Top 10 HTML projects to undertake in 2020

Best 10 HTML Projects
Best 10 HTML Projects

HTML is a markup language used for web development. CSS is used along with HTML to design and build websites. If you wish to design and develop good websites you must get your base right-learn HTML.

HTML is one of the simplest markup languages and you don’t even need any prior coding experience. The perfect way to learn a new language or a new skill is to practice as you learn. This holds particularly true for programming. Thus, it is an excellent idea to build HTML projects to strengthen your professional portfolio. The better way to push yourself forward to practice the skills that you have learnt is to find a good project.

However, as a beginner, it may be challenging for you to find the right fit of HTML project ideas
that match your skill level. The best way to figure out the design is to always use pen and paper to build your thoughts on the project. Just have thoughts about look and feel of your website and then start planning the same through designing it on paper! Or through designing tools like Adobe XD, Photoshop etc. This technique will help you to master web designing and makes it easier to develop any website. If you want to explore more /you need resources to learn and build these projects just follow this blog.
These are some of the projects that I have found when I started doing web development.

A Solar System Website
This is one of the most simple projects that you can make using HTML. As the name says, here you can include images of all planets and you can add the description of eight planets. If you want to make it fun and creative play with colours in the background to match with a planet or
use contrast colours to match. To make this page you just need to know the basic concepts of
HTML and CSS. Here is the solar system website screenshot you can use it as a reference. Here you need to just work on div tags, li tags and span tags. Again, you can always use CSS to make it look better.

Travel Diary
You can build this website if you have basic knowledge of HTML and CSS. In this project you can
post your travel experiences, photos and videos. Here you can provide contact details to make
others know about your travel experiences and even suggest people about travelling.

If you want to develop this project you have to be good in CSS, but not expert. To build this
project you need to know how to align elements with respect to main web page that is position
properties. here you can include header and footer section, In header section you can include
navigation bar. You can enhance the look and feel of the website using CSS. You can use simple animations on this project using CSS properties. If you know the above techniques that I have mentioned you are good to go!

A Story Book
This website is the easiest one to develop. To develop this website you only need to know basic
concepts of html and CSS. In this project you can choose one of your favorite story (it can be any story of your choice) and then start to build your designs. In above screenshot, we have used basic p tags to write the story and img tag to glorify the story. You can use relevant tags for your story and you can play with text colors and fonts. But always make sure that you give proper indentation to each paragraph for your story. Please refer mdn documents to explore more CSS properties to enhance the look of website.

Personal Portfolio
To create a personal portfolio page, you need to be proficient in HTML and CSS. This project is
for job oriented purpose and you need to include name and image, your projects, niche skills and your interests. You can include your personal CV in this project by making your portfolio a professional one. you can portray your niche skills using this website. Then you can host your own portfolio to showcase your amazing work!(free hosting sites: GitHub pages, Heroku, glitch). The portfolio page can have a header and footer section. header section will include a layout which can contains your photo and personal information. you can put your photo your photo anywhere on the website, but make sure it is matching the theme.

You can place your photo at the top part of the page and include a short description of your
professional career and interests. Below this description, you can add a few work samples.
The footer section can contain your social media handles and you can include your other co-curricular activities.

A Tribute Page
This is one of the simple HTML projects you can make. As you can guess by the name, a tribute
page shows respect for someone who inspires you, or Someone you admire . To make a tribute
page, you only need to know fundamental HTML concepts. First, you have to create a design. You can add a picture of the person you are paying Tribute to and add the person’s details, achievements and so on. If you wish, you can also write a few words of respect for him/her.Using CSS for this project will be beneficial as it will let you include different styles and layouts. Always make sure to give the web page a good background color.

Simple Login Form
Websites often include forms as part of their customer data collection strategy. A well-made
login form can help you acquire relevant information from user. This data is used to authenticate
user information. This HTML project is a great way to test your skills and knowledge of designing forms and ofcourse structuring web page.You need to have basic knowledge of form tags i.e, input fields. The image provided above is just an example. you can develop your website in your own way. Then you can use the tags to create a text field, checkbox, radio button, date, and other vital elements needed in a form. Again, you can always use CSS to impart a better look and feel to your form and web page.

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Books that you own
This project requires strong knowledge of HTML and CSS. Since this project include vital elements, you will have to combine your html knowledge with your creative skills. Use grids to make cards and include details of each book that you own. Here also you can use header and footer concept to make the look of the web page great!. here you need to use advanced CSS concepts or you can use bootstrap to handle elements. we can design the web page using font-awesome icons by importing it on your web page. In this project you can include multiple pages or you can keep all details in a single page website.

If you know how to apply responsiveness to the website then have good hold of CSS. It will make your website look good on any screens(mobile, ipad).Apart from this, you will have to choose the right colors for the page. The color combinations should be such that they complement each other, each section can have a different color. when you use CSS for styling and layout, make sure that the page elements do not clash anywhere.
Note: You can refer google’s material design website to understand standard color design principles.

Restaurant Website
This project will give you ample of opportunities to explore html and CSS more. Restaurant website is a huge website where you can include multiple layouts. First you have to design a web page layout wherein you will have to add different elements. This will include list of food items, one-line description for food items, prices, attractive images of different dishes, social media buttons, contact information, online reservation option and other necessary details. Using CSS, you can align the various food items/beverages and respective prices within a grid. When creating a restaurant website, you have to focus on using stylish layouts, neat font styles and an eye-catching combination of colors. If you wish to make the website even fancier, you can include a photo-gallery with sliding images(carousel) of different food items. you can also add relevant links on the website to help the user navigate better through the site.

Google Search Engine
This web page is popular among web developers, many try to recreate home page of google
search engine. google search engine website is one of the best project that you can develop to
gain good knowledge on CSS.The main criteria here is to know CSS well to build this home page. position property plays very important role in developing these kind of websites. Let us come to main point of developing this web page. Once you visit google home page on your browser please make sure to inspect elements of the page to know element size and spacing (padding, margin), so th

Recipes Website
A food website is a perfect experiment for food lovers. To build this page you must know each
and every concepts of HTML and CSS. On this page, The first thing to do is to add an appropriate background-image and short description of food you love. You can include header, footer section and you can add more layouts at you never miss out on building same web page.

This can be a single page web application you can traverse the header and footer pages using
ID’s. It can also be a multi-page website make sure you know how to handle multiple web pages.
Take names of your favorite dishes and put it on your website. Remember to include descriptions
of each dishes. If interested add videos of your dishes. This project will definitely enhance your skill set. In footer section add contact details and let people know your interests in cooking.

With that, we’ve come to the end of our list of HTML project ideas. These ten HTML projects are not only useful, but they are also not time-consuming. Once you get your base right, you can start experimenting with these real-world projects and test your skills!

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By Bhargavi M