Hirist.com & Coding Ninjas teams up to generate employment opportunities

Coding Ninjas join hands with Hirist.com to generate employment
Coding Ninjas join hands with Hirist.com to generate employment

With approximately 15000 job opportunities posted every month on Hirist, this opportunity will allow students to leverage maximum in the professional front.

As the placement season is around the corner, hunting for the right tech job is made easy by Coding Ninjas for all its students. The company in an exclusive partnership with Hirist.com is going to offer placement and internship opportunities to students currently pursuing a course with Coding Ninjas.

This partnership will be a great asset to the entire online recruitment ecosystem. In a first, a recruitment platform will leverage data around student performances in various coding courses taught by an Edutech player and help recruiters distinguish talent from the crowd.

Speaking on the association, Ankush Singla, Co-Founder, Coding Ninjas said, “Our partnership is a step towards giving free access to high-quality students towards the best tech jobs in the market. Hirist will be using education data from Ninjas to better match jobs, adding immense value to recruiters. The association will help pave the way for deserving students to get their dream jobs in top companies and provide recruiters a great value fit for their organisations. Through this association, our key intent is to generate employment opportunities for IT students.”

Talking about the partnership, Tarun Matta, Founder, Hirist and iimjobs.com said, “We are extremely excited about this partnership with Coding Ninjas. This relationship strengthens the recruiting platform by bringing in performance data about candidates who have pursued specialised courses. When we highlight Coding Ninjas graduates/students on hirist, it makes the recruiting platform better and richer for both recruiters and candidates. Recruiters get access to serious candidates who’ve invested in acquiring specialized skills. On the other hand, such candidates get higher visibility and likelihood of getting picked by an employer of their choice. We think this is just the first step in our journey to find deeper connects between online recruiting and education platforms.” 

Only three per cent of engineer graduates in India get high-quality tech jobs with salary packages of Rs 8-10 lakh and above, according to a report released recently.  The data provided by Scaler — a platform by edtech start-up InterviewBit, showed that over 80 per cent of these graduates end up pursuing non-technical careers due to lack of available employment opportunities.

With approximately 15000 job opportunities posted every month on Hirist, this opportunity will allow students to leverage maximum in the professional front. Students who complete a course at Coding Ninjas will get a premium Coding Ninjas account on Hirist, which would mean that their profiles would have ‘Certified by Coding Ninjas’ badge that will be visible to the recruiters, helping them stand out among other job aspirants. 

Key Features:

  • Enrol in any Foundation, Advanced, Development or Career Track course
  • Earn a Certificate of Excellence by securing 90% and above during your course completion
  • Activate your Hirist Premium account with a validity of six months
  • Get a special tag of Certified by Coding Ninjas on Hirist account
  • Get exclusive access to apply and get handpicked by leading product and service-based companies

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The World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2018 took a different approach by asking executives of some of the world’s largest employers to report on the latest employment, skills, and human investment trends across their industries. The survey revealed an accelerating demand for new specialist roles related to understanding and using the latest emerging technologies – AI and machine learning specialists, big data specialists, process automation experts, information security analysts, human-machine interaction designer and robotics engineers. Skills such as creativity, originality, critical thinking, negotiation and complex problem-solving will, according to the report, become more valuable. The World Economic Forum predicted that there will also be more demand for leadership, emotional intelligence, and social influence skills.

In crucial times like these, it is imperative to scale your learning process with the help of mock interviews, placement webinars, practice platforms and extensive programming courses by Coding Ninjas.

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