Best Tips to make your lockdown productive

Programming During COVID-19
Programming During COVID-19

Considering social distancing to be a new ‘in’ these days we have gathered a few tips which will help programming enthusiasts during the lockdown in reviving their productivity and taking it to the next level. We are sure that this summer will be a turning point in your life towards achieving excellence for your career, but, with a twist. 

Social distancing yourself with studies during the pandemic can be quiet challenging on the professional front, especially for programming aspirants and final year students. COVID-19 is going to stay with us for a while and the next course of action is to be adaptive during this process of transition. This phase will require all the students to study programming like never before which includes learning new courses, solving practice problems, participate in hackathons, online quiz and much more. 

To make these tasks more achievable and accessible, Coding Ninjas has introduced its Summer Of Codes festival to keep you hooked to your screens (for good). The extended festival boasts of a range of Online Coding Events, Mock Test Series, Free Trials, Discounts and new courses to up-skill yourself. The fest features a large gamut of products for our students (both from colleges and working professionals) to take up a new skill and dedicate your time to learn it. 

According to a LinkedIn report, the skills companies need the most includes has been divided into two segments which include Soft Skills: Creativity, Persuasion, Collaboration, Adaptability and Emotional Intelligence and Hard Skills: Blockchain, Cloud Computing, Analytical Reasoning, Artificial Intelligence, UX Design, Business Analysis, Affiliate Marketing, Sales, Scientific Computing and Video Production.
For those who are uncertain about their future, there has never been a better time to enrol in e-learning courses. A rigorous e-learning course teaches skills employers want. With ample free time on their hands and faced with an uncertain future, professionals must take steps to increase their employability. In an economy where skills acquired just a few years ago quickly become obsolete, professionals must enrol in new courses to keep their talent set relevant. 

Start learn to program this summer

Learning isn’t always difficult when you have all the appropriate resources at hand. Choosing an online course will help you break the chain of constant struggle. It is always important to take the first step calmly. Step into the coding culture with Coding Ninjas with the world of programming courses that covers almost every domain in programming. Start by building a foundation in programming with the popular programming languages like Python, Java and C++. Step by step climb the ladder to enter into the advance phase of programming with Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development with React or Node.js, Android Development with Google’s preferred- KotlinThe best part is, the portal is online and can be accessed at any time of the day or night, irrespective of your geographical location. 

Get ready for the interviews beforehand

The constant upskilling with the online courses is your way out to the leading MNCs. Owing to skill and mastering the interviews are the two different things. Spend your time in preparing for the interviews in companies like Google, Amazon, Microsoft, Adobe, Uber and many more. With Interview Preparation course you will be able to understand the semantics that is required to excel in a technical interview. The premium video lectures from the exceptional mentors and the constant support for all your doubts will help you in enhancing yourself sequentially. With what all resources that you can gather online, this is the chance for you to take to come out as a leader after this period of lockdown ends. 

Practice your programming skills

While preparing for a time-table and choosing a new subject to study, make sure that you spend some time in practising. While getting ready for the interviews or competitions in programming the central figure is Data Structures and Algorithms. Soon after you learn a course or a programming language you must start practising with the help of assignments. Participating in coding competitions like ACM-ICPC, Hacker Cup etc is one hell of practice and to hone that skill, you must focus on giving your best at Competitive Programming. Just like it is said before, it’s always about taking the first step right. 

Analyse the right tools 

Believing the fact that constant upskilling is important and you have to make others believe that you are an asset, get on with hiring a good coachDuring this unwelcoming scenario, it is important to make the right career choice. The world of programming is what that you should endeavour to. Seeing the constant news of people who have lost the job during this pandemic, it is important that you see through which domain is evolving.

During this COVID-19 sundown what matters most is how you choose to pursue your development. There is n number of opportunities available but, deciding which one will stand you out among the millions competing is noteworthy. At this hour of constant struggle, you have to be 500% ready to compete with 200% diligent crowd. With the exceptional content to the extraordinary support, we stand together to help you strengthen this terrible sight. Caring more about a way through, we have been working hard to build a bridge over every obstacle and roadblock. Our Qualified Mentors, Teaching Assistants and Industry Relevant Content will be at par with you whenever you plan to pursue a career in programming.

These major aspects will rule-out the struggle to combat the lockdown crisis and help you recover for what is to come. Rather just becoming eligible, become an asset so that you can be the newly formed leader.