Internship experience with Nishant Singh

Coding Ninjas is the mentor to my success!

His amazing experience and what he loved!

I started my journey with Coding Ninjas through Eminence, which is the competitive coding course, I was mesmerised by the content provided by the incredibly passionate and knowledgable mentors, they made the most fearsome topics relatively easy to understand. Earlier, I tried to learn these concepts by myself, but it was too hard, that I gave up quickly, but during the course, I was motivated enough that giving up did not come to my mind even once, I give all the credit to the mentors and the course content setters.

Interview experience

It consisted of 4 rounds where they asked about Data Structures, Algorithms, Logical Puzzles, DBMS, Computer Networks, Wholesome knowledge about the projects written in my resume.

Advice to Current Students!

I would request all to practice problems from various sites, as most of the coding rounds are based on it. Even Coding Ninjas provide questions marked as Interview Shurikens, which are the questions asked previously by prestigious companies, they help you a lot even for interviews, DBMS, OS, and Computer Networks, should be on your tips. I would not suggest you do them in detail, but an overview must be taken. You should have complete knowledge of your resume, and should not write things that you are unclear of.

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

I will introduce it as a mentor to my success, the all-in-one destination for all the coding lovers, who are ready to learn and their tools should be a laptop and passion for learning.

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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