Tips to determine your success in competitive coding

Do you want to test out your coding skills? Then, competitive coding is the best way to go. Imagine you are in the competition – your body’s pumping in the blood to your brains and your fingers all jittery, tapping in the codes to win! Makes you almost feel like Neo, doesn’t it? Competitive coding is fantastic for coders – it puts you on the edge, pushes you out of your comfort zone and boosts your coding skills. But there are certain ways of approaching coding which can bring you success in coding competitions. Here are a few factors which you need to keep in mind when you are engaging with competitive coding: 

  1. Preparing the algorithms and data structures
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For efficient programming, you have to get your basics right. When you are in a competition, you have to code fast – but that should not be an excuse for shabbiness. One of the basics of coding is mastering the data structures and algorithms. So, get your college and high school books out, and start brushing up the basics of coding. You can always take the help of GeeksForGeeks for detailed tutorials too. For intensive coding course, you can also go for CodingNinjas competitive programming courses.

  1. Choose a language you are comfortable with 

The way towards any kind of success is to do what you love. Similarly, during coding competitions, you got to choose a language which you are comfortable with. Learn every bit of the language from the basics to the advanced skills necessary. Ensure that you put in much of your time and effort in this language and develop a mastery over it. Even if it’s C++, make sure that you know it inside out before you participate in a coding competition.    

  1. Practice makes perfect

The old adage – practice makes you perfect is even more relevant for coding. Coding is a skill that you build up on every time you code. Every second you put in to work on the skill brings you closer to achieving a level of mastery in it. Make a schedule if you want, and put in your undivided attention to practice coding during the coding hours. It will definitely give you an edge during the competition.

  1. Participate in more competitions


While practicing may give you the edge over other coders, your mind might mess up when you actually enter the competition. Facing your challenges, competing with different coders with the same goal – all these factor in to increase a lot of pressure on you. To get rid of it, you have to participate in more competitions. The more you participate, the better you become prepared to tackle the environment that you are in. This will eventually bring a positive difference in your fast-coding skills that is essential for such competitions.

  1. Patience
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Even when you practice and participate in a number of coding competitions, it may not bring you instant victory. It takes time and yes, there is a bit of luck present. You have to be patient. Don’t give up – keep taking the shot – keep participating and keep improving your coding skills. One day, you will be holding the prize and look back in your struggles with pride.

  1. Keep it fun

Coding can often turn out to be really frustrating. It can take a toll on your mind. But don’t be too harsh on yourself. Look at the bright side. These competitions push you out of your comfort zone and that helps to give a new dimension to your coding. Plus, you get to know new coders who can help you out in the future too. So, always be positive and keep it simple. Keep the competition fun and healthy, and enjoy it completely. De-stress yourself and keep a cool mind while coding. That will bring you closer to the success you desire.

Keep the right mindset and you can really achieve what you desire. Remember the three Ns of Coding: Never give up, Never get stressed, and Never stop believing in yourself. Go, get your prize. Best of luck. 
Coding competitions become so much easier when you are actually practising it in an environment designed for coding competitions. At Coding Ninjas, we give you exactly that environment and try to push you out of your comfort zone to get to the top. Let our competitive programming course help you out with your dream to win coding competitions.

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