Student’s Journey with Coding Ninjas Career Camp (Updated in 2021)

Coding Ninjas Career Camp


How often do you come across programs that let you run through the entire program curated by alumni from IITD and top companies?

Almost never, right? 

Coding Ninjas brings to you a bootcamp like no other. It is the most premier and the most trusted coding bootcamp in India. While everyone is struggling to come up with a plan and a roadmap of getting a job in their dream companies, the students of Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp are hustling everyday with tonnes of assignments, practice sessions, webinars and industry-level preparation strategies. 

To top it all, the ultimate cherry on the cake is that the students do not have to pay anything while enrolling on the course. The fee will be taken only after you land a job – how assuring! 

Coding Ninjas have been providing students with the skill sets and opportunities to land their dream tech jobs since time immemorial. With courses on all programming language fundamentals imaginable, paired with advanced material like machine learning and competitive programming courses, Coding Ninjas is a one-stop platform for all things tech.

Whether you are a beginner in the world of programming or a seasoned veteran with a brilliant star rating on CodeChef, Coding Ninjas have something or the other for you to kickstart your process of bagging a dream job.

The Coding Ninjas Career camp is one such initiative, which can only be described as one-of-a-kind. A 6-month program to assist you in landing your dream tech job, the Career camp is for those who want guidance on placement preparation and interview prep, every step of the way. A carefully structured, meticulously curated, and industrially verified course, the Career camp has already started churning out future superstars in the world of tech.

Career Camp – The road to success

As a student, it is very hard to land a dream job without real hands-on experience. For a lot of students that are enrolled in the Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp program, this is the ultimate path to glory. With regular classes and webinars, students are prepared for D-Day. Not only this, people are able to sharpen their concepts with video lectures, coding assignments, and regular webinars.

However, just building a great skill set might not be enough in many cases. Numerous aspects such as a resume, a good GitHub profile, and whatnot are required to come across as a potential candidate in placements. With Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp, you can rest assured about these aspects as well. 

The Ultimate Game Plan


A 6-month intensive program from the most loved tech education company in India, guaranteed to bag you a dream tech job- sounds great, doesn’t it?

Believe us, it is even better than it sounds!

The Coding Ninjas Career camp has a meticulously devised game plan to help students of all backgrounds succeed in their hunt for a dream job. 

  • With industry-verified content, delivered by alumni from IITs, and international universities like Stanford, the Career camp course contents are right up there with the best of the best. Online weekly pre-recorded lectures form the basis of the Career camp’s course contents, with multiple projects included to improve the practical skills of students.
  • Real-time doubt resolution is a reality, and no longer a farce. With Career camp, a teaching assistant per 10 students will be assigned to all enrolled students, with video calling facilities available at any time to resolve doubts. Add to that the exceptional faculty, alumni from IITs, and other premier institutes, and you can’t really go wrong!
  • A lot of the placement and job process revolves around resume building and interview prep. Coding Ninjas Career camp has that part of the process covered as well, with specialized profile building training to help you stand out from the crowd. Mentors with a significant amount of experience in the industry guide students on what interviewers look for in candidates, and provide helpful tips on how to present yourself as the most worthy candidate for the job.

From building strong basics to making students ready for success, everything is worked upon at Coding Ninjas Career camp!

Steps to Glory

Once students enroll in the Coding Ninjas Career camp, the exact daily schedule is shared with them. However, to give an overview, there are daily online sessions from 10 AM to 6 PM, including coding assignments, video lectures, online interactions, and real-time webinars with mentors and industry professionals.

Students are also assigned proper industrial projects to give them a hands-on experience on what the tech scene demands, and ensures that their learning is in sync with the current trends of the tech sector.

Not only this, but students will be provided with industry-level interview preparation, including topics like DBMS, Operating Systems, and Aptitude tests.

Mock interviews from time to time are conducted by industry experts, in order to maximize the chances of students getting hired!

The Coding Ninjas Career camp, a one-stop shop for securing your dream job, offers you each and every avenue to reach out and grab that tech job at Microsoft you always wanted. The best part about it? You don’t have to pay a penny until you get placed! It doesn’t get any better than this, does it?

Comparison between a Normal Student and a Student From Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp 

Student A – Self Study Student B – Career Camp 
Practices questions from various sources, gets confused about what is important and ends up studying irrelevant material.A student at the career camp gets 350+ handpicked questions for their placement preparation. 
Gets confused between development and coding and ends up not mastering either of those. Gets assistance and guidance for both coding and development for clearing the coding interview as well as being a web developer. 
Has to study the theory of computer science fundamentals on his own with no clue about the kind of questions that can be asked in the interview. Students are taught exactly what they need to know about core subjects and aptitude which are placement specific. 
Have to hunt for jobs on his own.Dedicated placement assistance is provided. 

To understand more about what is required for the career camp and how can you get an assured placement in top companies, check out this video below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is coding bootcamp free?

Coding Bootcamp by Coding Ninjas has an offer of 0 upfront fee, 0 security deposit and 0 registration fee. The students only have to pay after they land a job.

What coding bootcamp is best for beginners?

A coding bootcamp is best for beginners because they don’t have to unlearn any previous techniques they might have come across. It is a fresh start with a clean slate and the students can learn exactly how they are supposed to with expert guidance.

Is coding Bootcamp for beginners?

Yes, coding bootcamps are for students of all ages.

Is coding bootcamp worth it 2021?

Coding bootcamps will always be worth it, be it any year.

Can you fail a coding bootcamp?

You fail at anything if and only if you are not dedicated enough towards it. If you put your body and soul into achieving something, there is no stopping you.

Key Takeaways 

  • 0 Upfront Cost – Coding Ninjas has recently launched a new offer for the Ninjas Career Camp. There will be 0 upfront cost, 0 security deposit, and 0 registration fee. You only need to pay after getting a job! 
  • Coding and Data Structures – The Coding Ninjas Career Camp offers you hundreds of practice questions and rigorous practice in terms of coding and understanding the most important aspect of every technical interview – data structures and algorithms. 
  • Full Stack Web Development – In addition to learning coding and data structures, this Bootcamp is also for aspiring web developers. Students are taught HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, AJAX, NodeJS and ReactJS. 
  • Aptitude and Core Subjects – For an industry-level interview, the students also need to have great aptitude skills and a fundamental understanding of subjects like operating systems, database management systems, system design, and object-oriented programming. The career camp takes good care of this aspect as well! 
  • Dedicated Placement Support – Every student is valued in the program and every student gets the dedicated attention they need. Coding Ninjas understands the importance of a successful career and hence with this career camp, they have left no stone unturned for assisting their students into landing a sure shot job! 
  • Eligibility – The eligibility for the program is only final year undergraduates or graduates who wish to advance in their career and wake up every day doing a job they love!

All the very best to all aspiring students! 

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