How Data Science is set to rule in 2020?

Data Science
Data scientists make use of machine learning models to deliver accurate predictions based on past data.

Technology never ceases to amaze. What is now possible was once deemed unrealistic, too difficult, perhaps even impossible to achieve. Who would have thought that we would see phones with folding screens? This is just a very small example of the extent of the impact technology has had on the world.

Speaking of the dawn of the new decade has brought with it a plethora of promise for the tech world. Concepts such as Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality are growing in power day by day. Singing on a similar tune comes in data science- the hot prospect, the buzzword of today’s times, and a tantalising aspect of technology to explore for budding techies. You might have heard the term thrown around many times, but what does it actually mean? Is it worth learning? Let’s find out if data science can rule the tech world in 2020.

The Jobs boom in Data Science

Whether it’s an early-stage startup or a big tech giant like Amazon or Oracle, every company is looking to gain ground by leveraging data with sheer force. In India, a fresher with key data science skills can bag an average CTC of 10-12 LPA. 

Even if you are already working, it is quite simple to acquire the necessary skills and switch roles or job. All you need to do is stay motivated and upskill yourself.

What do data scientists actually do?

In addition to the evergreen field of Data Analytics, Data Scientists add something more to the game. Imagine data analysts having more freedom to pursue their ideas and experiment with the data they work on, instead of following standard procedures. Data scientists make use of machine learning models to deliver accurate predictions based on past data. 

What data science requires is the following-

  • Extensive knowledge of programming languages focused around data, such as Python and R
  • Statistical modelling knowledge
  • Mathematics background (although numerous libraries make it easier for coders to implement math concepts in their data science models)

You now know what data science requires to be done. But what makes the statement “Data science set to rule 2020” carry so much weight? Here’s the lowdown.

And then there was data

With the arrival of the new decade, we have taken a leap of faith into the next era of how we live our lives, and interact with technology. Data is at the front and centre of all such interactions and the sheer volume of data processed every minute around us can drive simpletons crazy.

Now, when there’s so much data being thrown around, there has to be a method to organise, analyse and put it to use, right? There is! This is where data science comes in. Data science is what brings together businesses, we might even say data science is what takes businesses to the next level! Formulating product strategies, increasing operational efficiency and much more is done with the help of data science. Want to read more about Data Science, read here.

Data Visualisation

To ride the wave of data science in your career, be sure to learn visualisation skills first. By adding the much-needed knowledge of analytical tools to perform data visualisation, you can land the best of jobs in data science.

Previously gathered data on the specified field is taken, and data scientists work their magic on it to help gain valuable insight. This insight is then transformed into suggestions, or strategies, whatever the higher-ups at the organisation prefer. Data science entails the freedom to build your own models to analyse and organise data, and this is where it is different from regular analytics.

In 2020, odds are that we will consume or generate more data than ever before. Therefore, the existence of data science becomes all the more important, helping put this data to good use. With almost all brands, companies, firms and organisations that are relying on data to drive their profits, there is no question on the usefulness of data science as a field, and the future prospects of data science as a career.

If you are looking to pursue something out of the ordinary, are interested in the life and lies of data, and want to make good money doing such a job, then data science is the perfect fit for you!

Therefore, one may safely say that data science is set to rule 2020 and beyond.

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