Mingle with Solo, a dating application

Mingle with Solo, a dating application
Mingle with Solo, a dating application

Shivam Bhusri’s curiosity leads him to create Solo, an application to find friends and expand your social network.

He is the student behind Solo-a dating application is currently pursuing B. Tech in Computer Engineering from College of Technology, Pantnagar. He is also employed as a Software Engineer with Airtel, for their Airtel Self-Care Application and is enrolled in Data Structures in Java with Coding Ninjas.

Why did you choose this project topic and what was your inspiration behind it?

In today’s world where everyone is living a stressing life, deep inside we all want someone with whom we can share all our feelings, our ups and downs, our joys and miseries. In this fast growing world where it is easy to get a partner, it becomes more difficult to have meaningful conversations or make friends.

Most dating apps like Tinder, Happen, OkCupid work on the same concept of choosing your partner based on their physical features. A relationship or a bond between two individuals should be solely is defined as a connection of two souls and not entirely on physical attributes. This is where the idea of this dating app Solo came to my mind.

Tell us in detail about your project.

Project Name: Solo: Find your Soulmate

Tag Line: Looks might Fade but thoughts remain forever

About App: It’s a dating app where we provide the users with a platform to know each other without revealing their identities that leaves no place for judgments. After being acquainted, they can further proceed to identity revealing and even go on blind dates.

Users swipe each other based on their common interests, age group, lifestyle choices, education and work. Once they hit a match, rather than revealing their usernames and identities, we highlight the common grounds which specifies- why are they compatible with each other?

Giving a blind date experience, once they feel comfortable with each other they can reveal their identities to each other and that’s how they find their true Soulmate. Solo-find your Soulmate App makes the dating experience much better with its unique concept of matching users based on interests and not focusing on revealing the user identities first.

Tools, technologies and programming languages that you used while making this project.

The project took me seven months and is made on Android Studio Software using Java and Kotlin languages. UI Designs were made in XML (eXtensible Markup Language). The server is deployed using Amazon Web Services and is made using Node.js and PHP, for a chat we are using sockets and chat servers that are made using software Rabbitmq. Lastly, for databases, we are using MYSQL and MongoDB, for push notifications we are using firebase notifications.

What are the features of this application?

Some of the key features which makes it different from other dating apps includes the following:

  • Search Algorithm: Profiles are shown to users based on their common interests, lifestyles, age, word and education.
  • Blind Dating: Once a match is made users can know each other without revealing their identities.
  • Identity Reveal Feature: Once the users feel comfortable with each other they can identify and after that, they can share photos on the app.
  • End Date: For security purposes, we have an end date button on click of which your dates end immediately and the user is never matched to that user again.
  • Chat Feature: We don’t store chats on our servers. Instead, chats are stored in user’s phones only thus making it completely safe with them. For each message, there is Sent, Delivered and Read status.
  • All the profiles are 100% genuine.
  • Easy Signup with Facebook or Google.
  • The first dating app made in India.
  • Complete report of your sent request (from sent->delivered->accepted/rejected).
  • No Advertisements.

Currently total downloads of the app are 8500 out of which we have 4700 active users. We get nearly 20 installs every day.

How can this project help people? What is its target audience?

Today, it’s hard to find someone who won’t judge you by your status or beauty. Solo is the solution to this problem. It matches you to a person based on your common interests, lifestyle, work and education. Currently we are targeting youths with age groups 18 to 35. I think this is the age when we need someone the most.

The app is available on Playstore: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.solodating

Are you still trying to optimise this project? If so, explain how?

I am continuously working based on suggestions I get from our users to optimise and enhance our user experience. Additionally, I am working on my app’s security right now to ensure users’ data is completely safe.

What are the advantages of this project?

Some of advantages which makes it different from other dating apps are as follows:

  • Request Status: For every swipe, users can view their request status i.e whether request is sent, delivered, accepted or declined.
  • Offline Support: The app supports full offline support ensuring 100% surety of each message to be delivered. User can send messages even when internet disconnects and once network reconnects messages are automatically sent.
  • Security: All the chat messages are stored in the user’s device only thus making it 100% secure.
  • No Ads: The app contains no ads.
  • Customer Support: The app contains 24/7 help support. In case user needs any help related with app human support is always available.

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