Placement Talk with Stuti Juyal

Her amazing experience and what she loved!

My experience with Coding Ninjas has been wonderful. From being a student to being a TA to 2 batches and then being the Campus Ambassador and working with the Content team, the journey is enriched with wonderful experiences! Mentors that helped beyond imagination, one-stop solution to sparse and diverse material, a lot of dilemmas was resolved when I joined and gave me a good kickstart! A lot of memories made, I can surely say that Ninjas is home to me!

 Interview experience

It mainly focused on Data structures, Operating system, Object-Oriented Programming concepts.

Advice to Current Students!

I work on the 70-30 rule. It means 30% theory of Data structures and algorithm and 70% practice.
If you are a student at Coding Ninjas, always ask your doubts. Even a single piece of doubt in any concept can be really fatal. So, clear your doubts and make your concepts crystal clear. Your teachers and TAs are there to help you 24*7.
Practice makes a man perfect is just perfect in case of programming, so practice as much as possible.
Be consistent. Even 5 questions every day can prove to be a crucial step towards acing in interviews.
Do not copy and paste code just to improve your leaderboard ranks. If you want to look into the solution, try to grab a pen and paper and try to dry run each and every step.

This will just embed the processing of that code in your brain and you will know how to solve that question as well as similar questions.

How did you prepare for the interview?

Aptitude preparation+ Data structures and algorithm questions that I did in Coding ninjas. Also, I prepared everything written in my CV thoroughly.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Coding Ninjas is not just a Coding Bootcamp, it is beyond that! The role it played in my life is irreplaceable and I can never forget all the experiences Ninjas has given me. I will simply say that Coding Ninjas is by far the best place if you thrive for knowledge and are determined to turn yourself into a Coding beast!

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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