Internship talk with Ajay’s Bhardwaj

Concepts taught in Coding Ninjas would be sufficient to crack the interview.

Ajay amazing experience and what he loved!

Coding Ninjas is an excellent platform to learn and practice Data structure and algorithms. The mentor here is too good and helpful, and TAs are very friendly and helpful. The coding platform is also very good, and the course is prepared to crack any interview. There are a lot of questions on codezen for practice which helped me nail the internship. Multiple approaches are being taught for the same questions. There were doubt sessions (online and offline) which were really helpful. There were tests, too, which help in increasing confidence. Overall it was a nice experience which helped him to nail his internship offer.

Interview experience

The interview round was mainly Data Structure and Algorithms and Projects mentioned in your Resume. Although there were few critical topics like Binary Trees, HashMaps, Heaps and Dynamic Programming. The level of Questions was medium. Questions from a few other topics like OS, DBMS, Networks were also asked in the first technical round.

Advice to Current Students!

Concepts taught in Coding Ninjas would be sufficient to crack the interview. You have to practice a lot of questions. Questions provided on CodeZen are sufficient and practising them would be really helpful.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

I strongly recommend Coding Ninjas to friends considering the course syllabus and mentor.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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