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Bharat Goyal bags internship at Tower Research Capital
Bharat Goyal bags internship at Tower Research Capital

Bharat Goyal is a Computer Science student at the Netaji Subhash University of Technology and has recently completed his Competitive Programming course with Coding Ninjas.

He started programming in his first year of college on HackerRank and in 2018 he enrolled in the Competitive Programming Course at Coding Ninjas. “Since I had already practised basic coding on my own, I thought I could now move to Competitive Programming and scale my coding skills. Therefore, I opted for Competitive Programming Eminence as I was weak at Number Theory and the course. The course was in C++ and was taken by Parikh Sir, Nidhi Ma’am and Manisha Ma’am. There were many Teaching Assistant’s as well, who were prompt with doubt resolution. So, there was no dearth of help when we got stuck. We were provided with videos of basic concepts as well like recursion, pointers etc, which were extremely helpful. The videos were succinct and questions were challenging but I enjoyed doing it,” exclaims Goyal.

He is a bright student who is also a KVPY Scholar (AIR 1545) and has secured 947 Rank in IIT Mains exam. Goyal is the only student from his college to be selected for the coveted internship at Towers Research Capital.

Soon enough, Bharat Goyal became a top performer in his course and became a part of Coding Ninjas Teaching Assistant familia. “I used to solve around 10-12 doubts in a day initially which in a way helped me in revising the course and eventually I became good with debugging and got experience with all the kind of common errors that usually shows-up. It made me faster in writing and executing codes and after that, I could run most of my codes in maximum one-two runs,” he said.

Sharing his internship interview experience at Towers Research Capital (TRC) Goyal mentioned that the selection procedure there was simple and the questions were easy. His first round was on HackerRank, followed by three Coding questions which included Bit-Masking, Dynamic Programming and finding the Longest Increasing Subsequence (LIS). Three MCQs and some debugging questions based on DBMS and OS.

After being one the six people shortlisted from this round, Goyal was asked to appear for the Technical Interview. This round comprised of two coding questions based on Graphs and DFS on Strings and a question on improving the complexity of an algorithm.

Being one of the three students selected from this round he was asked to participate in a Tech cum Manager round. In this round, they were asked elaborate questions from his resume, his TA experience with Coding Ninjas, mostly to check the authenticity of his overall portfolio.

Having successfully clear this round, he had his last interaction with the HR. “My internship will commence in June 2021 for two months with 1 Lakh per annum as my stipend,” he confirms. Goyal states that he was keen to explore future profile that has a mix of Math and Programming like Algorithmic Trading or Mathematical Modelling and TRC is a great place for that.

He recalls that everyone here is super approachable and friendly at Coding Ninjas and he credits his success to his hard work and the guidance that he received from the Coding Ninjas team. He adds, “Whenever I had any doubt, I used to message Parikh Sir and he used to reply very promptly. Although I have never physically met anyone their till now, all the people I know have been super friendly.”  

On the non-tech side, he is the President of Mathematics and Astronomy society of his college and holds a diploma in Hindustani Classical Music and wishes to pursue a PhD in the future. He flaunts top ranks and ratings on most Competitive Programming platforms including Codechef (2034), CodeForces (1870), HackerEarth (1731) and the likes.

One last message he has for coding aspirants, “If you want to get good at Competitive Programming, you need to befriend it,” he said.

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By Vidhi Aggarwal