5 Reasons to build DevOps skills for your career

DevOps skills for your career

IT buzzwords change like the wind. From big data to IoT, there is no shortage of often-used phrases that businesses must quickly become accustomed to.

DevOps is one of those latest trends that can enhance agility and improve performance in the IT sector. DevOps is not just a process or a tool, but a culture that changes how different teams in a company work to achieve business goals. 

There are virtually innumerable benefits of implementing DevOps in your business. Let us have a look at some of the key reasons for building DevOps skills for the growth of your career and business.  

  1. You will become a better problem solver

A major reason to develop DevOps skills is the technical benefit of delivering the product quickly. The complex problems will be solved automatically so that you have fewer complex problems to fix. Using DevOps skills, you can build faster and easier resolutions to every problem.

We cannot overlook the clinical advantage of DevOps, which is business innovation. Business innovation can be seen as a process of brainstorming new ideas to streamline operational workflows and add value to your business. Today, almost every company is using AWS or Microsoft Azure as their cloud partner. 

  1. Amazing product quality 
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Say goodbye to defects. In an application production environment, defects are your worst enemy. However, with the implementation of DevOps, defects become next to impossible, making it an instant solution for most of the issues. 

Through modular programming and iterative development, the defects are minimized. This, in turn, creates endless opportunities for better efficiency and better product quality. Given the right implementation, the developers can achieve a short span of time, making the production of apps and products effective and full-proof.

  1. Great future prospects

Implementation of DevOps and learning DevOps skills will help in eliminating the old strategy of agile activity among various teams such as network, storage team, Linux/Unix, windows, etc.

Seeing the stability and quality factors, the fear of change has reduced somewhat. The Automation and QA processes deployments are more frequent, organizations are discovering ways for bringing in DevOps tools at work.

DevOps has become a popular career choice these days. Various researches have shown that in the coming years DevOps will a major hiring criterion for 46% of the IT companies, Seeing the great future prospects, DevOps is a must-learn skill for the developers.

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  1. An optimum fit for modern software teams 

DevOps can prove to be a perfect fit for modern software teams. The team members can independently accomplish tasks such as deploying code or provisioning infrastructure. Rather than depending on multiple developers to accomplish tasks, the team members of DevOps teams can work to troubleshoot and determine their own resolutions.

The ultimate aim of the DevOps team is to improve business value by working through the continuous delivery of products that satisfy customer requirements. DevOps helps the software teams to come together to research customer needs and innovate based around these shortcomings.

  1. Improved collaboration and communication

Team morale experiences a boost with the implementation of DevOps. It helps improve office collaboration and communication. This way, employees can communicate and work together effectively. Increased communication results in a culture of trust between team members. 

Since the production and development teams are working together, they become more focussed on performing towards a single goal rather than having separate goals. Also, the team at the operation level does not have to wait for finding an error and then fix it.

This results in a better employee camaraderie. When a team works together, the work is done quickly and well without issues. There is never a downside to improving employee morale and work relationships between colleagues. 

Bottom line

DevOps offers an all-round growth in terms of software quality and culture. Most of the companies are looking for DevOps developers who can help them to enhance their infrastructure with one-click deployment and rollback, and overall pipeline automation.

A skilled DevOps developer does not only provide automation but also other significant business benefits. Some of these benefits include automated alerts, centralized log management, and also disaster recovery. 

DevOps is a full-proof way to optimize quality and enhance infrastructure. Learning DevOps skills will be a great way to grow in your career.

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