Aditya Mishra secures 14 LPA job with American Express

Aditya Mishra secures 14 LPA job with American Express
Aditya Mishra secures 14 LPA job with American Express

Aditya Mishra shares his journey of landing a job at Amex and his interview experience with questions asked during his technical interview round that featured questions on coding.

He is currently pursuing Computer Science from VIT Vellore (batch 2017-2021) and started coding when he was in the second year of his college. After studying in-depth about C, Python and Java programming languages in college, he joined Coding Ninjas’ Data Structures + Algorithms with Java course in this third year.

“I had studied most of the concepts earlier as a part of my curriculum but wasn’t confident about most of them. However, after doing this course, all the concepts became precisely clear to me that helped me in my internship and placement interviews as well. The best thing I liked about the course was the level of clarity it offers to the students. The benefit of pursuing this course with Coding Ninjas is that now I can explain even the trickiest questions pertaining to the subject to my peers without a glitch.”

Studying at Coding Ninjas further boosted the Mishra’s confidence and he was able to solve questions from GFG and LeetCode.

Sharing his onsite interview experience at the Amex he said that overall 1400 students appeared for the interview with 8.5+ CGPA. In the first test, they were given two coding questions on Hashmaps and Dynamic Programming and 60 Multiple Choice Questions from general topics like Algorithms, Data Structures, Operating Systems, SQL, Complexity analysis and more. 

The second round was the technical interview round, in which students were asked the following questions:

  • Code to identify loop in a linked list.
  • A question on Dynamic Programming in which he had to tell the brute force recursive approach to solve it and then solve it using Memoisation and Dynamic Programming table.
  • A puzzle in which there was an equilateral triangle and three ants at each of its vertices wherein he had to find the probability of two ants not colliding with each other.
  • Questions based on his Resume about my previous projects, internships experiences etc.
  • A hypothetical question on working on a domain of his choice and his future plans.

After seamlessly qualifying in the technical round, he had a brief HR round to discuss about this job role which includes Big Data, Hadoop and more. He will be paid 70k for the first six months and basis to his performance evaluation, he will be assigned further projects along with a full time role in the company.

Sharing insights about the previous projects and internships, Mishra recalls that his last internship cum was with All-Soft Solutions which is powered by IBM. “We were taught about Artificial Intelligence and its applications in Chatbots and also got a chance to work on an AI based chat-bot- called IBM Watson,” he informed.

Prior to this, he had interned with VBLP Solutions which was based in Hyderabad. For this opportunity, he was interviewed on BlockChain concepts and its applications and got a chance to work on BlockChain based decentralised framework for crowd- sourcing. In this, he had to create a block chain framework for an existing faulty website.

Apart from his internships, he holds a certification in Cybersecurity, BlockChain Technology and Machine Learning. Mishra aspires to be a successful Software Developer in the future and work on a variety of technologies instead of sticking to one particular specialisation.

Sharing his message for the engineering aspirants he adds, Do not take aptitude for granted, even after practising coding and knowing the core subjects, I couldn’t get through the first round because of not practising aptitude questions. They are not difficult per se but the point is of solving them within the time which is difficult without revision.”

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By Vidhi Agarwal