Internship Talk with Arushi Garg

It helped me polish my coding skills further & improved my debugging skills to a huge extent.


Her amazing experience and what she loved!

The Coding Ninjas competitive course – Eminence has given me the edge required in this competitive world, helped me build my problem-solving abilities, improved my coding and eradicate my weaknesses. The course content was brilliant and covered over everything right from the very basics to the expert level. Also, we could view the leader board throughout the course, so we were always motivated to stay in the top few. The teaching assistants were of help too. In fact, Coding Ninjas also allowed gave me an opportunity to become a teaching assistant. It helped me polish my coding skills further and improved my debugging skills to a huge extent. Overall I had a great experience, and Coding Ninjas course helped me learn a lot.

 Interview experience

It was mainly about Data Structures and a few general questions. Data structure are an essential concept for all the interviews, and the course content really helped me to gain knowledge about it.

Advice to Current Students!

Not only just try to solve a large number of question but also find about the various ways to do it and how to find the most optimal solution. Try to get a conceptual understanding of the problem so that you can apply the same concept to many other problems too.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

Coding Ninjas is the best place to strengthen your concepts in programming, and the course content is structured in a very proper way. Also, the environment will keep you motivated throughout. The TA support will help you whenever you are stuck.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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