Internship experience with Ujjawal Pabreja!

My share of success goes to Coding Ninjas! It was an amazing experience


His amazing experience and what he loved!

I had an experience of a lifetime with Coding Ninjas. I took up the Eminence Competitive Programming Course. I was in awe of the entire course structure, the topic-wise distribution of the course contents, the method of teaching followed by the mentors and the level of questions given to us for practice. All of it helped in staging up my competitive programming skills level-by-level. To add to the list, the Teaching Assistant role offered to me improvised my coding skills manifolds. It made me learn how to debug codes exceptionally well, how to optimise and write extremely efficient codes and lastly, learn an enormous amount of new approaches for every question. All in all, I owe a huge share of my success at grabbing an internship offer from Sprinklr to Coding Ninjas.

Interview experience

It consisted of 5 rounds where they asked about Competitive Programming, DBMS, OS, OOPs and Logical Ability.

Advice to Current Students!

The practice is the key to success. The number of questions you do, the more your logic development skills get polished. Being consistent and regular with practising is what I feel the most important. The topics you learn from any course you are doing under Coding Ninjas are more than enough to crack any company’s coding round, one just needs to solve ample of questions and learn how to tweak and apply the approaches, the techniques, the data structures, the algorithms taught by the mentors. Keep practising!

How will you introduce Coding Ninjas to your friends?

I’d begin with the overwhelming journey I had with Coding Ninjas, tell them about the extremely high-quality content, the helpful mentors and the overall personal touch the students get while learning at Coding Ninjas

Thank you for your constant support and guidance!

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