that offer the learners an introduction to new and interesting Python libraries, puzzles that would help improve their logical thinking and basic Python concepts that are essential for someone to be a Python developer.  
  • The Data Analysis and Visualisation team has created 100 challenges using 14 libraries namely: Pandas, Numpy, SciPy, StatsModels, Textblob, SQLAlchemy, Gensim, PyOD, Voluptuous, Fast Pandas, Matplotlib, Seaborn, Ggplot, Plotly, Bokeh, Pygal, Geoplotlib, Gleam, Missingno, Leather, Pydot, a tour in the wonderland of math with python, Chartify and Hypyertools. 
  • The Machine Learning team has created challenges on concepts of ML, DL, CV and NLP. In addition to this, the challenges also comprise of basic mini Machine Learning projects. 
  • The Web Scraping team has created 100 challenges using Beautiful Soup and Selenium. We highly encourage all the participants to first understand the ethical requirements of being a web scraper and understand that these challenges are for educational purposes only. 
  • The SQL team has created 100 challenges utilising different concepts and important SQL queries. The challenges are pretty interesting and are relatable to real life scenarios. 
  • The Competitive Programming team has accumulated 100 interesting problems that will provide the learners a chance to hone their coding skills. The problems are of a mixed level ranging from beginner to advanced problems. 

How can this project help people? What is the target audience? 
The WireUs Challenge aims to give a platform that does away with the need of taking tutorials one after the another. We provide 100 problems on one particular topic that will actually add to a person’s skill set. The project is fully sponsored by BeerTech India whose founder is Gaurav Khanna, the Co-Creator of The WireUs Challenge and hence the participants do not have to pay any registration fee, just a commitment of one hour for 100 days.

The content has been curated keeping in mind our audience ranging from noobs to experts. Therefore, anyone and everyone who desires to learn can be a part of it. If you are a beginner, you are welcome to enter the world of design and development. If you want to master a new skill, you are welcome to gain an extra edge. The challenge is being conducted online, to participate you just need a machine, a good internet connection, some coffee and a twitter account.   

The project is currently available on Google Play Store, Apple Store and over the web.

Gera is still optimising the portal. Right now I am only limited to 12 domains, I am trying to master new technologies so that in the next edition, I can deliver even better content for the participants. Concluding her experience while creating this project, she said, “As I’ve always said, The WireUs Challenge will rewire the tangled circuits of your mind and make you the developer you always dreamt of becoming.”

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