Projects For Engineering Students in 2021

Projects For Engineering Students in 2021
Projects For Engineering Students in 2021

College is the best time to learn and implement your projects. That is the time you have all the requisite resources at your disposal – like-minded friends needed to form a team, go to seniors and teachers for help and guidance, labs for experimenting, and no extra responsibilities apart from your career and dreams.


Your college projects should be about exploring your interests and learning hands-on. By final year most students have found their calling, or at least figured out what do they wish to do for a few years after college. It could be getting a high-paying job and becoming independent, or getting a post-graduation. And your final year project should be a step in that direction.

A project could be on any subject that adds value or solves a problem. The project ideas should ideally be in sync with what you wish to do after college. For example- If I am a mechanical engineering student looking forward to getting a master’s degree-Being a part of a core team and building a car hands-on would be very much in line. If I am a computer science student looking for a job in an IT company that develops apps, an app development project would be ideal. Following are some ideas on what could be your project options depending on your engineering specialization and interests.


If you are looking for a job in the IT industry, then after having a strong grip on your core subjects like algorithms, data structures, operating systems, compilers, etc., you should do some development projects, depending on your personal interest or expertise domain of your dream company.

  • Web App Development: An app is a quintessential part of most projects and companies. Say Uber, Zomato. So, building a web app would be a great add-on to your skillset as a developer. Along the way, you would get to learn the major technologies, frameworks, and languages- like Android, Angular-Node, React, Django et al.
  • Game Development: If you wish to work as a game developer/designer, you can start from basic games like hangman, spaceship rockers, sudoku, etc. that can be built using multiple simple tools like HTML, CSS, Javascript, or Pygame library. Then you can move to build advanced ones like the Age of Empires in UNITY. If you are looking forward to an MS in Computer Science or higher studies, apart from all the above, research experience is an add-on. If you are looking for an MS in Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc., doing projects in that domain would be very useful. Some examples could be making a sentiment analyzer based on social media posts, stock price predictor, fake news detector, etc.


Getting a job in a core electronics company like Intel, National Instruments, Texas Instruments, and the likes, or even if you are looking forward to higher studies doing good projects would add an extra tick to your profile. Some examples of electronics projects would be the following:

  • Smart Systems: Some projects could be home automation using Wi-Fi/Bluetooth, automatic street light control, traffic lights controller, water monitoring system, solar tracker etc.
  • Health Monitoring Wearables: An example would be a handheld device for detecting common diseases like Malaria, Dengue by running a blood sample through the device.
  • Robotics and Mechatronics: Some projects in robotics could be Surveillance robot, robotic arm, gesture-based robots, mobile controlled robots etc.
  • Recognition Systems: Some examples could be a facial recognition system or fingerprint matching tool using signal/image processing using LabView/Matlab.
  • VLSI: An example of VLSI project ideas could be pollution sensor, temperature sensor using FGPA.

Most of these projects can be done using microcontrollers like Arduino/Raspberry Pi. And
having a piece of working cool hardware that you built is a different feeling in itself! There
are many more projects you could do, these are just some broad categories.

Mechanical & Automotive Ideas:

If you are targeting a core design job in a core company like General Motors Honda, L&T, or higher studies in the Mechanical/Automotive domain, having experience of working on the common industry tools like CAD, SolidWorks, CATIA, Simulink, MATLAB would give you an edge. The initial projects could be designing and simulating parts of machine-like suspension systems or gear train assembly and later vehicle design. There is nothing better than being a part of an automotive (car/bike/trike) team and building the whole machine ground up!

As the industry is moving towards automation, mechatronics/robotics projects (listed in the electronic part above) and knowing basic coding would be an added advantage.

Civil & Environment Project Ideas:

Core corporate jobs in Civil and Environment are not a popular option in India. Most students from these branches go for non-tech jobs or MBA. But, if you are among those interested in pursuing higher studies in environmental sciences or civil engineering, having experience with the common tools of this industry like Q-GIS, SketchUp, Revit, etc. would be helpful. You can do projects on 2D and 3D modelling of different structures and buildings. Seismic design, construction project management, tall building design, smart building design would be some hot ideas to work on.

If you wish to pursue higher studies in environmental engineering or wish to work in environmental agencies like state or central pollution control boards, you can go for research projects in pressing environment issues like eco-friendly fuels, pollution control strategies for cities, etc. Environment engineering and Civil engineering are intertwined. A lot of real estates related projects can be done like construction waste, green buildings, wastewater treatment, environmental impact assessment.


A good thing about most of these projects is that they are multidisciplinary. For example- If you are making an unmanned vehicle, you can use a mechanical engineer’s expertise for vehicle design, an electronics enthusiast for onboard components and circuitry, and a computer engineer for writing algorithms and the automation part. And what’s more, you have all these people in the same building, your college. One more project idea would be a plan for an environment-friendly self-sustainable campus.

From making the master plan, buildings and structures, renewable energy usage, remotely controlled labs, and rooms, solar/hybrid powered vehicles, and everything you can think of- this project would bring together students across various interest areas and departments to work together and could be a legacy to their college and juniors.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are some good engineering projects?

Web applications, gaming applications, smart systems, health monitoring devices, robots, recognition systems, sensors etc. are some of the good engineering projects one can take up.

How can I get project ideas?

The best part of being an engineer is problem solving. To get an idea for a project, the best way is to identify the issues that persist in the society and try to solve them.

Which topic is best for a project?

To take up the best topic for your project, you should choose something with which you closely relate to, this way you will put in the maximum efforts and the project will be built in a great manner.

What is a final year project in engineering?

A final year project in engineering is the final test an engineer has to go through to gather hold of an engineering degree. It tests everything the student has learnt and offers a chance to the student to showcase his mettle and capabilities.

Hopefully, this article would have given you some clarity and ideas for your final year project.

Make a project you will be proud of! And after you make them, we would love to hear about your ideas and projects. Do share them with us!

By Vidhi Aggarwal

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