Future of software development in India

Future of Software Development

Let’s face the truth: Coding is difficult. Yes, it can be a very exciting affair at first, but it requires a lot of effort. You are likely to sit in front of the computer screen for hours to code. You have to always keep yourself updated with the new trends in the field of technology and also, enter coding competitions to test yourself. Coding requires you to invest your entire self into it. However, you have always known that the prospects of coding are good. The market will likely have a job opening for you if you do well.

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But then again, you might have often thought about the real future in software development in India. While the world of technology is always evolving and changing, are there enough options available in India? 

Let’s first decipher the statistics. As of February 2019, the IT industry has contributed about 7.9% of the GDP of the country. It created about 1,05,000 jobs last year. The IT industry has helped to fuel the rise of startups in India with more than 5,200 startups appearing in 2018. 

As per the statistics, the IT industry has a compound annual growth rate of 10.71% and is estimated to reach US $350 billion by the year 2025. So, it’s clear that the software industry is and will be booming.  But in what avenues?

Firstly, we have to understand why there has been such massive growth in the software industry in the last decade. It is because of the digitization phase. More and more people were gaining access to the internet. People were slowly realizing the need for computers and hence, computers entered in almost every household. This resulted in a major requirement of employees in the IT sector in the last decade. The digitization phase is almost over now. And so, you can’t expect the same kind of demand for software engineers in this age.

However, smart work and planning can still make you an in-demand software developer.

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  • Automation seems to be the new path that most industries are going to follow. And so, it’s time to put our focus on machine learning tools. Many of the previous programming languages remain popular, like Java. However, new trends in machine learning are bringing languages like Python in the forefront. So, machine learning will be a major trend in the software development industry of India.
  • Make in India and several other government schemes are geared to create new jobs in the IT field and hence, advance the software development scene in India.
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  • Marketing has undergone a massive change around the globe since the Internet entered our lives. We are now able to collect data and analyse it to understand marketing trends and changes in consumer demands. Cloud computing has made it easier to store huge amounts of data too. Big Data analysis using languages like Python and R, as well as Data science will be on the rise and will collaborate with the software development world.
  • Banking, finance, and manufacturing sectors are trying to automate their processes. So, they will require new software and updates to ensure a fluent automation process can be put in place. It is in these sectors that software developers will be required.
  • Startups continue to rise in India. With startups, there will be a need for website development, web apps, and even chatbots. Plus, digital marketing companies are also on the rise. These startups will rely on computers, the internet and various software to help their businesses.
  • The rise of automation with AI and Machine Learning has been all the rage recently. Come to think of it, Machine learning is a subset of AI. To succeed in the future of software development, working with supervised and unsupervised training models with ease would be a key factor.
  • It is clear that the world is slowly moving towards automation. This might strike fear in the hearts of many people since automation means dismissal from jobs. However, software developers and programmers will be required to maintain these systems. Hence, if you choose to make smart coding choices and choose the right course, then you will not be considered irrelevant in the future.

Remember, qualifications play a major role in this industry. A person with a Master’s degree in Computer Science will get a job sooner and in a much higher position than a person with a Bachelor’s degree. Also, your coding experience and external certificates will matter. If you have taken part in coding competitions and won prizes, that will be relevant too during the interviews.
Build up your credentials and make smart choices for yourself. It will help your journey in the future world of software development in India. To equip yourself with the best-in-class capabilities, you can explore some of the new courses at Coding Ninjas.

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