Curiosity is the mother of innovation

Curiosity is the mother of innovation
Curiosity is the mother of innovation

Coding Ninjas has rolled out an exclusive campaign dedicated to promulgating a range of programming trivia, innovations, coding trends and technologies in a series to bring out the ninja in you. Dedicating the next few months to us will help you re-skill and up-skill yourself in the domain of programming.  

Does your mind ever prompt about knowing the technology behind the working of a mobile chargeryour amazon fire stick, IPL match predictions, commands of a computer and much more? Well, you are in the right place. All these activities are a result of programming that features a range of languages and functions in domains like Data Science, Machine Learning, C++, Python, Java and more.

We at Coding Ninjas are the pioneers in teaching coding with our state-of-the-art teaching methods in the Edtech space. Through this campaign, you will get a chance to read, watch and learn with a range of Coding Activities such as Blogs, Videos, Live LinkedIn Sessions, Online Workshops, Facebook and Instagram contests to keep you hooked to your screens and laptops for the days to come.

We are dedicating the next few days to all the students who aspire to become the next generation techpreneurs. This activity will guide you from polishing your skills in assisting you to become an entrepreneur or create that next big project. 

Our team of experts, an alumnus of IITs, IIITs and Stanford University have come together to curate a special doze of coding activities that can help you level up your programming journey. You will get a chance to participate in online contests, placement workshops and sessions and blogs to make you more dynamic in your approach.

With a range of courses from Foundational to Advanced, Data & Development to short-term preparation alongside our in-house coding platform-Codezen, dedicated to educate, encourage and help you lead the programming ballgame.

While you participate in a range of activities that are aligned to polish your skills and further enhance your skill set, here is a list of Coding Ninjas platform benefits for you.

  • Faculty: IIT’s, Stanford, IIIT’s, Facebook and Amazon alumni.
  • Teaching Assistants: Facility to Audio Call, Video Call and Screen Share with your Teaching Assistants solving 1500+ real-time doubts every day.
  • Videos: Educative short course videos explaining the dynamics of coding.
  • CodeZen: In-house practice platform with an inbuilt compiler (supporting C++, JAVA & Python) to practice without the hassle of installing a software.
  • Slack Groups: Speak with your mentors, batch mates to solve doubts and interact.
  • Performance Tracking: A complete record of your progress including assignment, course classes & more.
  • Projects: Build web applications from music to healthcare as a part of your course curriculum.  
  • Certification: Get awarded with a certificate after the completion of your programming course.
  • Placements: A pool of multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Shuttl and more.

Curiosity can lead to a gateway of success, but that’s possible only when you have the zeal to seek answers to the questions on your mind. Your doubts can transform into a great product of curiosity and help you become a pro in technology and innovation.

To join the bandwagon, visit our social media platforms to stock up on the latest tools and technologies that can help you convert your idea into reality. 

Keep your curiosity alive and your questions handy, we have a lot more coming up!

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