6 Best Projects in Web Development

6 Best Projects in Web Development
6 Best Projects in Web Development

To pursue a career in web development, you must understand and develop projects that can give you a fair understanding of the tools and technologies that work in web development. Below are a few handpicked projects and their attributes that can help you scale-up.

  1. A social media app

A working social media app can do wonders for your resume. However, it is recommended for full-stack developers only. Implementing technologies like databases, scripts, and all that jazz goes into developing a social media app, and if you have got some great ideas about it, you can become famous. 

Companies know that building a social media app is extremely difficult and challenging to make. If you have a social media app on your resume, no one can deny the fact that you are an expert web developer.


  • React + Redux
  • Express
  • Material Ui
  • NodeJs
  • Firebase

You need to have a lot of knowledge about the concepts of web development to build your own social media app! Find a sample project template, begin designing, and figure out as you move ahead.

  1. Countdown timer

It is a very common project found in most of the web development portfolios. It can be seen as an experiment zone where you can add numerous features based on your creativity. For instance, you can add a to-do list, an alarm clock and many more.


  • You can pick up any framework of your choice, or
  • You can create it using Vanilla Js
  1. Punk beer web app

You will have to make use of the punk beer API to develop a unique web project that uses templating to reflect data on the page. The punk API does not need a key to use and it also offers a lot of information in its responses.


  • Front-end framework – React 
  • CSS framework 

To spark-up your project, you can add functionalities such as a ‘shopping cart’ or ‘favourite’ feature. The users must be able to see a separate list of items they mark as favourite. You will face many challenges with managing application state.

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  1. GitHub notifier

Build a GitHub notifier that can listen for events from GitHub and give a notification to the user.  GitHub is the one-stop platform for developers and building a notifier for GitHub activity help users to quickly respond to changes in the code, suggestions, and other events.


  • HTTP server for post hooks

To add more functionality to the application, you can have a rules engine for deciding when to give the notification to the user, GUI, and also a database for storing the history.

  1. Twilio Bot

Twilio is basically an API that is used for text messages and phone calls. Ever wanted someone to call you up and tell you a joke? You can do that with Twilio!


  • API access

To add more functionality, you can link it to a To-do list, a GitHub notifier, or a weather app. 

  1. Redesign an existing template

Taking a popular website and redesigning it can be a good idea. Perhaps, you can do so for a target company to which you hope to apply. Adding this in your work portfolio will help to showcase your skills as a web developer and to modify an existing idea to improve it for better user experience. You have got tons of options to choose from while redesigning the website.

A Quick Bite!

Web Development does not limit to books or just the theory, it basically is about applying the concepts that you have learned on actual projects. Maybe, you will require another try but you will somehow succeed.

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So, start building!