Internship Talk with Pranav Malik

His amazing experience and what he loved!

My experience with Coding Ninjas was fabulous. I took 2 courses from Coding Ninjas one is Competitive Programming and other for Machine Learning. The best thing I like about courses in Coding Ninjas is their content and faculty. The TA/mentor support was always a plus point as every time we are in trouble we can just ping a TA to get our doubt solved. After completing my ML course I was also selected to serve as a TA. Interacting with new students and resolving their doubts also made my concepts more clear.

 Interview experience

The questions that were asked in the interview were mainly from Data Structures, Algorithms and Puzzles. Goldman Sachs always asks lots of puzzles in their interviews. Rest of the questions were from Operating Systems and Database Management systems. They also asked about the latest trending technologies and its impact in the coming years.

How did you prepare for the interview?

When I started preparing for my internship sessions, I found out that learning concepts from online free resources were time-consuming as the material as quite unorganized. Then I took the ML course from Coding Ninjas. It helped me improve my development skills. Secondly, it added a few good projects to my CV. Then I took a competitive course to brush up my programming skills. I made sure that I solve each and every question provided by Coding Ninjas as assignments. After that to practice more I used to solve on geeks for geeks and interview bit.

Advice to current students

The most important thing that matters is the clarity of concepts. Cramming things is not an alternative. The second most important thing is a practice which will make you more mature in finding the most optimal solution in less time. Before appearing for any company’s interview always have a look at their interview process and previously asked questions. One thing that should be clear is always keeping interacting with the interviewer else there will be a negative impact created for you.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

If any students want a kickstart in their coding career, then one should take a foundation course from coding ninjas. It will help them clear their basics. The full-time Mentor support also plays a significant role in getting your doubts cleared and obviously the leaderboard always pushed to perform well.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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