Spend your summer with codes

Best Coding Programmes and offers
Best coding programmes and offers at Coding Ninjas.

Regardless of where learning is happening – at school, online or home – our mission at Coding Ninjas does not change. We continue to offer the right blend of codes to create a career roadmap for programming enthusiasts and learners to enhance your summer experience with exclusive offers and courses to learn from.

The year commenced on an ambiguous note filled with uncertainties about our day-to-day routine, activities, career and personal lives. The fuel for the economy is to go up and running despite the odds against it. And having millions of students losing out on their basic right to education or availability of quality education, it is imperative to find ways to accommodate the growing demand of the market in this evolving world with the help of technology.

We see a huge parity and skill gap between employers and skilled employee which is eventually going to see a surge in the times to come. To stay relevant in these times is only up-skilling, re-skilling, dynamic and multi-task. 

The above-mentioned assets can only be achieved with the help of rigorous efforts to learn to programme, advance your existing skills, create projects and practice. Therefore, Coding Ninjas bring to you, ‘Summer of Codes’. A prolonged theme designed to entertain, help and keep our students hooked to their computer screens as they solve and enrol in programming related quiz, challenges, special summer courses, exciting deals and much more. 

In this changed and twisted scenario, online lectures have become a pain to understand. But with the sessions online, we will be offering you exciting experiences in the form of the following: 


In the initial phase of your summer of code festival, our fun and intellectual webinars will become an additional hand to boost your learning. Our webinars will highlight the key programming trends, job trends, programming courses, career paths and much more to help you create a roadmap for the future.  

There will be a number of industry experts from bigwigs like Facebook, Microsoft, Google, LinkedIn and faculties from IITs, IIITs and Stanford to share relevant tips to stay productive. The sessions will be breezy with the easiest diction that will make you stick to your computer screens gleefully. 

Coding Challenges

These challenges are designed to enhance your productivity, logical reasoning, analytical skills and a lot more with the help of intriguing programming challenges every week to nail technical rounds during interviews etc.

These challenges are unique and give a fresh set of problems every time for the students to diversify their problem-solving approach and expand their realms of coding. 

In the Ninja Prep Mock Test Seriesa month-long online coding event based on Product and Service-Based Companies. The series will feature a range of questions on Aptitude, Programming MCQs and Coding.  Another interesting coding event in India is Google Summer Of Code, to know more visit here.

New Summer Courses

Just like the season, we need to keep learning new languages, modules, frameworks to enhance our knowledge, skills and make ourselves more dynamic.

In constant effort to offer more diversity we have recently added two new Development Courses which includes Android Development with Kotlin and Front-End Web Development with React. These courses are currently picking pace within the technological space and being the game changers in the employment domain. 

Free Trials

We give you a sneak-peak to our courses, content and how we operate and teach our students with the help of free trials. This facility will not only give you enough information about the course and its curriculum but will help you establish a link between your knowledge and understanding of the terms. These trials are essential for students as it plays a significant role in developing trust and reliability on their faculty and the course offerings that can influence their decision making. 

Course Discounts

With insightful courses comes heavy discounts and offers that our students can avail while purchasing the course. We constantly thrive to enhance the student’s experience and in lieu offer exciting deals that are cost-effective and can encourage them to learn to programme at an economic price point. 

Don’t let the external chaos strike you hard and hamper your learning process. Instead, utilise this time to learn and practice with a purpose. These days are crucial for every student who wants to up-skill or re-skill their programming journey because soon enough the world will transform into a battleground for placements. 

Happy coding!