Learn about the faculty at Coding Ninjas

Learn about the faculty at Coding Ninjas

The world of programming is always expanding. A few decades ago, we would have thought machine learning can only be a thing for sci-fi movies. But now, machine learning is becoming an integral part of your every-day life. But the more expansion takes place in the programming world, the more complicated coding and programming language become. For that reason, many programmers might want to start off with a proper mentor guiding their way in this diverse coding universe. We are not saying that you cannot learn to code on your own. But isn’t it better if you have a mentor to direct your raw coding power in the right channel? A mentor who is always there to fulfil the roles of a big brother for you. Something that the festival of Raksha Bandhan invokes.

At Coding Ninjas, we have successfully developed such a team of passionate and expert mentors to help students find their path in the coding world. Our faculty acknowledges that every one of our students is passionate about coding, have a hidden strength in them and are looking to release it in the right path. With this in mind, our faculty ensures that the students are provided the environment and the right guidance to get the most benefit out of their raw coding strength.

Here are some of the ways in which the Coding Ninjas faculty hopes to transform your career:

  • Building Up The Basics: While coding may have grown more and more complicated over the years, like every discipline, it too has a base. And like every technical subject, if things go wrong, you can always fall back on the basics. The foundation is the key to any technical subject. Coding Ninjas, with its expert faculties, tries to strengthen your foundation in unique ways so that, whatever situation you might come across, you won’t forget the foundation. With the basics right, you can always build upon it and tackle more challenging programs with ease. From introductions to functions, loops, arrays to advanced courses regarding stacks and UI building, our team of mentors will progressively help you acquire knowledge and skills in the language you choose. Our foundation courses on Java, C++, and Python is structured to ensure progressive all-round development of our students. 
  • Competitive Environment: The success of Hackathons and other coding competitions show that an environment of healthy competition is important for growth in the world of coders. You are always feeling the push of motivation and your adrenaline is pumping. By providing a competitive environment, our faculty tries to push you beyond your limits and achieve new heights you could never have imagined. Plus, it prepares you for competitive programming and gives you that confidence boost to go out and participate in external Hackathons. If you had never thought of taking part in any of these competitions, then Coding Ninjas will put you in a place to make you believe that you can WIN these competitions. Our competitive programming course is designed to help thrive against challenging computational problems and be evaluated with Live questions asked by your mentors.
  • Everyday Updates: Since the world of coding is so dynamic, there will always be new changes and updates happening in it – a new way to solve a problem or a new feature. Our faculty keeps themselves updated with the recent changes happening in the coding world and conveys them to the students. Our faculty tries to make it as easy as possible for you to integrate the new with your older knowledge, giving you an all-round ability to deal with a coding challenge. Plus, to keep your coding skills active and updated, we have a special segment ‘Problem of the Day’. Solve it and get an extra boost of confidence! 
  • A Friend In Need: A friend in need is a friend who will support and help you when you are in an extremely challenging situation. Coding Ninjas is that friend who is always there when you are facing a tough situation with your programming. Our expert faculty is present to clear your doubts in class once you convey it to them. Plus, we have doubt-clearing classes where any extra doubts will be cleared. And if you are not satisfied with that, we even have Teaching Assistants who stay online and will clear your doubts as and when they come. If you are at your wit’s end and can’t find the error in your program, send it over to your TA and they will debug it in a moment which would have taken hours for you to do!
  • Providing Placement Tips: The programming field is getting more and more competitive every day. With the increasing competition, companies are slowly making it increasingly difficult for people to get a placement in them. Coding Ninjas know how difficult it can be for students to get a placement in top tech firms. But our faculty is all for supporting our students to get their dream job. So, they keep themselves updated with the tech industry and provide placement tips to the students, which can make them stand out among the many interviewees that try to get a placement. Our students have found a spot in top tech firms like Amazon, Adobe and Samsung, a testimony to the success of our placement tips.
  • Expertise: Finally, we are proud of our faculty team as well. They are experts in coding and have got their credentials from famous institutions like IITs and Stanford University. But what really keeps them apart is their ability to relate and interact with students. They know the frustrations of coders and they can relate to it. However, they also know how to get over this obstacle and become a truly marvellous programmer. And that’s how our faculty makes a difference in your life and career.

At Coding Ninjas, we are always trying to bring out the best in our students by providing them with the relevant courses in programming. We believe in our faculty, we believe in you, and we believe that our interaction can help you unleash your dream of a coder. Let’s transform each of our lives – together.

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