Coding Ninjas’ Coding Bootcamp

Coding Ninjas Career Camp Reboot
Coding Ninjas Career Camp Reboot

Coding Ninjas, India’s premier Edu-tech platform offering courses in software technologies and up-skilling has revamped its reboot Career Camp with Coding Bootcamp. Career Camp is a Coding Bootcamp where students undergo rigorous online training to upgrade their skill set with in-demand courses like Machine Learning, Web Development, Data Structures and Algorithms, Competitive Programming, Data Science and Android Development.

The main aim of this programme is to make sure that the candidates are “industry-ready”. For this they are given communication and soft-skills training, allotted live projects, mock interviews by industry-professionals and given domain expert sessions. Coding Ninas has collaborated with numerous top-notch IT companies so that the learners end up the course with an employment opportunity. To avoid any hurdles because of financial issues, the policy of the programmes is, “0 upfront cost, 0 security deposit or registration fee”. Pay only when you land a job!

Career Camp reboot is a promising opportunity for students to get hands-on experience with industry mentors and scale their career to new heights.

Career Camp features at a glance
21 months access to all course materials
9-month career programme
Resume building & soft skill grooming
Premium Hirist account on completion
Multiple Live Projects
12 Mock Interviews
15 domain expert sessions
Exclusive placement support
Anyone who is above the age of 18 is eligible


Phase 1: Month 0-4

  • Learn the essentials of programming along with writing optimized code in terms of time & space, recursion and OOPS concepts.
  • Get familiar with the most common ways of organising your data using LL, Stacks, Queues, Trees, BST and Hashmaps.
  • Learn to store and access complicated real world data more efficiently with the help of Priority Queues, Tries, Graphs and Dynamic Programming.
  • Solve 350+ coding problems
  • Ready to crack any DS & algo interview round.

Phase 2: Month 5-6

  • Learn key technologies for creating interactive and stunning Websites – HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery & Ajax.
  • Work on some really cool projects from starting to deployment involving Music Player, Calculator, some games and more.
  • Two Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar sessions per week for discussions & problem solving.
  • Become Front End Developer with four Projects and 1 Live Project with deployment.

Phase 3: Month 8-9

  • Learn to create your own servers, use databases to store data, build APIs and deploy your apps for the world to use using NodeJs.
  • Create some end to end usable projects such as To-do List, Social Media Website, Habit Tracker, Expense Manager and more.
  • Two Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinar sessions per week for discussions & problem solving.
  • Equipped to become Full Stack Developer with four Projects and one Live Project with deployement.

Phase 4: Month 9

  • Take your JS skills to next level with React, Redux, Context API, React Router and React Hooks
  • Work on some amazing projects such as creation of iPod
  • Two Mock interviews and 1:1 domain expert sessions & 2-3 live webinars sessions per week for discussions & problem solving
  • Become a master of Front End having one Live Project with deployment

Phase 5: Month 9 onwards

  • Learn to build scalable and robust systems using System Design concepts.
  • Learn the prerequisites for clearing any tech interview, aptitude, Operating Systems, DBMS and SQL.
  • Create an impressive resume through multiple personal review sessions and prepare for HR and non-tech rounds through and take your soft skills to the next level.
  • Land your dream job.

Key features of studying at Career Camp includes:

  • Faculty: IIT, Stanford, IIIT’s, Facebook and Amazon alumni to offer hands-on experience in programming to scale your learning journey.
  • Curriculum: Personalised course syllabus designed at par with the industry standards.
  • Teaching Assistants: Facility to Audio Call, Video Call and Screen Share with your Teaching Assistants solving 1000+ real-time doubts every day.
  • Videos: Educative short course videos explaining the dynamics of coding.
  • CodeZen: In-house practice platform with an inbuilt compiler (supporting C++, JAVA & Python) to practice without the hassle of installing a software.
  • Slack Groups: A chatroom to speak with your mentors, batch mates to solve, interact and learn new ways to code.
  • Projects: Build web applications from music to healthcare as a part of your course curriculum.
  • Certification: Get awarded with a certificate after the completion of your programming course.
  • Internships: Enhancing your programming journey with relevant industry exposure along with resume building exercise
  • Placements: Our Placement Cell has a pool of multinational companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, Shuttl and more.
  • Premium Hirist account: Once the student has completed the 9-month career camp programme, he/she gets a premium hirist account. Hirist offers more than thousands of job and internship opportunities with recognised firms providing lucrative stipends and salary packages.
  • Mock Interviews: Software Engineers or actual technical recruiters from various top companies such as Walmart are invited to take Mock Interviews of the candidates and grade them. This scales their preparation and they are able to know about the domains they have to work on.

Coding Ninjas has a unique Teaching Assistant (TA) model which provides almost real-time doubt support for the enrolled students. This model is a decentralised model with remote TA’s, who are ex-students of Coding Ninjas, helping in doubt resolution throughout the course duration. This unique model solves for doubt support at scale and has resulted in high completion rates of up to 75%, one of the highest in the world. Through this system, Coding Ninjas can provide personalised mentored education at scale and cost-effective price point.

Career Camp Entrance Test

In order to give a fair chance to all the applicants from all parts of India, a Career Camp Entrance Test is conducted. The entrance test aims to analyse the basic mathematical skills of the applicants, it includes questions from aptitude and basic programming such as speed, ratio, percentage, find the output of a given code snippet, identifying the correct pseudo code, and so on.

Each batch has a certain number of seats, a seat is issued on the basis of the Career Camp Entrance Test. Hence, you should understand its importance and start preparing.

Key Points to be noted :

  • Ninja Career Camp Entrance test is absolutely free.
  • Admissions are currently open for June 2021 Batch.
  • Registration and Test window closes on 27 Jun ’21.

The entrance test structure is as follows:

  • Focus Areas: Aptitude and Basic Coding Skills
  • Test duration: 90 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 15 MCQ + 3 Coding Questions

(You are allowed to use any programming language such as C++, Java, Python, etc.)

You would need to score well in at least one section for clearing the test, so focus on your strengths and manage your time effectively. For brushing up your skills, take a few practise tests given on the Coding Ninjas test section.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coding bootcamp worth it in India?

According to a recent study by Quora, around 86% of Indian candidates are satisfied with their bootcamp education. Indian Coding bootcamps are quite a lot cheaper and accelerated than learning to code at any college. Also, they allow you to get enrolled and learn, and you only need to pay after getting a job.

Which is the best coding bootcamp in India?

The Coding Ninjas reboot Career camp is currently the highest-grossing coding bootcamp in India. As its platform is really robust and all the processes are carried out online without any glitches. Recently, Coding Ninjas partnered with Hirist, this has boosted up the placement opportunities even more significantly.

How much does a coding bootcamp cost in India?

A coding bootcamp costs around 50,000 – 1,50,000 INR in India.
There are several factors that affect the cost of a Coding Bootcamp:
Offline coding bootcamps that provide food and accommodation are more expensive.
The duration of the course.
The content of the course.
The features included in the course, some of the coding bootcamps don’t include mock interviews or test series.

Is coding bootcamp free?

Yes, there are several apps and websites that provide free coding bootcamps. Many sites even provide free hackathons and practice sites. There are few coding sites that come up with 30 days of code, in order to keep the candidates on their toes.

What coding bootcamp is best for beginners?

The coding bootcamps that have minimal coding prerequisites are best for beginners.
Since beginners don’t have a grasp on data structures and algorithms, they use brute-force techniques for devising solutions.

Is Coding Bootcamp for beginners?

Yes, there are several Coding Bootcamps out there specially designed for beginners, that assume that the candidates have no coding knowledge.

Key Takeaways

Coding Ninjas reboot career camp comes as a blessing for candidates who couldn’t complete their degree because of any unforeseen circumstances. It provides placement opportunities to students who have dropped their college studies. There are many meritorious students out there who have a passion for Software Development but aren’t able to focus on their upskilling because of multitasking or ambiguity. Definitely register for this coding boot camp, if you wish that your skills are duly recognised by the employers and you earn your dream job, as you pay only after placements. 

The prime advantage of being enrolled in a coding bootcamp is that they allow you to pay after the completion of the placement course. Not only videos and assignments, but a coding bootcamp also provides mock interviews and soft-skill development opportunities for its candidates. Coding Ninjas has extended a helping hand to students, irrespective of their year of study or branch, by updating the terms of the  Ninjas Career Camp – “0 upfront cost, 0 security deposit or registration fee”. Pay only when you land a job!

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NOTE: No cost EMI available through NBFC partners or Credit Cards