An Application To Master Competitive Exams

An application to master Competitive exams
An application to master Competitive exams


Staying ahead of the learning curve is quite important but at the same time, keeping our curiosity to learn, create and deliver is what matters the most. Nowadays creating an application is very easy job.

Let’s take you through the journey of this curious student who created an application recently.

Bhavika Hemant Oberoi is pursuing her Bachelors in Business Administration in Computer Applications from Brihan Maharashtra College of Commerce, Pune, and is in her final year. 

She had successfully completed Java with Data Structures from Coding Ninjas and was also serving as the Teaching Assistant or Java course in the past.

Why did you choose this project application topic and what was your inspiration behind it?

I always wanted to learn application development and create my own application and publish it on Google Play Store. Since I love Math and observed that enjoying mathematics is not a smooth ride for every student; therefore, I decided to develop a Maths Quiz app during the lockdown.

I chose this project topic because I have seen many number series apps on the play store which doesn’t provide the correct solution to the questions or they give no solution at all.

However, this is not the case with my application as I have provided 300 questions with their correct solutions and explanation which will help students to learn better with a proper understanding of each question.

Tell us in detail about your project application (its name), its features, the total number of users, and downloads.

My application name is ‘Brain Scratch Quiz’ which is a Math number series quiz application that features three levels- Easy, Medium and Hard. It has a total of 300 questions with detail explanation and solution of each question.

  • There is a high score feature in the application which helps motivate the user to perform better each time.
  • There is also a timer for each level, for easy level timer is of 1 minute, for medium it is of 2 minutes and for hard level the timer is of 3 minutes.

The application was published on 22nd August and till now the total number of downloads is 138. To develop this application, it took me approximately one month which has been made on Android Studio software using Java and Android languages.

How can this project help people?

The application is useful for all age groups and especially students who want to mater their logical and aptitude skills. These skills are essential for competitive exams and online coding events. The target audience for this app is students and those who like solving Math questions and are interested in polishing their logical skills.

By solving maximum number series questions, students can get enough confidence and practice to solve any question easily, keeping the time frame in mind.

Currently, Oberoi is focusing on adding more questions and features in the future updates of this application to offer more variety of questions and enhance the user experience.

The advantage of the project is that it will help the user to improve their logical and aptitude skills.

The app is free and available in both offline and online modes.

The application is currently available on Google Play Store.

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