Land your dream job with Zero upfront- Career Camp

Landing a first tech job in this highly competitive industry is one tough task for students. The sheer amount of competition just for the chance of getting an interview at top tech giants is enough to make a grown man shudder. It is true that companies like Amazon, Google, and Microsoft offer some of the highest packages for tech jobs, but it is also well-known that getting a job at the level of these tech giants is no easy feat. Students work day and night, 24 hours, 7 days a week, just to fight for a chance of being interviewed by their dream companies. 

What if this hard, grueling process was made easier?

Coding Ninjas Career Camp– helping students land their dream jobs

Coding Ninjas, helping students learn the ins and outs of development and programming since time immemorial, has launched Coding Ninjas Career Camp- a 21-month course dedicated to helping students where 9 months is a training period and 12 months is placement period (complete the training earliest and start preparing for the placements) find their first tech job at some of the best companies in the world.

As part of this 21-month program (9+12), students are taught the intricacies of the business world of tech and software. With rigorous training, mentorship, guidance, and seminars, students are made job-ready, so that they can land interviews at their dream tech companies. Industry-level interview preparation is what Career Camp aims to provide students, with a major focus on subjects like Database Management Systems, Operating Systems, System Design, and other fundamentals. Not only this, mock interviews by Industry Experts are also conducted so that students can get a look and feel of what it feels like to be interviewed by a tech giant like Microsoft.

What does the Career Camp offer students?

Coding Ninjas’ Career Camp offers world-class benefits to participating students. A complete experience to help them learn programming and secure jobs like never before, Career Camp offers the following benefits-

  • Content tailored to the industry

In order to teach students the skills that the industry requires, Career Camp consists of a plethora of pre-recorded lectures by some of the industry’s leading figures, to be watched at the students’ own convenience. Throughout the camp, students would be exposed to many projects and write thousands of lines of code, thereby increasing their programming proficiency.

  • Doubt resolution and competent faculty

For every 10 students, a Teaching Assistant (TA) will be provided, who will be available on video call, chats, as well as voice calls for students to solve any and all of their doubts. These TA’s are top performing alumni of Coding Ninjas, specially selected for this purpose.

  • Industry level exposure

The Career Camp helps students build their profile and resume to match exactly what top tech companies desire. Mock interviews are held time and again to aid students in getting familiar with the industrial interview process, so that students can ace their interviews when the time comes. With over 170+ companies hiring from Coding Ninjas, this industry level exposure can take students places!

Zero upfront fee

The best part about Coding Ninjas Career Camp is that students can choose to pay no fees upfront, only paying back when they land their desired job. The Career Camp offers a minimum 4 LPA job assurance.

If students are not able to get a job higher than the minimum offer, then they are not liable to pay anything back to Coding Ninjas. 

Students who got placed on and before April 2021 batch have a landed a job with an average CTC of 7.8 LPA in Hack and 9.3 LPA in Standard plan. 21.5 LPA is the highest historical salary acquired by the Career Camp student.

The payment options for students include the “Standard” option, with INR 1,00,000 fees.

With the “Hack” payment option, students can choose to pay nothing upfront, and only begin paying back when they land a job, with the amount being 15% of the salary for 3 years capped at INR 3,00,000. And so, we call this Pay after Placement.

Coding Ninjas Career Camp is currently available for Full Stack Web Development role, with other profiles soon to be offered to students in the near future. If you are dreaming of your first tech job at one of the giants, then Career Camp will surely take you there!